New Big Brother Season 20 POV Ceremony Results Revealed For August 21, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 POV Ceremony Results Revealed For August 21, 2018

Happy Tuesday fellow Big Brother fans. It finally happened yesterday, August 20, 2018. The Power Of Veto Ceremony that would reveal who the final eviction nominees are for this week. Before we let you know the results of that, we want to give you guys who aren’t up to speed a brief update of all the crazy events that led up to yesterday’s Power Of Veto Ceremony.

The current Head of Household and official house idiot Faysal got manipulated by JC into thinking that his only other ally Scottie was plotting to get him out so that he could steal his girl Haleigh away from him. This happened on Thursday night, August 16, 2018. Also, both Brett and Scottie claimed to have voted to keep Angie Rockstar which led to further confusion for Faysal.

The manipulation resulted in Faysal deciding to ultimately nominate Scottie and Brett for eviction this week during the nomination ceremony on Friday, August 17, 2018. Faysal said his reason for doing this was that one of them was lying. So, they can both just battle it out for veto.

In essence, by doing this, Faysal punished both the person who helped him and the person who was against him instead of going after any of the people who are definitely against him, insuring that they all stay. Translation: Probably the dumbest Big Brother move in history. We just want to make that clear to all of you guys. It was dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb! I can’t say it enough.

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s fast-forward to the Power Of Veto competition. It took place on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Brett won it which insured that Scottie would stay on the block this week. It also insured that he will for sure go home this week, but not before a lot of drama took place.

On Sunday, August 19, 2018, Scottie told Faysal that Haleigh was like Kaitlyn 2.0 and was playing both of them. He suggested that Faysal nominate Haleigh for eviction in place of Brett. Faysal told Haleigh what Scottie said, and she started bawling about it. Later, she talked to Scottie. He told her it was all just a ploy to get her to disassociate from him so she would supposedly have a better chance of staying in the game moving forward.

Later on that same night, Scottie made a new pitch to Faysal to nominate Sam in place of Brett. He said he would do anything for Haleigh, and that he was totally on Faysal’s side. Faysal almost bought it until Kaycee quickly came to intercept things after Scottie left the room.

All it took was just a few words from Kaycee to get stupid Faysal to think Scottie can’t be trusted again. Kaycee knowing that she would always have the votes to stay over Scottie, volunteered to go on the block, but she still made Faysal promise that if she does this, he has to promise not to put her up in the future. And ,of course, Faysal fell for that deal since he somehow thinks it’s a better option to help the people who are working against him as opposed to the people who are trying to help him.

Now, finally that brings us to yesterday’s Power Of Veto Ceremony. This wasn’t hard to predict. Brett, of course, used the veto to take himself off the eviction chopping block. Then Faysal revealed that his replacement for Brett was Kaycee. That means Kaycee and Scottie are now the final eviction nominees for this week. One of them will definitely be going home this Thursday night,August 23, 2018.

If I was to place a bet on who’s going home, I would bet like 100 percent of all my money on Scottie going home this week. I mean all of that L6 alliance: Tyler, Angela and Brett would have to suddenly become as stupid as Faysal and flip their votes for Scottie to stay this week. We believe that both JC and Sam will also be voting with L6 to keep Kaycee. Also, it looks like Haleigh is going go ahead and cave in to what Faysal wants, and vote to evict Scottie as well.

Haleigh is the one I’m most disappointed in for this because she knew this was a bad idea. She could’ve done a whole lot more to stop Faysal from nominating Scottie. The edit the TV show gave her was not what fully took place. I remember at one point on Thursday night, she got drunk with JC and was actually saying that Scottie has to go right in front of Faysal. I was like, “What?”

Then all day on Friday, she knew Scottie was going to get nominated and didn’t try to tip him off until the very last minute, giving Scottie just maybe 30 minutes to try and work on Faysal. The whole thing was just very upsetting to watch. Sometimes, it would seem like Haleigh was trying to help Scottie, and then sometimes she wasn’t. It was like she was going in and out of this smart and stupid mindset.

Scottie isn’t without blame though. He definitely should’ve done a lot more to convince Faysal he was on his side instead of just chilling downstairs all day on Friday. There was one time when he went upstairs to talk to Faysal, and he never even talked any game. He should’ve been in Faysal’s ear talking game the whole freaking time because you really have to break things down for Faysal for him to even halfway understand what the hell is going on. It’s just sad. So sad.

What I want right now for Haleigh and Faysal is for them to both get thrown on the chopping block together next week. So, they can both really see how utterly awful they truly were with the HOH this week. This should’ve been easy for them. All they had to do was throw Angela and Tyler on the chopping block. If Tyler used his power app, throw Brett up there. When Brett won veto, just throw Kaycee up there in his spot. Bingo,bango. At least one of them would’ve been gone. But instead, we got Faysal getting rid of one of his own remaining alliance members. Aside from self-evicting yourself, I don’t think it gets much worse than that.

This hurts my heart guys. It really does. Not surprisingly, the L6 crew were seen celebrating that they all get to stay without winning HOH this week. I just hope that CBS shows Faysal this footage one day, and he truly realizes how awful he was this week. That’s literally all we can hope for at this point because the damage has been done and cannot be undone.

Alright guys. That’s my two cents on this whole messed up situation that has taken place this week. How do you guys feel about Faysal replacing Brett with Kaycee at the Power Of Veto ceremony, insuring that he sends his own alliance member Scottie home this week? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Another new Big Brother Season 20 episode is scheduled to air tomorrow night, August 22, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to feature the Power Of Veto competition and Power of Veto ceremony footage. So, be sure to check that out. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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