New League Of Legends Interesting Updates To A Few Characters And More Revealed

New League Of Legends Interesting Updates To A Few Characters And More Revealed

Hey, “League Of Legends” fans. In this report, we’ve got a couple of updates for you guys in regards to a couple of the game characters. We also have some more information on the long awaited League of Legends Clash tournament mode.

We’ll go ahead and start this article off with the character updates. According to the folks over at, League Of Legends characters Taliyah and Poppy received a few changes in the latest patch 8.12 public beta environment update.

They say the threaded volley for Taliyah was previously nerfed to deal 20 percent less subsequent damage to champions. However, the latest PBE update increased the subsequent damage to 50 percent which they’re claiming is a healthy middle ground between the original 60 percent and the current 40 percent.

Also, Taliyah’s AP scaling ratio for the dash damage on her E, Unraveled Earth, was lowered from 30 to 20 percent. It’s believed that will probably not have too much of an effect on her current gameplay though.

As for Poppy, they say she has some changes being tested out on the PBE that center around her Q, Hammer Shock. On the 8.12 PBE patch, the bonus AD ratio on Hammer Shock has been increased from 80 to 90 percent.

The game has also added a new Hats Off emote in this update, and the cost of Guinsoo’s Rageblade has been reverted back to 3300 gold.

Currently, Taliyah is in the midst of a lot of balance changes. Riot Games changed the way she works in order to nerf her early wave clear in mid lane. This had some unintended side effects that have resulted in Taliyah being a top-tier jungle option. The changes to Threaded Volley actually increased Taliyah’s jungle clear speed because it now does 100 percent damage to monsters.

A twitter user Andy Day@RiotVedius commented on how well Taliyah jungle works. He wrote, “Just had a pretty insane game where I played Noc mid with a Taliyah jungle. The Taliyah actually had insane clear speeds, decent ganks and really good dmg. Was surprised by how well it worked!!” You guys can view that tweet on Twitter by Clicking Here.

Additionally, the guys over at revealed that by the time Taliyah has cleared her entire jungle, two minutes will have undoubtedly passed which means her worked ground will begin to clear away. Taliyah has the advantage of more total space on which to create worked ground and therefore flourishes as a jungler. They pointed out that these new changes are tentative. So, they may change.

The guys over at also revealed that Riot Games has recently delivered some new intel on when the very long awaited League Of Legends Clash tournament mode will be released.

Ben Forbes@draggles who is currently working on Clash for Riot Games recently responded to an inquiry about it on Twitter. He wrote, “So far, we’ve run in a couple of regions across the world (Vietnam, Oceania, Korea, Turkey), and there were different levels of success across each. Everywhere was almost perfect, but Turkey’s test didn’t go so well.

It was a database error that is now fixed (and was related to the previous issues). we just announced the next set of tests in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Russia. And depending on how they go, we’ll move forward to the remaining western regions.” You guys can view that tweet on Twitter by Clicking Here.

So, for those of you who were wondering about the Clash mode feature, it sounds like there is still quite a bit of waiting time ahead for people in the western regions of the world, but Riot Games is definitely working on it.

Alright guys. That wraps it up for this report, but definitely stay tuned for more exciting League of Legends news. Also, be sure to follow us on our “League Of Legends” Facebook page for more “League Of Legends” video game news by Clicking Here.

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