New Big Brother Season 20 Eviction Nominees Revealed For September 15, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 Eviction Nominees Revealed For September 15, 2018

Happy Saturday fellow Big Brother fans. It’s time for another big report from the Big Brother season 20 house. Things have certainly calmed down now that we’re down to just the final five houseguests. The eviction nomination ceremony meeting took place late yesterday evening, September 14, 2018.

Before we get into the results of that meeting, let’s catch everyone up on all the events that happened this week which led up to the nomination ceremony. This past Thursday night, Haleigh and Brett got evicted in the LIVE Double Eviction show. Shortly after that, another Head Of Household competition took place.

When everything was all said and done, it was the ruthless Angela who emerged the winner of that competition, making her our new HOH for this week. Her reign also made the outlook for this week quite predictable. It appears that the Level 6 clan: Angela, Tyler and Kaycee will end up running the house until the very end.

After Angela’s victory, we speculated that JC and Sam would be nominated for eviction this week with Sam being the main target. That’s what Level 6 had discussed, and it’s abundantly clear that they’re going to get everything they want. So, we pretty much believe every plan they make will most likely pan out for them.

JC did get into a bit of an argument with Tyler over the extreme blindside they did on Brett during the LIVE Double Eviction episode. JC thinks he’s really in a final two deal with Tyler. So, he basically went on a rant, telling Tyler that he made a big mistake not targeting Angela and Kaycee. He also complained he’s now going to go on the block because of it. Tyler tried to reassure JC that his move was solid, and that JC will be safe this week. JC seemed to buy Tyler’s BS, telling him, “I trust you” and what not.

All that led up to Angela’s eviction nomination ceremony. Again, it went down in the late evening hours yesterday, September 14, 2018. After everything was said and done, Angela had indeed nominated JC and Sam for eviction as planned.

Afterwards, Angela did express to JC that he is not her target this week. Kaycee also told JC he was good this week. During Kaycee and JC’s conversation, Kaycee said,”We have got this. Sam is going home this week.” JC said, “Yeah, I don’t know why Angela didn’t come to me and tell me.” Kaycee said, “She said she wanted to talk to you.” JC said, “Why didn’t she?” Kaycee said, “She sincerely feels bad.” JC said, “Well, it is a game.”

Kaycee said,”Angela knows that Tyler already told you that you are the pawn.” JC said, “No.” Kaycee said, “Didn’t he just tell you that?” JC said, “No.” Kaycee said, “You are good. We just need to win veto tomorrow.” JC said, “Thank you for telling me. It made me feel better because no one talked to me at all.”

That’s actually not true. JC actually had a long conversation with Tyler about it Thursday night. I don’t know what JC is trying to pull with Kaycee during this conversation, but it is weird that he told her no one talked to him.

Later, JC talked to the live feed cams. He said, “There has to be a twist. It is going to be something crazy. Something that is going to shake us all up because we are here falling asleep in a happy house. That is not good TV. I’m on the block, finally. After 80 something days. Not that bad. My own fault though. If I would have won that competition, I would not be on the block.

Maybe I can be a hero and win it tomorrow. I hope something happens that shakes this house. That would make me so happy. I’m not really problematic, but come on. I would rather not be bored. My prediction before coming in the house is I was going to get out number five. If my predictions are right, I am out this week.

I really hope Angela doesn’t win this, but that’s a secret between you and me. I don’t want her to be the Big Brother 20 winner. She doesn’t deserve it. If this week goes as planned, I’m going to start rehearsing my final speech. If not, I’m just going to go to jury house.”

After all that, JC and Angela had their discussion. Angela told JC, “I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you beforehand and reassure you that you are absolutely in no way, shape or form the target this week. I just wanted to make sure you were never ever my target this week.” JC said, “Thanks. I appreciate it. I figured I wasn’t the target. It is what it is. It’s just a game.”

It is most likely true that JC stays this week, but that’s only if Sam doesn’t win the Power Of Veto competition that’s scheduled to take place later on today, September 15, 2018. If she does somehow pull out a surprise veto win, JC will be saying, “Bye, bye” to the Big Brother house this Wednesday, September 19, 2018. That’s right. There’s going to be two evictions this week. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday to clear everyone out for the big, three part final HOH competition.

If everything goes as expected, we will most likely see the last of the Level 6 clan Tyler, Jaycee and Angela battle it out in that final, three part HOH competition. But first, they do still have this task of making sure JC and Sam get evicted next.

Again, the Power Of Veto competition is scheduled to take place later on today. There’s no more random drawing for veto players at this stage. Everyone will be competing in it. Unless Sam and JC can somehow win the veto, this week will be very predictable. There is one more chance for something crazy to happen.

After Wednesday’s eviction,they are going to play another HOH comp and Power Of Veto comp for Thursday night’s LIVE eviction show. Sam or JC will still be there with Level 6 which means they will have two more shots to save themselves and switch things up.

So, Level 6’s work is not done just yet. They have three more comps they have to win to seal their final three deal. And that’s not even considering if one of them decides to flip on each other. It’s highly unlikely, but it should be likely. Angela, Tyler and Kaycee have built up some pretty good resumes for winning this season.

It’s hard to imagine that one of them will not want to better their odds by flipping and getting the other one out. So, there is still some potential game to be played. We’ll certainly keep a close eye on things to see if anything changes.

So, how do you guys feel about Angela nominating JC and Sam for eviction this week? Are you happy about it? Or you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Another brand new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air tomorrow night, September 16, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to feature the latest Head Of Household competition, Angela’s eviction nomination ceremony footage and more. So, be sure to tune in for it. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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