‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing On A New Mystery Beauty For Long Term Contract Role

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing On A New Mystery Beauty For Long Term Contract Role

Happy Saturday “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’ve got some very interesting, new casting news for you guys. According the folks over at Soapcentral.com and Soap Opera Digest , the Bold And The Beautiful production crew have been working on a new, beautiful female character to throw into the mix, and they’ve recently just casts an actress for the role.

The new character’s name will be Zoe, and she’s a very mysterious women according to her official description. She described as being a mystery woman who has a secret past with one of the main characters. I guess the big question is who does she have a connection to? Unfortunately, no other details have been provided at this time, but hopefully something new will pop up later on down the road.

In the meantime, we can tell you who will be playing the role of Zoe. The Bold And The Beautiful production team has hired actress and singer Kiara Barnes (above) to play Zoe. This is a contract role. So, she’s going to be around for a while and have a good amount of screentime. Currently, it’s not yet known when Zoe will make her first onscreen appearance.

Wow, we’re taking a look at Kiara Barne’s official IMDB page, and it doesn’t list any prior acting gigs she’s done. So, it appears that either she’s done little to no acting work in the past, or they just haven’t listed the work she’s done. Usually, IMDB is pretty good at listing all the acting jobs these people do. Based on that, I’m thinking Kiara is a fresh, new actress. So, it’ll be interesting to see how she does on the “Bold And The Beautiful.” It seems like she’s mostly been doing music up until now.

Soapcentral pointed out that she just released a new music single on iTunes and Spotify. It’s called, “Sirens To The Moon.” You guys can view other photos of Kiara Barnes on her official IMDB page by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about this new Zoe character? Does she sound interesting to you? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

As previously reported, another new female will be arriving for a short-term contract role. This role is for a character named Clara. She will be British and around 18 – 21 years old. She’s described as being innocent, but at the same time, she has a manipulative side. Currently, no other details are available for this character, but it sounds like she could possibly have a connection to Xander if I were to take wild, stabbing guess at it. Xander is also British. There could be some tie-in there, or I could just be completely wrong. Who knows?

Anyways, that’s just a couple of new plans the Bold And The Beautiful producers have in store for you guys. In the meantime, we can tell you that coming up this week, we’re gong to see Hope and Sally get into a heated battle. Apparently, Eric is going to hire Sally to work at Forrester Creations on Hope’s new “Hope For The Future” line. However, Hope is not going to be happy about that at all, and this will lead to a big face-off between these two ladies!

We’re also hearing that Hope is going to go as far as to shut down her whole line which is going to really piss Sally off! The official CBS teaser for that storyline reads like this, “Sally’s anger at Hope begins to smolder when Hope shuts down her designs and her future dream.”

What do you guys think about this new Hope and Sally battle that’s coming up? Are you excited to see it? Do you hate it? Or do you not care one way or the other? I personally am not sure why Hope has such disdain for Sally. So, I think it’ll be interesting to see what her big problem is with her.

Elsewhere, we’re supposed to see Steffy get pretty bold with Dollar Bill Spencer and try to stand up to him. We don’t know how well that’s going to work out for her at this point. The only thing that could possibly help her out is if she can find some dirt on Bill to blackmail him with. Otherwise, Bill definitely has the upper hand by threatening to turn her mother Taylor into the cops for shooting him.

We’re also going to see Katie find out about Wyatt and Sally’s swift, new relationship, and she’s going to be stunned and take aback by it. Does this mean Katie will in some way realize that she regrets breaking up with Wyatt? We’ll have to wait and see.

Emma is also going to find herself in some more trouble later on this week. This time,Charlie will make some accusations against her! Xander will attempt to defend Emma again. Wow, we wonder what the new accusations will be. This storyline could get pretty crazy.

Alright guys. That’s it for this latest “Bold And The Beautiful” report, but definitely stay tuned. The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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