Big Brother Season 20 JC Mounduix Caused Another Fan Uproar With His 3rd Offensive Antic

Big Brother Season 20 JC Mounduix Caused Another Fan Uproar With His 3rd Offensive Antic

Hey,”Big Brother” peeps. We’ve got a new report for you guys today. It turns out that little gay, munchkin guy JC Moundix has hit the news again with another one of his very offensive antics. This time ,he did something very rude to fellow houseguest Rachel Swindler, and it was picked up by the live feeds.

According to a new report from , JC is currently receiving a ton of fan backlash for accusing Rachel of being a transgender person! Apparently, back on July 30, 2018, Rachel was trying to sleep, and this is when JC decided to ask Rachel if she was a real girl! That’s right. He said to Rachel, “Are you a real girl?”


Rachel quickly responded with, “Yes.” JC said , “Ok,” and Rachel raised her hands in the air to gesture, of course. This is ridiculous. Then JC continued with this very offensive line of questioning. He told Rachel, “There was a comment that you are trans.” Then Rachel asked JC, “Who said that?” JC replied with , “I did.” Rachel said, “Okay, no. Not a chance.” Shortly after that, JC started touching Rachel’s throat which really annoyed her. And he said, “You have a big Adam’s apple.”


From there, Rachel pushed JC’s hand away and said, “JC, please go to bed and stop talking to me. That’s like kind of rude.” JC said, “I’m making bets right now,” and started laughing. Then he tried to touch Rachel’s neck again. When he did, Rachel quickly slapped his hand away and said, “I’m serious. Stop it!” You guys can view the video of this on the Washington Blade’s site by Clicking Here.

We think JC was just being playful right here, but clearly Rachel didn’t appreciate it and neither did these fans on Twitter. Here’s what some of them had to say. Twitter user @KatyGarner5 wrote: “So JC made up a rumor about Rachel saying she is trans? What is wrong the #bb20 cast?!”

Twitter user @cali_jack wrote: “JC starting a rumor that Rachel is trans and then proceeding to touch her Adam’s apple even though she very clearly tells him to stop is reason #100 why I don’t like him. #bb20”


Twitter user @Crob29Roberts wrote: “Are you kidding me JC needs to shut up and sit down. Someone’s Gender is not a joke neither is being transgender. It’s because of people like him suicide rate is so high in the trans community.”


Twitter user @MissfitHarley wrote, “That entire exchange was disgusting. JC continued to try and touch/point at Rachel’s neck and she ended up yelling at him. He is HORRENDOUS!!!!! Rachel showed so much restraint because I would’ve flung him across the room. #BB20”

This is the third time that JC has made headline news with his antics. The first two times, he caught TMZ’s attention by trying to use an ice cream scooper on some of the guys and girl’s private parts. He was also seen touching Angela’s private parts.

The second time, he was seen making use of the full N word while trying to explain To Bayleigh how it compared to the use of the word midget. Bayleigh definitely didn’t like it and let him know how pissed off she was about it. They eventually made up, but Bayleigh has made it known that JC is not one of her favorite people in the house.


So, what do you guys think of JC’s latest antics with Rachel? Did he cross the boundaries again? Or did Rachel overreact? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.


In related Big Brother season 20 news, another live eviction episode will be airing tonight, August 2, 2018 at 8 pm central standard time on CBS. So, you won’t want to miss it. Rachel and Brett are up for eviction and one of them is definitely going home. It’s believed that Brett will have just enough numbers to edge out Rachel for a severe blindside.

Earlier in the week, Rachel would’ve definitely had the numbers to stay, but she freaked out while on the block. She also went and told Bayleigh’s secret power to Angela which caused it to spread to all of Tyler’s L6 alliance members.


Rachel also made her closest ally Angela jump ship on her when she tried to tell Angela that Tyler had flipped on them. So, it’s just a big mess for Rachel right now, and it’s most likely big enough to send her packing tonight. We’ll have to wait and see to be sure, but it’s looking that way.


Alright guys. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here. As always, You guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why was JC dressed like Frog from the little rascals tonight?

  2. BBCanada says:

    I think people need to stop freaking out over every little thing people say. Stop being so damn critical about everything. People act stupid and people make mistakes. Get over it. He didn’t kill anybody. It’s up to the people he offended to set him straight. That said, I find him very annoying so hopefully he is evicted very soon.

  3. B. Echols says:

    So….stupid Bailee just said Rockstar hates white people as much as Bailee does. Why doesn’t she get in trouble for that!!!! Idiot!!!!! She needs to go far away!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shocked to see Bailey stating how she Hated white ppl and also Rockstar did!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shocked to hear that Bailey Hated White People Rockstar as well. Have always loved B.B. and to see the show getting involved with politics and racial issues is very disheartening!!

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