‘Days Of Our Lives’ Is Bringing Back A Major Male Character

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Is Bringing Back A Major Male Character

Happy Saturday “Days Of Our Lives” fans. We’ve got some very interesting, new intel to share with you guys in this article. According to the folks over at Soapcentral.com it has been confirmed that a very dangerous, major character will be returning to the show at some point!

This character is none other than the crazy man himself Ben Weston who is portrayed by actor Robert Scott Wilson. Not only is he returning, but he’s returning as a fulltime, contract regular! That means he will most likely be heavily involved in one of the future storylines that the producers have planned.

Robert also hopped on his official Twitter account to confirm his return to the show. He wrote, “BOOM! … Hello again, Salem. You look beautiful.” You guys can view Robert’s tweet on his official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

Ben Weston became known as the vicious “Necktie Killer” way back in 2015. During Ben’s reign of terror, he took a couple of Salem citizens’ lives. The first person he killed was Serena Mason by strangling her to death which caused Chad to become a prime suspect since he had a confrontation with her while he was drunk.

Ben’s next victim was character Paige Larson played by actress True O’Brien. Ben viciously strangled her to death with a red tie while she was taking a shower in her dorm room. Chad got framed for this murder too because he had also publicly harassed Paige in regards to her seeing him confront Serena.

Eventually, speculation that Ben was the murderer started to flare up after he killed Paige. Ben tried to kill character Marlena Evans at one point, but failed to get the job done. Robert was originally on contract with the show from 2014 to 2016. After that contract ended, He returned to the show a couple of times to appear in some short-term arcs.

The last time we saw crazy Ben in action was during his Fall 2017 arc. He had escaped the mental hospital that he was locked up in. Then he proceeded to crash Chad and Abigail’s double wedding with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) and Paul Narita (Christopher Sean). He delivered a major shocker to everyone by announcing that Sonny’s late husband Will is still alive. After that, he got arrested. Ben went on to confide in Marlena that Clyde told him Will is alive.

Ben was eventually released from jail temporarily due to Sami Brady’s actions. Sami wanted to see if he could get Ben to remember what happened during Will’s murder. It didn’t work out. So, Sami sent Ben right back to the mental hospital.

Rumors started flying around that Ben might return back in January 2018 when Robert wrote on one of his social media accounts that he had been back on the set of “Days Of Our Lives.” Soap Opera Digest also confirmed the news of Ben’s latest return. Robert gave them a statement in regards to returning to “Days Of Our Lives.” He said, “I’m really grateful. I love what Ron Carlivati, head writer and the whole team has been doing with him thus far. So, I’m really excited to see where they take him after this.”

Unfortunately, there are no officially confirmed details of what Ben will be doing when he shows back up on the Salem scene.There’s also no details about when his latest, first onscreen appearance will be. Hopefully, some new intel about this will pop up in the not-to-distant future. We’ll definitely let you guys know when we find out anything.

In related news, NBC did reveal a few storyline teasers you guys can expect to see in this coming April 30 to May 4, 2018 week. NBC’s teaser descriptions read like this: “Marlena, Kate, and Vivian’s situation becomes dire.” Kayla and Steve have a heart-to-heart regarding his condition.” Vivian drops a bombshell on Kate about Andre.”Leo helps Sonny out of a sticky situation.” “A torn Eve holds vigil outside of Brady’s hospital room.” “Chloe is shocked when she encounters someone unexpected in Mexico.”

Alright guys that’s going to wrap it up for this article. How do you feel about Robert Scott Wilson’s return as crazy Ben Weston? Are you happy? Are you sad? Or do you not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Days Of Our Lives airs every Monday through Friday at 12 pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Days Of Our Lives Facebook page for more Days Of Our Lives news by Clicking Here.

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