Big Brother Season 20 Cast Entered The House Last Night June 20. Important Insider Details Revealed

Big Brother Season 20 Cast Entered The House Last Night June 20. Important Insider Details Revealed

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. As we previously reported, the new Big Brother season 20 houseguests actually entered the house a week before the televised premiere date of Wednesday June 27, 2018. So, that means they entered the house yesterday night, and surely enough, some insider information was leaked on Twitter.

Season 8 winner Evel Dick commented on a few, important things that took place. He confirmed that no returning houseguests entered the house, and that no one was evicted on the first night. However, production quickly cleared out the crowd. So, it’s highly possible that they could’ve done more stuff after the crowd left. If they did, that would obviously be a surprise since none of it got leaked.

Evel Dick wrote, “Ok reports from the #BB20 premiere. 16 new HG’s, no one booted on first episode. No returnees. But they shuttled everyone out really fast afterwards, so they could have done more stuff after everyone left.”

Later, Evel Dick revealed that about 50 past houseguests were present at the premiere taping. However, none of them were ever brought on stage are talked to. They were basically just props. They did go onstage afterwards to take a couple of photo snapshots.

Evel Dick wrote, “They never had the Alumni go on stage, never talked with them or anything. So they were basically just props. They will probably use them for cut away going to and coming from commercials etc. There were about 50 past HG’s. Just faces in the crowd.

They got them onstage afterwards for pictures and someone said something about Minions (referring to JC) and Shawn #4 or 5 E.P. lost her shit asking “Who said that? They tried to have someone from every season represented in the audience. Kail was there for BB8. No Dr Will, Janelle (obviously), Dan.”

Shortly after that, Evel Dick revealed that he believes production definitely did more stuff after they cleared out the crowd. They didn’t let them see the HOH comp or anything. So, some of those recent rumors about possibly bringing back four past houseguests could still be true.

Evel Dick wrote,”Yeah, there’s definitely more sh#@t they did after they booted the alumni. They didn’t even let them see the HOH comp, which happens pretty quick after introductions & a hello from Julie. So… they could boot someone first night and they could still bring back HG’s.” You guys can view that tweet on Evel Dick’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

Jodi Rollins from Big Brother season 14 was on hand, and she tweeted out a video on her official Twitter account that featured behind-the-scenes footage of all the Big Brother alumni at the event. She captioned it with the words,”A little behind the scenes BB alumni… #BB20″ You guys can view that video on Jodi’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

Some other photos showed up on Twitter that revealed season 17 winner Steve Moses, Bronte D’Acquisto from season 18, Da Vonne Rogers from seasons 17 and 18,Enzo Palumbo from season 12 and season 19 winner Josh Martinez were a couple of the other Big Brother Alumni that were on hand.

As previously reported, CBS themselves revealed what the new theme and twist for this season would be. Apparently, the viewing audience will be given a chance to get the houseguests trending on social media, and the results could end up awarding certain houseguests special game-changing powers or unprecedented punishments.

So, get ready guys. It’s almost time to get this new Big Brother season 20 party started. Just six more days until the televised premiere night. Get excited, and stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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