One Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stars Just Got Arrested For Extreme Crimes

One Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stars Just Got Arrested For Extreme Crimes

Hey, “Love And Hip Hop” peeps. We’ve got some pretty wild and crazy news to share with you guys in this report. One of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s main troublemakers got busted for the umpteenth time again last night, Monday, July 9, 2018. This person is none other than Tommie Lee. Yep, that’s right. She seems to just stay in trouble these days.

According to the folks over at TMZ, her crimes were quite violent and crazy. It all went down in Atlanta, Georgia just outside the Royal Peacock club. Apparently, a cop told Tommie to get out of the roadway where he was directing traffic. Tommie allegedly just completely ignored the cop’s instructions and started acting very belligerent. In other words, crazy as f@#ck.

As the incident progressed, Tommie eventually hit one of the freaking valet workers for then venue over the head! After that, the cops immediately moved in to arrest her. TMZ says the valet didn’t want to arrest her, but the cops arrested her anyways and booked her for disorderly conduct while under the influence.

At this time, TMZ says it’s unclear what the cops think she was on, but if it was alcohol that could mean a lot of trouble for Tommie. Jail time trouble. Just two months ago, Tommie was ordered by a judge to wear an alcohol monitoring device, and to stay out of trouble. She obviously didn’t follow those very specific instructions which is never a good thing at all.

In related Love and Hip Hop news, Teairra Mari from Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is apparently involved in a big leaked sex tape scandal. She’s currently got a lawsuit out that claims her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad and rapstar 50 cent leaked out explicit videos and photos of her.

A new development in this story is being reported by . A new report from them says that Mari’s Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher is claiming that Mari might have leaked the sex tape herself!

He explained why he thinks this to TMZ. Milan told them when he and Mari were hanging out one morning, Teairra kept telling him, “Akbar put a sex tape out on me.” Then Milan questioned her about it, and she ran out of his apartment for a few minutes. Then she barged back in showing him the sex tape on her phone.

Milan said the video was still not posted at that time. When Mari ran out of his apartment again and returned five minutes later, he says the tape had been leaked. So, that’s Milan side of the story. We’re pretty sure Mari has a totally different version she would like to share. Whatever the case, this sounds like quite a huge mess.

The new Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood season 5 is scheduled to premiere on Monday night, July 23, 2018 on VH1. Be sure to check your local listings for air times.

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