NCIS Season 15 Latest 2018 TV Ratings Revealed

NCIS Season 15 Latest 2018 TV Ratings Revealed

Happy Monday, “NCIS” fans. Today, we’ve got a report for the latest ratings that your favorite show has been pulling in for its current season 15 and whether or not it’s reached the end of its journey. In other words, does it look like it’s going to get canceled or not? Well, we will go ahead and start things off by telling you we certainly wouldn’t place our bets on this show getting canceled anytime soon.

The ratings numbers for season 15 aren’t as strong as they were for season 14, but they are sure as hell still very strong indeed. Let’s take a look at the numbers shall we? Of course we shall. Here’s the deal. Season 15 kicked off with a season premiere episode that brought in roughly about 13.288 million viewers. It got a ratings score of 1.60 for the 18-49 age group demographics.

Those numbers were down quite a bit from the season 14 premiere episode which brought in roughly 15.992 million viewers with a ratings score of 2.17. So, the season 15 premiere episode viewership was down a whopping 16.91 percent from season 14’s premiere. And the ratings score was down a huge 26.27 percent. But even with that huge drop in the numbers, NCIS is still proving to be one the stronger if not the strongest shows on CBS’ primetime schedule.

13 million viewers is still very huge for primetime television. There’s no doubt about that. The only thing that looks a bit concerning is that the viewership and ratings has been slipping a little bit each season premiere, but the show is certainly not in any type of danger of getting canceled if we’re just going by the ratings and viewership numbers as they are right now.

Throughout this 15th season, we’ve seen the viewership and ratings numbers fluctuate. This season’s highest viewed episode was number 12. It brought in a whopping 14.236 million viewers back on January 9, 2018. However, it was not the highest rated show. It only got a 1.54 rating score for the 18-49 demographic. Currently the season premiere was the highest rated episode of season 15 with the 1.60 rating.

The lowest viewed episode of the current 15th season was episode number 6 way back on October 31, 2017. It brought in 12.106 million viewers. Again, if that’s the lowest number of viewers for this show, it definitely has nothing to worry about when it comes to getting renewed.

12 million viewers is a lot of freaking viewers ,and those numbers can command serious advertising dollars from advertisers that advertise during the show’s 7 pm central time slot. Even though episode 6 was the lowest viewed episode, it was not the lowest rated one. It was actually the second lowest rated one with a 1.24 score. The lowest rated episode was episode 15 which aired back on February 27, 2018. It received a 1.21 score.

Please note that all these ratings and viewership numbers are for just the United States audiences. CBS makes the most advertising money off of the USA audiences. So, those are the only ratings that pretty much count when determining if the show will get renewed or not. CBS does make money when the overseas stations buys the show from them, but the most money is made off the advertising dollars that CBS brings in from the USA audiences.

Currently, season 15 is still doing quite well. The latest episode which aired on March 13, 2018 brought in roughly about 13.262 million viewers. It scored a 1.46 score for the ratings. Also, TV Line’s renewal report card is giving NCIS a “Sure Thing” determination which is definitely good.

So, even though CBS hasn’t officially announced the renewal of NCIS for a new season 16, I think you guys can pretty much rest assured that they will at some point. It’ll probably happen in May 2018. However, it’s highly possible that it could happen sooner. It’s of course up to CBS when they will ultimately want to reveal it.

What’s up next for NCIS ? Well, they’re going to air the new 18th episode of this current 15th season tomorrow night, March 27, 2018 in the usual 7 pm central standard time slot on CBS. So, be sure to check that one out.

It’s labeled, “Death From Above.” CBS’ brief teaser description of it reads like this, “The NCIS headquarters are evacuated after the team discovers a body as well as bomb materials on the roof of the squad room. Also, the team reads the first draft of Ducky’s book.”

NCIS airs every Tuesday night at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our NCIS Facebook page for more NCIS news by Clicking Here.

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