New Big Brother Season 20 Very Important Confirmation And Info Revealed By The Producer

New Big Brother Season 20 Very Important Confirmation And Info Revealed By The Producer

Alright guys. So, as we previously reported, there was some very disturbing rumor floating around that the new 20th season of Big Brother was planning to possibly add four past houseguests to the new 16 houseguests mix. We were so hoping and praying that it wasn’t true, and it looks like our prayers have definitely been answered.

It turns out that the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got a chance to talk to the producer Allison Grodner and get definite confirmation that no past houseguests will be joining the cast this season. They straight up asked her about it, and she straight up told them with an emphatic reply, “No, there will not. I can confirm there will not be.It’s different. We always try to mix it up and keep it fresh and this year. As you’ve already seen, there are 16 brand new houseguests that will be playing this game.”

Allison did however mention that since this is the 20th season, former houseguests will show up for special appearances, but it won’t be to play the game which we’re ok with. She stated, “Now, it is the 20th season. It’s our 20th anniversary of Big Brother so there will be nods to our history and our past houseguests from the get-go. You will see that in the show and throughout the summer.”

In addition to confirming that no past houseguests will be playing this season, Allison also spilled a few juicy details about some things that have already taken place in the Big Brother house among the current cast since they entered the house this past Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

Apparently, there’s already a division in the house along with some power shifts. So, that definitely sounds promising. Allison told them, “We have a lot of super-fans in the house. A lot of very smart people. It’s interesting to see once again how the game just sort of takes off from the beginning.

There’s already divisions in the house. There’s already power shifts. There’s people that are rubbing each other the wrong way just like every summer, but it’s different. Right now, you get the usual right at the beginning, ‘Oh, we all are so nice, we’re all going to get along!’ And it just changes so fast. It’s inevitable that the first day everyone moves in and there’s that comment, ‘Look at this, we’re a great group.

We’re going to have such a fun summer. Everybody’s going to like each other and get along. It’s going to be a party!’ And then instantly once someone wins a power or once someone starts to play the game, things change.”

Lastly, Allison also revealed more details on the new BB App Store twist that’s going on this season. It turns out that the houseguests that trend the most on social media will get the opportunity to choose certain powers for themselves.

Allison explained, “In this case, people will go online and they complete a survey with questions about the houseguests that will result in some houseguests trending the most and some houseguests trending the least. And, in that case, the houseguests will go one at a time into the App Store, similar to last year, but instead of people voting people to have certain powers, the people that are trending the most based on the survey will have access to choose certain powers.

So, it’s a little different. I think in this way it sort of gives the houseguests some outside information they’ve never had. Who might be popping more and who might be popping least. They will get that feedback depending on whether they were given a power or a punishment in the App Store.”

So, it definitely sounds like the houseguests will actually learn how America feels about them while they’re in the house with this twist unlike in past seasons. Anyways, judging by what Allison told Entertainment Weekly about this cast so far, I’m feeling pretty good about it. I know I got good vibes when I first saw them. So, maybe finally we’ll get a really good season that we haven’t seen in while. Cross your fingers.

How do you guys feel about the official confirmation that no past houseguests will be playing the game this season? Are you as happy as we are about it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

The new 20th season of Big Brother is set to finally debut tomorrow night, June 27, 2018 with a big two-hour premiere show starting at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It will be followed up with a part 2 this Thursday night, June 28, 2018 starting at 8 pm central standard time. So, it’s officially time to get excited guys! Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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