Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Revealed Why He Voted Against Paul In The Finale

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Revealed Why He Voted Against Paul In The Finale

Recently, Rob Cesternino from “Rob Has A Podcast” caught up to houseguests Cody Nickson (above right) and Jessica Graf (above left) after the Big Brother season 19 finale show this past Wednesday night, September 20,2017. During the interview, Cody revealed exactly why his deciding vote went against houseguest Paul Abrahamian thus giving houseguest Josh Martinez the win.

It turns out that Cody respected Josh’s game more since he got up in his face instead of doing things behind closed doors like Paul. To start off the interview, Rob asked Cody,”What’s going through your head right now? What’s going through your head all the time is probably what a lot of us are wondering. You come out of the house. The first time you got evicted, you weren’t sure if America liked you or hated you. And you end up being America’s favorite player. How do you feel?

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Cody said, “I don’t know. I don’t really understand it that much. Ha! Ha! I know Jessica played a huge hand in it. All of her fans got behind me and everything like that. We got the same fans I guess.”

Rob said, “There was something about what you guys tapped into. There was some sort of a movement. A resistance.”

Cody said, “Me and Jessica were beat down the whole time we were in the house together. So, I can’t see how anybody not sympathizing with our situation. And it’s not like we stopped fighting or anything like that. Then they split us up pre-jury and post jury. So, they saw the personal attack in that.”

Rob said, “Ultimately, your vote was the deciding vote tonight in this 5-4 vote. You said when you turned your key, this is a promise that I made. Can you share with us what that promise was?”

Cody said, “I had a little influence in the jury house. I don’t know how much but a little.” Rob said, “So, who did you make a promise to?” Cody said,”No,no,no. There was no promise. It was beyond the jury house. Actually, there was no promises in the jury house. It was just that we sort of had a word together.”

Rob said, “You made a pact in the jury house?” Cody said, “Sort of. Yes.” Rob said, “And it was a pact against Paul because there were times this season when you said if Paul is in the final I will vote for Paul.”

Cody said, “Right, right. But, in the end I just ended up not liking either Paul or Josh.” Rob said, “Did you flip a coin or was it something that Josh did?” Cody said, “No,no. It was just the fact that everything Paul did was behind closed doors and he let everyone else do his own dirty work for him. And at least Josh got up in my face. Do you know what I mean? I respect that more than someone that’s not doing their own dirty work.”

Rob said, “Even though he makes victim noises?” Cody said, “The victim noises and everything. I guess I’m victim one. The $500,000 is his.”

Rob said, “Jess what’s it like for you to be reunited with America’s Favorite Player?” Jess said, “I like how you worded that. I’m gonna super glue myself to his body and that’s going to be the end of it. You guys can’t watch. It’s interesting because we’ve been together for three months now and we never had a second without someone not watching us even right now. So, it’ll be interesting.”

Rob said, “So, was there something that happened in the jury house that you ultimately ended up saying, ‘I can’t vote for Paul?'”

Cody said, “Well, just the more people that came in the more I realized that it was going to be Paul and Josh in the end. I actually pretty much figured it would be Paul and Josh in the end. And that Paul would be arrogant enough to think that by bringing Josh with him he would be guaranteed a win.”

Rob said, “I think that you were a transformative figure in the history of reality TV Cody. Because every single person that goes on one of these shows is overly excited. You were the one person that was like, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ You don’t wanna be talking to me. You’d rather be doing something else. I don’t even understand how you got on this show.”

Cody said, “I don’t either. Ha! Ha! I swear I have no idea. Ask Robin Cass.” Jess said, “It was a Julie interview that came out where she said that it was a debate. You were this close to not getting on the show and Jessie pushed you right through and you got on. Jessie came through.”

Rob said, “Did you apply to be on this show? Because it feels like at times you were here against your will.” Cody said, “No, no. Yeah, I applied. I’m a fan of the show and everything. It’s just one of those deals where I thought I was coming into a season where I thought I was gonna compete and everything like that.

And I was stripped of my ability to compete multiple times. Literally there was competitions where nobody competed at all. It seemed like multiple competitions were that way. Then I realized I guess season 19 is a season where people don’t compete. And as a fan that pisses me off. This was our season ,and I’m a competitor and then nobody’s competing. And yet they’re all coming after me because I want to compete.”

Rob said, “If Paul didn’t have the pendant of protection in week one. You get him up on that block. Does he go out that door on that Thursday?”

Cody said, “Who knows? I’m sure he would’ve sold some snake oil to these people. Yeah, I don’t know. Who knows? Even so if he would’ve went out, me and Jess probably would’ve ran things. But, I don’t know. Maybe not.”

Rob said, “In that parallel universe where Paul is not in the house do you feel like you two would have been able to dominate the action, or would you have been a target like a Rachel and Brendan?”

Cody said, “It’s hard to say. I don’t know. I’m sure they would’ve been looking for somebody to follow. Me and Jess would’ve probably took that leadership spot.” Jess said, “Just like they followed him in jury.”

Rob said, “That’s a good point. I got some questions for you from the listeners. Once you returned to the house, what did you plan to change about your game?”

Cody said, “Following Jess’ game.” Rob said, “You seemed like once Jess was gone you were rising. Momentum was starting to go your way a little bit.”

Cody said, “I wanted to get in with Alex and Jason and try and see if they would actually do something like put up a big target and say that I would be an asset to them or whatever, but it didn’t work. But, I had to make an attempt. I wasn’t just going to lay there that last week.”

Rob asked, “Why didn’t you work more on the social game in the house when you were there with Jessica? Was it just that these people. You couldn’t bring yourself to do it?

Jess decided to answer this question. She stated, “It’s people that don’t watch live feeds that asks questions like this. If you paid any attention to anything that happened in the show. Anyone who had a conversation with Cody and I in the house were immediately put as targets. Mark and Elena never had an alliance with us. They had a friendship with us, and they still spoke to us even though the rest of the house told them not to.

They followed Cody and I because they spoke to us. So, people who say we didn’t have a social game. Paul made sure that if anyone spoke to us they were targeted. So, people were too scared to talk to us. So, what are we supposed to do? Force ourselves down someone else’s throat? Pass. I’d rather just talk to him.” Cody said, “I swear people like me on the outside.”

Rob said,”Well, a lot of people do. You’re America’s Favorite Player. Jess, you said that if you had a vote, you would’ve voted for Paul. Cody, you ultimately voted for Josh. Is there any sort of disagreement here?”

Jess said, “I’m not upset.” Cody said, “What’s funny is she could’ve made that decision. and I could’ve made the decision. We would’ve both been happy how we came to terms with that.”

Rob said, “Have you had any interaction with Paul since tonight and will you ever?” Cody said, “No, these people don’t exist to me.” Jess said, “I’ve also been exposed to everything people have said behind our backs because I’ve watched the live feeds. I’ve had fans tweet me about anytime anything was said about Cody and I.

And what’s so mind boggling is we’ve been out of the house for four or five weeks now and every single day. I mean just the other day, Paul and Josh had a hour and half conversation about bashing just Cody and I. An hour and a half. I timed it. No relationships there. I’m over all of them.”

Rob said, “It came up in the finale questioning with the jury about the bullying that went on in the house and we saw during that week the halting hex was going to be used, there was a discussion about let’s see how miserable we can make it for these guys. Was that something that was talked a lot about in the jury house?

Cody said, “Not with me. I mean I’m not a victim. So, I’m not gonna try and pretend like somebody’s bullying me.”

Alright, that was the full Cody interview that took place with Rob Cesternino. He got way more out of him than Dr. Will Kirby did for CBS. It turns out that Cody just respected that Josh got up in his face over Paul pulling the strings in the background. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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