Big Brother Season 20 Angela Rummans Said Shocking Things About Tyler Crispen In New Interview

Big Brother Season 20 Angela Rummans Said Shocking Things About Tyler Crispen In New Interview

Hey fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got more, very interesting news for guys today. This report is in regards to a recent interview that recently evicted housguest Angela Rummans gave to the folks over at . During her interview, she revealed some pretty shocking information in regards to her supposed love of her life Tyler Crispen, and it doesn’t sound too good. Not good at all.

One of the questions TV Guide asked Angela about was what does she look forward to doing with Tyler once they get into the real world. Aside from stating the obvious about having to get to know each other better, Angela revealed that she has a definite problem she needs to clear up with Tyler before they can move forward.

She said she’s definitely upset with the way Tyler handled her towards the end on an emotional level. She understands Tyler having a final two deal with Kaycee was game related, but she’s still hurt by it!

Angela told them in response to the question, “Honestly, I don’t know what is next. It is hard to get to know someone fully when you are living through a filter. Everything you say and do is recorded and shown to millions. First, I’m looking forward to having a conversation and clearing the air on a few things. I was hurt when I found out he had a Final 2 deal with Kaycee. I accepted it on a game level, but I think he could have handled it differently to protect my emotions a bit. We’ll see how our conversation goes and we will go from there. Stay tuned.”

In addition to that, we are hearing rumors that Angela definitely plans to vote for Kaycee to win over Tyler in tonight’s LIVE finale show! If Angela does actually vote for Kaycee to win, we can definitely see that being a huge issue for Angela and Tyler’s real life relationship. Whatever the case is, it sounds like Tyler has a lot of explaining to do in tonight’s big finale show. He made final two deals with multiple people that he had to break. That’s really serious.

Anyways, Angela answered some other questions for TV Guide that we found very interesting. In response to one of the questions, Angela revealed that she would’ve definitely kept Tyler over Kaycee if she had won that last Power Of Veto competition of the season because she had a stronger emotional relationship with him.

She stated, “I would have kept Tyler because, out of Kaycee and Tyler, we had a similar relationship in the game. But outside of the game, my relationship with Tyler was stronger on an emotional level.” Again, Tyler has a lot of explaining to do tonight. There’s no doubt about that.

In response to another question about Tyler and Kaycee’s final two deal, Angela explained that she totally understands Kaycee’s position on it. She thinks Kaycee had a deal and stuck to it. Angela stated, “I understand Kaycee’s logic behind her decision. She had a Final two that she formed with Tyler before Level 6 was even born. I understand her logic ,and she stayed loyal to the first deal she made.”

Angela also talked about why she came off so cold and heartless during the season. She said that she’s just brutally honest about things and doesn’t sugarcoat stuff. She stated, “I was brutally honest about my opinions on other people. I did not sugarcoat things. I was honest, and I spoke my mind. I knew some relationships, like the one with Rockstar, were beyond repair. So, I was honest.”

There you have it guys. How do you guys feel about Angela being upset with Tyler for having a final two deal with Kaycee? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

We definitely think Tyler will have to talk his butt off in the jury question and answer segment tonight. He’s going to have to somehow make them understand and feel good about being lied to in multiple, final two deals. As of right now, we’re hearing that Tyler doesn’t have Brett’s vote either. Haleigh and Faysal reportedly gave a lot of credit to JC at the jury roundtable meeting. We don’t see Bayleigh voting for Tyler.

At the very least, Tyler’s got a mess that needs to be cleaned up before he can claim the $500,000 grand prize over Kaycee. Also, Kaycee was no slouch. She won the hell out of all those veto competitions. She also claimed an HOH for her Big Brother resume. This final two is going to be interesting.

Also, if Tyler wins this final Head Of Household competition, he will have to cut JC, breaking yet another final two deal he made. And you can best believe that JC will not be happy about it. All this time, JC believed wholeheartedly that he had a strong final two deal with Tyler.

If that’s not enough, this could be a possible blindside situation for JC. I’m hearing there’s a possibility that Tyler and Kaycee are going to tell JC about their final two deal before tonight’s show. But even if they do, I can see JC still being very upset about it. That could be another lost vote for Tyler. Again, tonight’s final two is going to be extremely interesting t say the least.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest Big Brother season 20 report. The Big Brother season 20 finale show is scheduled to air tonight, September 26, 2018 at approximately 8:30 pm central standard time on CBS right after the new Survivor season 37 premiere show. It’s going to be another hour and a half finale show. So, it will last until 10 pm central standard time.

The finale show will feature the first two rounds of the final, three part Head Of Household competition. That will be followed up with the LIVE, third round of the final Head Of Household competition. The winner of it will decide who goes to the final two!

It will feature the jury roundtable discussion and a whole lot more. So, be sure to tune in tonight to see all that great stuff. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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