Big Brother 19 Mark And Elena Revealed Why They Voted Against Paul In The Finale

Big Brother 19 Mark And Elena Revealed Why They Voted Against Paul In The Finale

This past Wednesday night, September 20,2017, Big Brother houseguests Elena Davies and Mark Jansen were two of the shocking jury members that didn’t vote for houseguest Paul Abrahamian in the huge Big Brother 19 season finale show. Their decisions led to Paul getting his second consecutive loss.

Rob Cesternino from “Rob Has A Podcast” got to chat with both of them at the same time to get down to the nitty gritty of what led to their decision to give houseguest Josh Martinez their vote instead.

They were basically just really bitter about how Paul played them. They just said they think he overplayed. They did admit that he played a better game than Josh, but they respected Josh’s game more.

The interview started of with Rob saying,”We’re back with Mark and Elena. Marlena is happening, right?”

Elena said, “I guess Marlena is happening.” Mark said, “Marlena is definitely happening.”

Rob said, “You know how I knew for sure because in that final jury question where they asked if Elena’s biggest regret in the house was losing her game for a showmance or not sticking up for Mark? And the answer was not sticking up for Mark. I said, ‘I think they got back together.'”

Mark said, “You know I mean it’s tough when you’re actually in the Big Brother house.” Rob said,”Especially after what Zingbot had to say.”

Mark said, “You know I wasn’t too concerned. I knew how we were behind closed doors and I mean the people in the house didn’t really know what we were. So, it doesn’t bug me whatever it thought. I knew how she felt about me.”

Rob said,”Well, I want to get your specific take on Paul ultimately losing the game. Because in those jury segments that we saw, you too were all of us at home reacting to what Jason, Alex, Matt and Raven were saying as they came into the jury house and you guys watched those tapes. How did you guys piece this all together before the people that were actually still in the house?”

Mark said, “I mean me as a competitor watching things get thrown especially when I heard Paul was the reason Alex threw that HOH to get Jason evicted. And just me as a competitor. The whole throwing thing. I just hate it.”

Elena said, “Yeah , I agree. I know I participated in some of the Paul things at the beginning. We were both guilty of that. But, I don’t want to discredit Paul’s game. He played a great game. He just played too much of a game.” Mark said, “He over played it.”

Elena said, “And I was honestly still rooting for Paul when I first entered the jury house. I thought I’m hopeful for Jason. I’m hopeful for Paul. I’m hopeful for Alex even and I didn’t leave on great terms with her. I just knew they were at least trying.

They were active players in the game. But, the more I heard as jurors entered especially Jason and Alex coming in that Paul betrayed them like he did us. You compare notes in the jury house and you learn a little bit more about the deception and like the dirty game he played and we just couldn’t vote in that direction. I know some people may call it bitterness.”

Mark said, “Josh berated me with pots and pans and I respected his game more than I did Paul’s. Don’t get me wrong. Paul played a great game. He played a better game than Josh, but I respected Josh’s game way more.”

Elena said, “And that’s the beautiful thing about being a jury member is we get to vote. We have the decision. So, we can vote how we want. And there’s a lot of content that happened in that house. People saw three shows a week. 45 minutes each. There’s a 168 hours every week and so a lot more happened than I think everyone realizes.”

Rob said, “Mark, can you talk a little bit about the confrontation you were having with Matt at that jury round table? Were you guys just sniping at each other for a while before that for days?”

Mark said, “Yeah, we were kind of avoiding each other in the jury house and then with Raven being in there. I couldn’t stand either one of them. I snapped on them a couple of times in the jury house. But, the whole thing is me as a competitor. He was irrelevant and maybe I’m wrong. I’ll watch back the season.”

Rob joked, “In fairness, Raven was the puppet master this season. Ha! Ha!” Mark said, “The strings were cut. She didn’t control anything in the house. And so when irrelevant people. He kept calling me sulky because he saw it on the comic. And I was like come up with something new. But, all he was doing was just saying how he played the same game as me, but I won four competitions.”

Rob said, “I loved the moment where he said sit down, and you were already sitting down.”

Mark said, “That sums up them. They don’t make sense. Like, Raven would repeat things Christmas said to me. Matt just repeats himself and mocks people. He did nothing in this game. When he said his biggest regret in the game was nothing. He wouldn’t change anything. He chilled and said, ‘I’m happy with 8th place.’ That’s pathetic! He was irrelevant in the game and he wanted to say that I really didn’t play a different game than him. I had to fight for my safety. I don’t even want to talk about him. He’s irrelevant.”

Rob said, “Elena, you asked the question in the jury questioning about the bullying going on in the house. Was the answer that Paul gave close to anything you wanted to hear?”

Elena said, “No, it wasn’t but I don’t know what I wanted to hear. I mean he tried to deny it. Would I have been happy if he had just owned up to it and admitted it? I’m not sure. I wanted to ask the question because I knew that in the back of his mind that he was concerned about the way he was being perceived especially in that regard. And I wanted the question to rattle him and I think it did. I think that’s how the jury felt.”

Mark said, “It was bullying and harassment and if he wasn’t apart of it, he was the one that stalked Josh on Jess and Cody the first couple weeks. It was all Paul. And Josh did what he had to do to get there, but Paul just took everything too far.” Elena said, “Agreed.”

Rob said to Mark, “You were the only person that took an apple from the Tree Of Temptation.”

Mark said, “Yeah, I took a chance. I did the thing. I gave my friendship to Paul because I didn’t want him to compete in veto. And I mean it was just a joke. The competitors this season. Half of them were a joke.”

Rob said, “Do you guys regret siding with Cody and Jessica even after that house flip against them?”

Elena said, “No, not at all.” Mark said, “Absolutely not. I should have stuck with Cody more.”

Rob said, “Do you regret week one where you guys went against Jessica and Cody?”

Elena said, “Here’s the thing. Hindsight’s 20 20. As cliche as it sounds. I asked Cody for information. I wanted to know where his head was at after making that move and he didn’t give me the information that I needed to stick with him. Looking back, we didn’t ever really turn on them.

We were in the middle. We had to do what we needed to do to stay with the numbers and not seem like a target. But at no point were we ever actively against Jessica and Cody. If either one of us had won HOH, we would have stuck around with Jess and Cody and tried to make a bigger move in the house.”

Mark said, “Absolutely. I hated how I treated them the week Cody went home the first time and I made that clear with my conversation with Jess when Cody left. I felt awful, but that’s how the house was and I was apart of it. I couldn’t do it again when he came back into the house.”

Elena said, “The thing to realize in the Big Brother house is no matter what you’re doing it’s wrong. So, if you’re not speaking up enough, it’s wrong. If you’re speaking too much, it’s wrong. If you’re talking to someone, it’s wrong. If you’re not talking to someone, it’s wrong. So, it’s kind of trying to weigh the balance of survival and not destroying relationships.”

Rob asked Elena, “There was only one point in the game where Josh and Christmas together were thinking about going a different direction than Paul. And that was the week that Josh won the HOH with the golf ball and he wanted to make you his target. He thought about that. And Christmas really was pushing for you to be the target. This was the only time in the game that Christmas ever wanted to do something different than Paul. Do you have any theories about that?”

Elena said, “Apparently, from what I’ve learned from Josh is he views me as a very strong mental and physical competitor. I will take the complement. I will agree but Christmas coming after me. I’m not sure what her motivation was.”

Mark said, “Man, she hated her. Christmas hated Elena in the house.”

Elena said, “All I heard was that she wasn’t happy with the attention that I received from other people specifically Josh or like male attention. That’s what I’ve heard from other houseguests. I can’t say conclusively. I didn’t watch. I don’t know. I don’t have a look-see into Christmas’ brain. Do you have any insight on that for me? Why am I hated so much by Christmas?”

Rob said, “I don’t know. My theory is that maybe Paul was paying more attention to you. That’s my one theory.”

Elena said, “Ok. I know she had a couple of outbursts about Josh paying too much attention to me. I think that’s because they were allies.”

Rob said, “Do you think that taking the veto rather than taking the $5,000 dollars would’ve changed anything or are you ready to say right now. ‘Game’s over. I have $5,000 that these other people don’t have? It wouldn’t have changed anything?'”

Elena said, “I know it wouldn’t have changed anything. I know that I was a target. I was at the bottom of the barrel at that point. I was being targeted. If I hadn’t won power moving forward after that, nothing would’ve been different. So, at this point all I can say is Christmas got third and I made more money than she did.” Mark said, “Me too. I got the trip.”

Elena said, “Yeah, we both came out on top of everyone minus Kevin who won the $25,000 at the beginning and Cody who won America’s favorite.” Mark said, “We tied for fifth.”

Rob said, “Elena, what do you think about the live feeds being cut for the live feeders? They were delayed for hours while everyone waited for you to do your make-up for a competition. Do you want to apologize to the live feeders for the live feeds cut?”

Elena said, “No, I don’t want to apologize. I don’t believe that’s true. They probably cut live feeds for something else. If anything, they should’ve left the live feed on. I do my make up really well. They should’ve been taking this as a tutorial. Learning something.

I mean honestly I wish Raven would’ve paid more attention to my make up tutorials in the house. But no, I didn’t really have an apology for that. If they would’ve told me like, ‘Hey, Elena be ready by this time,’ I would’ve done that but I don’t have that luxury in the Big Brother house. So, I’m sorry.”

Rob said to Mark, “As another super fan will you continue to watch after this?”

Mark said, “I will. I mean as a fan I was disappointed. That’s where a lot of the frustration came out on the jury house. I mean I’ve just never seen the competitions that were being thrown. And again, that’s part of Big Brother. It’s more than just competitions. But, as a fan, I can only speak for myself. I was disappointed in myself and how the game played out.”

Rob said, “How do you guys view this season in terms of there being one veteran in the house with all new players? How do you feel like that ultimately would’ve changed the direction of this season?”

Mark said, “It changed everything especially with the weak-minded individuals in the house. They were so easily manipulated. So, it was not my season.” Elena said, “I agree.”

Rob said, “Alright, well Mark and Elena all the best to you guys. What’s the plan moving forward?”

Elena said, “We’re going to spend some time in L.A.” Rob said, “So are Matt and Raven.” Elena said, “Alright, well we have zero plans to hang out with them and don’t put any ideas in their heads!” Mark said, “But, if we see them out, we’re going to go somewhere else. Ha! Ha!”

Elena said, “But yeah. We’re going to spend some time here and travel a little bit. And head home separately. Then I think the plan is Mark’s going to join me in Dallas for an extended stay.” Mark said, “I’ll be driving down to Dallas and spending some time with Elena.”

Alright guys. That was it for Elena and Mark’s very enlightening view on why they decided to just absolutely devastate Paul during the finale. It’s pretty humorous that they have so much disdain for Matt and Raven.

Judging from their Paul questions, it just seems like they decided to take the bitter route since they did confess that Paul played a better game. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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