Big Brother Season 20 Swaggy C & Baleigh Dayton Addressed Pregnancy Rumors And More

Big Brother Season 20 Swaggy C & Baleigh Dayton Addressed Pregnancy Rumors And More

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got another brand new report for you guys in reference to Big Brother season 20 houseguests Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton. Apparently, it was heavily rumored that Bayleigh was pregnant while inside the Big Brother house and the jury house.

Recently, Bayleigh and Swaggy hit up their official Youtube channel to reveal the facts of what really went on. Unfortunately, there were some very sad facts they had to reveal. It turns out that Bayleigh was indeed preggers while inside both the Big Brother and jury house, but she did end up having a miscarriage in the jury house.

They explained that they’re still trying to figure why it happened and what not. They also addressed some other rumors and misconceptions about their relationship. Swaggy made sure to explain that he didn’t propose to Bayleigh because he thought she was pregnant. He’s truly in love with her and so on and so forth.

Their Youtube video started off with Bayleigh saying, “Okay, so let’s clear the air. There is something that has been on my chest. I am getting asked constantly if I’m pregnant. I will definitely be the first to say that I’m not. But, during the time that Swaggy and I spent in the house, we spent every moment together, and we’re aware that we fell a little bit deep in love. And that was in the public eye. So, we shared some quite intimate moments in the house, and that was real for us, but we wanted to go ahead and explain some things.

So, during our time in the Big Brother house, I did conceive a little baby. But unfortunately, I had a miscarriage in the jury house. I don’t know why. It’s something that we’re still figuring out. We actually just got a chance to talk to each other about it for the first time today. So, I know you guys want to know what’s up and what’s going on with us. We appreciate it, but we’re still trying to figure out because we don’t know, ourselves.

I would’ve been ecstatic if I were to have a BB baby. It would’ve been a blessing. We were both really excited when we found out. And we were both really, really upset when we found out we lost it. So, he knew that I lost the baby before he decided to propose, and he still decided to propose. So, the whole thing about he’s only proposing because I’m pregnant thing. That’s hurtful so stop.

And also just to clear the air. I love Tyler. I don’t think any ill will of Tyler. I know you guys saw a crazy, hysterical fight, but I actually found out the day before I was placed on the block by Angela that I was pregnant. So, I was going through so many more emotions than you guys would’ve even known.

I couldn’t talk to anybody about it. The whole house didn’t even know. But, all my hysterical crying and yelling probably would’ve still happened because the house was crazy. So, I’m not blaming it on the baby at all, but I was just experiencing a lot more in my life than people knew about.

Swaggy said, “Yeah a lot of people were kind of giving her a hard time, saying she’s crazy and she’s xyz. Not taking into consideration that she was pregnant. And of course, you guys don’t know, but she was hormonal. She had a baby inside of her, and everything she was doing in the house even before the fight and getting backdoored, she was pregnant.

She won an HOH comp while pregnant. She was playing the game pregnant. She was doing all of that knowing what she had, and then she gets backdoored, and then she had the fight of course. So, she was going through a lot of emotions. So, when she had a miscarriage, it was very unfortunate. It made us both very sad. It was a very dark time not only for her family, but my family because we were so excited to have a child. I was getting updates on her every week. Maybe two times a week to make sure she was alright, but then stuff happened.”

Bayleigh said, “We did get pretty close even though we weren’t able to talk to each other at all. We’ve had things that have brought us closer than people could even imagine. So, at the end of this process, it was like, ‘I know I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this boy.’ There’s no question about it.”

Swaggy said, “People keep saying I proposed because she was pregnant, and that’s not the case at all, but going through that process made me realize that this is my girl, and I’m going to marry her. I don’t care that we’ve only been together for twenty-three days. I don’t care. This is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. So, I didn’t propose because of that situation alone or do it to make her feel good. I did it because I love her. The situation made us stronger. It’s not nothing to laugh about.”

Bayleigh said, “People will always take digs and will probably say that’s what she gets or whatever, but this is a serious thing. This is my real life. So, all games aside, Big Brother was a game and none of that was personal, but this was very personal to me. So, I kept it to myself.”

Swaggy said, “Maybe it wasn’t the best decision, but we were intimate when we were in the house. We were in love. When you’re in the house with basically no friends and no TV, no contact with the outside world. And you only have one person that you can trust, things happen. She was going through a bundle of emotions, and the truth of the matter is I’m beyond proud of her. She fought very hard under those circumstances, and it only makes her stronger. She’s by far the strongest woman I’ve met, and I love her. I’m happy that I proposed.”

Bayleigh capped of the clip by saying, “For those of you who do care and are very supportive of what we have going on, we appreciate it.” Alight guys. That was it for Swaggy C and Bayleigh’s sad and very informative news. You guys can view Swaggy C and Bayleigh’s video over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

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