Big Brother Host Julie Chen Gave Harsh Criticism On Why Paul Lost The Season 19 Finale

Big Brother Host Julie Chen Gave Harsh Criticism On Why Paul Lost The Season 19 Finale

This past Wednesday night, September 20,2017, Rob Cesternino from “Rob Has a Podcast” got to do an exclusive interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen. During their interview, Julie pointed out what she thought were some major flaws by houseguest Paul Abrahamian during the final two speeches and jury questions. She thinks these flaws may have led to his devastating loss.

She thinks Paul made some pretty rude faces when Josh was trying to make his points. She also doesn’t think Paul showed quite enough remorse to the jury for backstabbing and blindsiding them. She even went as far as to call his behavior bratty! Aside from that, she also spilled a few more details about the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother edition.

The interview started off with Rob saying, “We’re here in the Big Brother backyard with the legendary, iconic host of Big Brother and soon-to-be Big Brother Celebrity Julie Chen. Julie, how are you tonight on this shocking night?

Julie said, “I am amazed. What a nail biter. I thought it was so exciting. Every moment. Every act. Watching Paul play that final HOH and like change his answer at the last second which set him behind another point. Josh winning the final HOH. I think it not only shocked the audience. I think it shocked Paul because Paul won that last year and he’s very good you know.

He’s won a total of nine competitions this summer. Down to the final vote and Cody being the deciding vote. And that Cody who made no bones about having zero tolerance and love for Josh having to put that key in the box for Josh.”

Rob said, “Yeah, I mean it was really great theater this whole episode tonight. What do you think Paul did wrong?”

Julie replied with, “I think Paul did a couple of things wrong. When Josh and Paul were pleading their case to the jury tonight live, he did a good job stating his case. He was calm and he was clear. I think he could’ve been a little more remorseful about having to blindside and backstab people. I think had he owned that a little more. But, when Josh was making his own case, Paul was like making these faces and it was rude.”

Rob said, “Yeah, I never seen that before.” Julie said, “I think that probably. I mean that didn’t go over well with me. And if I were a juror who is already on the cusps of like being mad at Paul and looking for an excuse to not give him my vote cause he fooled me and played me. That was the final straw.

It was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ This guy is so close to half a million dollars, and he’s kind of being a brat. I didn’t think that was right. And maybe yes you can argue like in the final hours of knowing he’s gonna say goodbye to Jason, he could’ve like clued him in, but he really couldn’t because once you tell one person, you’ve told the world. He had to keep everyone in the house in the dark about his ultimate plan.”

Rob said, “Yeah, Julie tell me if I’m projecting here, but it seemed like especially tonight with Christmas and then earlier this season with Raven and with Matt you seemed a little frustrated as the players sat with you and had a delusional take on what happened in the game. I know that you can’t reveal information to them. How hard is that for you to bite your tongue in those moments?”

Julie said, “It’s actually not that hard for me to bite my tongue because the last thing I want is to taint the jury. And they’re going off to jury so I have to just be like stone face, poker face because I feel like the houseguests look into every little thing I say and they see what they wanna see. So, I just have to let them talk and I have to listen.”

Rob said, “Julie, we’re all really excited about Celebrity Big Brother. You dropped the big bombshell on us like two weeks ago now. Can you tell us anything new about when it’s going to air or what we could expect?”

Julie said, “Well, it’s going to be this winter. So, BB fans don’t have to wait until next June to see activities in this house and we’re getting a lot of calls from celebrities, agents, emails. People that I have never had contact with but have watched on television since I was a kid. They’re like emailing people that I know and saying, ‘Can you get this to Julie Chen? I think I would be fabulous.’ So, I love it.”

Rob said, “I think it’s going to be really fun, and I suspect you’re gonna have a lot of fun with it also.”

Julie said, “No question. I think I’m gonna have my hands full. You know the houseguests are always a little bit extra respectful because they don’t know me and this is the first time they’re on TV and they sit up. I think with a bunch of celebrities that are used to running the show. Good luck to me getting them to sit up straight when I say, ‘Hello houseguests.’ I think they’re going to all still be talking to each other. Ha! Ha!”

Rob said, “Well, Julie. Thank you and congratulations on another great finale. You really lived up to the moment tonight and all the best.” Julie said, “Thank you so much. Good to be here with you.”

Alright, that wrapped up the great Julie Chen interview. I thought she gave some really interesting insight into how Paul may have screwed up in the finale show. I think there will always be some sort of debate about it.

Julie also revealed some interesting tidbits about the new, upcoming Celebrity Big Brother. Hopefully, we’ll get more information on that pretty soon. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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