‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing Back Another Well Known Character From The Past

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing Back Another Well Known Character From The Past

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’ve got some new casting news for you guys. It turns out that the show is reaching back into the past to snag up one of their old characters to see what they can do with them in the present tense storyline.

With no further ado, we’re hearing from the folks over at Soap Opera Digest that the lovely actress Ashley Jones has been asked back to reprise her Bold And The Beautiful role as Bridget Forrester! That’s right guys. We’re about to see Bridget Forrester back in action again in the not-to-distant future.

The Soap Opera Digest folks apparently got to talk to Ashley Jones about her new return to the show. She told them, “Dr. Bridget Forrester is back, and I love being able to say that. She is back for a very special family occasion. Bridget is surprised to see some faces she hasn’t seen in a while. I was so excited to get the call to come back. B&B has been my home for so long, and I think of Bridget as a part of me. I will always come back when they invite me.”

Unfortunately, no other details have been revealed about Bridget’s returning arc. Judging from the intel she gave, it sounds like she’ll just be back for guest appearance. We don’t know how many episodes she will appear in, or when she is scheduled to make her first onscreen appearance. All we know is it should be pretty soon.

According to soapcentral.com , Ashley had talked with them about returning to the Bold And The Beautiful back in December 2017. At the time, Ashley told them, “I would be more than happy to come back to B&B if given the chance. I have such deep roots on The Bold and the Beautiful. I played Bridget for so long. I love the Bell family, I love the writers there, and the producers, the crew. It’s such a family. So, to go back and be able to play Brooke’s daughter, anytime they want, if it worked out, I’m there.”

The last time the Bridget Forrester character was seen in action was way back in February 2016. At that time, Bridget had went to visit Brooke at her house. She got a very warm welcome from Brooke, Rick, Maya and Nicole.

Bridget told them about her New York adventures. She mentioned that Logan was about to start elementary school, how Brooke and Katie’s issues are affecting each other’s lives and how Nicole is doing with her pregnancy.

For those of you who don’t know who Bridget Forrester is, she is the daughter of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan. She is the biological sister to Rick Forrester and mother to Logan Knight. Bridget was born way back in 1992. Actress Ashley Jones has portrayed her since 2004.

When Bridget was first born, Brooke and Ridge were made to believe that Ridge was the father after Sheila Carter tampered with the paternity test. Brooke had slept with both Eric and Ridge around the same time. So, she didn’t know who the father was. In fact, it wasn’t revealed that Eric was Bridget’s biological father until 1996.

Like Brooke, Bridget has gotten involved in some pretty intense scandals. She got engaged to character Nick Marone a few times throughout the years, and she got preggers by him. In 2006, Bridget got romantically involved with a guy named Dante and got pregnant again. However, at the time, she wasn’t sure if the baby was Nick’s or Dante’s. It turned out to be Dante’s baby, but Bridget eventually miscarried it.

In 2009, Bridgette went on to have an affair with Owen Knight while she was remarried to Nick, and got pregnant again! Then to make matters worse, she claimed the baby was Nick’s. Bridget eventually gave birth to this child in 2010 which turned out to be Logan.

Bridget’s last major storyline was in 2012 when she decided to end things with Owen and let him run back to Jackie. Then all three of them moved in together in New York while Bridget resumed her medical career.

Along with her recent 2016 appearance, Bridget made a brief appearance in 2013 when Brooke invited her and Rick over for a family get-together dinner with Eric. Then in 2015, Bridget returned to attend the wedding ceremony for Rick and Maya Avant. While there, she was reunited with her adoptive nephew Zende Forrester Dominguez. She was also introduced to her future in-laws Vivienne and Julius Avant, and she reconnected with her mother Brooke.

So, how do you guys feel about Bridget Forrester returning for another possible guest stint? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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