A Couple Of Big Brother Stars Shockingly Cut From Amazing Race Next Season 31

A Couple Of Big Brother Stars Shockingly Cut From Amazing Race Next Season 31

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. We previously reported to you guys that the next season of Amazing Race which is season 31 is bringing on a couple of former Big Brother houseguests to compete. According to TMZ, it’s an all-Big Brother season, but other sources say it’ll be a mixture of Big Brother houseguests and former Amazing Race contestants. I guess we’ll find out which version is true when the season finally airs.

But here’s what our new report is about. Apparently, the Amazing Race production team decided to suddenly cut a couple of the Big Brother houseguests that were all set and prepared to race! We previously reported that Asian James Huling from Big Brother seasons 17 and 18 would be teaming up with Corey Brooks from season 18. We also reported that Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez would be teaming up with Big Brother seasons 18 and 19 runner-up Paul Abrahamian.

Well, now you can scratch them off the list. According to TMZ’s most recent report about this, the Amazing Race team decided to just up and cut them from the show along with Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother season 16. No specific reason was given. TMZ tried to reach out to CBS to get some answers, and they were told the network has “a new casting twist for the next edition of The Amazing Race that will be announced shortly.”

So, it sounds like they were cut for “creative” reasons. TMZ went on to say that CBS called up Paul, Josh, Caleb, James and Corey this past Thursday night, May 31, 2018 to break the bad news to them. TMZ’s sources said the news definitely was a major surprise to the former Big Brother houseguests because they had all gone through the interview process, and they thought they were set, but production just told them they are moving in a different direction.

We also previously reported that Big brother season 13 winner Rachel Reilly was selected to participate in the new Amazing Race season, and she’s still onboard. CBS still wants her to race. TMZ is saying that Rachel will actually team up with her sister Elissa Slater from Big Brother season 15. The first two times Rachel was on Amazing Race, she partnered up with her husband Brendon Villegas. So,this will be an interesting change-up for her.

TMZ also pointed out that some new former Big Brother houseguests have been added to the mix. They’re told that Big Brother season 14 winner Ian Terry, Big Brother seasons 17 and 18 Da’Vonne Rogers and Bridgette Dunning from Big Brother season 18 have been added. And actually, Da’Vonne and Brigette will be teaming up. So, that seems interesting. Currently, there’s no word on who Ian will be teaming up with.

So, what do you guys think about Caleb Reynolds, Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian, James Huling and Corey Brooks getting cut from the newest season of Amazing Race? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Also, how do you guys feel about Ian Terry, Da’Vonne Rogers and Bridgette Dunning getting added to the mix? Are you happy, sad, or just don’t care?

Additionally, the folks over at ibtimes.com is reporting some additional castmembers for the latest Amazing Race season 31. Some of them are past Big Brother Houseguests and some are former Survivor contestants. They listed off Tai Trang from Survivor seasons 32 and 34. He will race with a currently unknown partner.

Big Brother season 10 winner and season 14 runner-up Dan Gheesling. Big Brother seasons 10 and 11 Jessie Godders. Big Brother season 6 and 7 third place finisher and season 14 houseguest Janelle Pierzina. Big Brother seasons 12 and 14 Britney Haynes. Big Brother seasons 14 and 18 Frank Eudy. Big Brother season 18 winner and season 16 houseguest Nicole Franzel and Big Brother season 18 Victor Arroyo.

Again, this list of people from ibtimes are just rumors. None of them have been official confirmed by CBS. With that said, it does sound like an interesting list of former Big Brother houseguests. We’ll see how it pans out.

As for the current, upcoming Big Brother season 20, we’re still waiting to hear something new. We know that the production team is in the final rounds of casting, and that it will be an entirely new cast. We’re expecting some new stuff to get dished any day now.

Season 20 is scheduled to start up on Wednesday night, June 27, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to be another big two-hour premiere episode. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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