One Of The Main ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Castmembers Recently Revealed Great News

One Of The Main ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Castmembers Recently Revealed Great News

According to a new report from the folks over at, some very wonderful news has resulted for one of the main stars of CBS’ hit soap opera “The Bold And The Beautiful.”

This terrific news is for actress Jacqueline MacInnes who plays character Steffy Forrester. Though her character isn’t seeing the best of times right now, she is experiencing a wonderful time in her personal life. The great news is that she just recently announced that she got engaged! Yep, that’s right. Jacqueline MacInnes is now in an agreement to possibly get married to her boyfriend Elan Ruspoli at some point in time in the future.

Jacqueline hopped on her official Instagram account to deliver the wonderful news. In her Instagram post, she put up a photo her hugging her boyfriend and captioned it with the words, “Biggest surprise of my life. IM ENGAGED!! Elan, you are my everything and I? can’t wait to begin this new chapter with you. I? feel like the luckiest girl in the world..I love you beyond words. My soulmate @elanruspoli #roadtoruspoli #jacquan4eva.” You guys can view Jacqueline’s Instagram post on her official Instagram account by Clicking Here.

So, it certainly sounds like Jacqueline is extremely happy right now. Currently, there are no details as to when an actual wedding will take place. We’re sure they still have to plan all that out and what not.

In a different article from, Jacqueline made another comment about her boyfriend Elan. Apparently, they are really in sync with each other and push each other to be better people.

She stated, “We’re very in sync with each other. We push each other. We make each other better. I’ve found a little soul mate. He’s absolutely wonderful, and I wouldn’t be posting all that stuff on social media if I didn’t think he wasn’t the one.” Are you guys happy for Jacqueline’s new engagement? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments. We don’t judge.

In that same article, soapcentral mentioned that Jacqueline recently talked about her current Steffy Forrester storyline with the folks over at Soap Opera Digest. As we all know, Jacqueline is definitely doing much better than her Bold And The Beautiful character right now. In her statement about the current Steffy and Bill situation, she said she was excited about it and that we’re going to see an emotional roller coaster.

Her full comment reads like this: “I think it’s so amazing that this was a relationship that didn’t develop past a certain point back in the day but there were fans so devoted to ‘Still’ and wanted that pairing over the years. I still got tweets about it. Whenever Don Diamont, Bill and I had scenes together. Even though Steffy was with Liam Scott Clifton, we didn’t want to forget that history.

There was always some kind of chemistry there. We really wanted to keep that alive between the two of them. So, when I was reading where we were going, I was very surprised and very excited. All I know right now is it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster for everyone. I’m thrilled! Of course, I’m always going to be a Liam and Steffy fan. But hey, this is fun too.”

As we previously reported, Jacqueline is definitely right about the roller coaster thing. We’re going to see Steffy get even more flustered and nervous in tomorrow’s December 6,2017 episode because Liam will keep asking her to forgive him! At some point, we think Steffy is just going to have to burst if she keeps hiding her affair secret.

Also, in related news, Hope Forrester is expected to return to the mix in January 2018. She will have a new look because she’ll be played by a different actress by the name of Annika Noelle. She’s replacing actress Kim Matula who played the role from November of 2009 to November 2014. However, she did make a couple of guest appearances in April 2015 and March 2016.

It’s currently unknown what Hope will be doing when she returns. There’s definitely a lot of speculation though. Many fans think she will come in to break up Wyatt and Katie. Nothing official has been confirmed. So, we’ll definitely just have to sit tight and wait and see.

The last time we saw Hope in action was way back in 2014 when she was portrayed by actress Kim Matula. Kim took over the role as an aged teenage version of Hope in 2010. At that time, she was brought on to be an intern at Forrester Creations. During this time, Hope really ticked off her step sister Steffy Forrester.

Steffy didn’t want to share Ridge with Hope at work too and felt slighted when Hope’s idea for a fashion line was chosen over hers. Also, Hope was almost raped at one point when she ran to photographer Graham Darros. Graham drugged her by slipping something into her drink. Fortunately for Hope, she was rescued by Nick before Graham got started.

At one point, Hope got involved in a romance situation with character Oliver Jones. That created another huge rivalry with Steffy because Steffy decided that she wanted to take Oliver for herself. Steffy also sabotaged one of Hope’s fashion shows.

At one point, Hope got romantically involved with Liam when he was just a newcomer to the scene. Then Steffy decided to go after Liam too. Hope would eventually break up with with Liam and get back together with him on multiple occasions. At one point, Liam and Hope were about to get married, but Steffy moved in and ruined all that when she was seen by Hope kissing Liam.

From there, Hope got romantically involved with Thomas Forrester for a period of time. However, she would find her way back to Liam after a series of dramatic events. At one point, Hope experienced serious problems with a pill addiction. She was prescribed them to get over her sexual anxieties so she could make love to Liam. The pill problem got so bad that it eventually drove Liam back to Steffy.

Hope was also never in good graces with the very shady Dollar Bill Spencer. He did everything in his power to break up Hope and Liam on multiple occasions. Hope also got involved with Wyatt and married him at one point. She ended up getting pregnant by Wyatt, but she lost the baby after tripping down a set of patio stairs.

Hope’s last set of storylines before exiting in 2014 involved her trying to guilt trip Deacon into not marrying Quinn. Hope was definitely mixed up in a lot of very tumultuous relationships and fallouts.

In other good news going on with “The Bold And The Beautiful,” it’s been reported that the show is currently experiencing a nice ratings boost. It’s drawing in around 3.7 million viewers per episode. That’s the show’s largest audience since February 24,2017.

CBS’ other high-rated soap opera “The Young And The Restless” is also experiencing a big ratings boost. It’s averaging around a whopping 4.62 million viewers per episode. That’s the show’s largest audience since May 19,2017.

There’s some other good news for Bold And The Beautiful’s Reign Edwards who portrays character Nicole Avant. It’s reported by soapcentral that she has landed a recurring/guest role on CBS’ prime time series “MacGyver.” Her episodes have already started airing as of November 17,2017. She’s playing character Liana who is an ambitious operative-in-training. She will connect with actor Wilt Bozer’s character Justin Hires at spy school.

Before her episodes aired, a representative for CBS gave a little tease of what Reign’s Liana character and Wilt will be up to stating, “The duo will be put through a battery of excruciating tests and are adversaries at first. But then they start to work together and a flirtation begins. It’s a relationship that’s against the rules at the academy.”

Reign has signed on to appear in at least three of the MacGyver episodes. If any of you guys are a “MacGyver” fan, be on the lookout for her in that show if you haven’t seen her already. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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