New Big Brother Season 20 POV Ceremony Results Revealed For July 9, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 POV Ceremony Results Revealed For July 9, 2018

Happy Monday Big Brother fans. We hope you guys had a great weekend. We have been waiting all weekend long to see what was going to happen after this hyped up POV ceremony that took place earlier today, and it was a bit of a dud but in a good way because that probably means we’re finally going to see some good game play from Swaggy C. Will it help him at this point, remains to be seen.

As previously reported, the reigning HOH Kaitlyn threw Scottie and Winston on the chopping block this week, but it was for a greater plan to backdoor Swaggy C because she’s all upset with him about trying to be too controlling and saying bad things about her. Anyways, Tyler ended up winning the POV competition to make sure Kaitlyn’s backdoor plan was completely executable.

Earlier today, July 9, 2018, the big POV ceremony took place, and Tyler did indeed use his POV to take Scottie off the chopping block. Then Kaitlyn did go through with her plan by nominating Swaggy C in Scottie’s place so that she could backdoor him. Since Swaggy C never got to play in the POV comp, this will be a true backdoor situation if Swaggy does actually get voted out this Thursday night.

Now, getting back to the whole dud thing. What I mean by that is we were expecting major fireworks to take place after the POV ceremony since this was such a blindside shock to Swaggy C. But instead, we saw a much more humbler and quite Swaggy C. He appeared to be quite shocked by what had transpired, and just really didn’t have much to say.

At around 12:03 pm pacific time today, July 9, 2018, the live feeds flipped back on after the POV ceremony. Swaggy was seen telling Bayleigh, “I’m not going to lose my cool and I won’t panic.”

At around 12:12 pm, Scotty told Faysal, “Tyler had to know Swaggy was going up.” Faysal said, “Of course he knew. Right before the ceremony, Kaitlyn apologized and said she hopes I can forgive her for what I’m about to do.”

At around 12:40 pm, Bayleigh went to talk to Kaitlyn about why she nominated Swaggy C. Kaitlyn explained to her, “Swaggy was saying really f#@cked up stuff about me like I was a liability to his game. I know there was going to be a point where he would take me out. He also avoided me all week. So, I knew something was up. I would look so pathetic if I didn’t do this. I had to listen to my intuition on this.”

Bayleigh told Kaitlyn, “I’m not upset with you. I’m just really surprised. It just breaks my heart because Swaggy is the only person I have. You have all those people on your side, and I have no one. I understand why you nominated Swaggy because I’ve been trying to keep him calm this whole time.

I know he gets snappy with people, and I’ve done everything I can to keep him from doing that to people.” Kaitlyn said, “Now that I’ve nominated Swaggy, the game can kind of reset. Swaggy drew that line in the house week 1 for no reason, and now people can step back and play the game for themselves.”

Later on at around 4:22 pm, Swaggy went and talked to Kaitlyn, and was quite impressive. He stayed calm and relaxed. Kaitlyn immediately started explaining why she backdoored him saying, “I never stood up for myself when I was younger ,and I want to stand up for myself now. I knew the risk. I do not care if I get voted out week three. If my future child sees this, I want my child to be proud I stood up for myself.”

Swaggy told her, “You should stand up for yourself.” Then he talked to her about this being over a whole miscommunication thing. He told her that he did say she was shady once when she started distancing herself from the rest of their group over the whole Haleigh and Faysal drama. He also owned up to saying that he was the leader of the group. Then he told her that he wasn’t mad at Kaitlyn for putting him up because it was over a miscommunication.

At one point, he told Kaitlyn that she and him have a lot in common. Both their fathers died. Tyler eventually joined their conversation. Swaggy pitched to both Tyler and Kaitlyn that they would never be his target if they kept him this week. He wants to go after Angela, Kaycee, Winston and Brett.

Swaggy also promised Kaitllyn that their alliance would go back to being good like nothing ever happened if she and Tyler kept him. Swaggy said he had Haleigh, Angie, Bayleigh,Faysal and Scottie’s vote, and that he needs Tyler and Kaitlyn to break the tie.

Kaitlyn definitely bought his pitch. She told Tyler, “He can’t go.” Kaitlyn also told Swaggy C if he does go home, she will send him a check for 5k! Swaggy said, “No, it’s not even about that.” Swaggy C also said Haleigh and Angie knew Kaitlyn had a problem with him, but told him not to go and talk to her all last week. Tyler told Swaggy, “That was your mistake. Not talking to Kaitlyn even though they told you not to.”Swaggy admitted that it was a mistake.

After Swaggy left, Tyler did talk Kaitlyn out of not keeping Swaggy. He told her he believes what Swaggy said, but he doesn’t trust his alliance: Angie, Haleigh, Faysal and Bayleigh. He told her, ” They tried to keep Swaggy from talking to you. So, what does that tell you about his alliance. I don’t trust them.” Kaitlyn believed his every word.

So,it appears that despite Swaggy’s best efforts, Tyler will make sure that Swaggy goes home this week. Swaggy did tell Kaitlyn that he will convince Faysal, Haleigh, Angie, Bayleigh and Scottie to not come after her or Tyler, and to keep the alliance together if he stays.

Again, it really went over well with Kaitlyn at the time, but since Tyler was there during most of that conversation, he quickly talked her into seeing things his way which is to get Swaggy out this week.

Conversations are still taking place on the live feeds as I’m typing this. So, I’ll have to update you guys later on what else takes place today. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

A new episode of Big Brother is scheduled to air this Wednesday night, July 11, 2018 at 8pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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