The Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Cast Is Reportedly Making CBS Very Angry Right Now Over Salary Issues

The Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Cast Is Reportedly Making CBS Very Angry Right Now Over Salary Issues

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. We warned you guys the news for the upcoming Celebrty Big Brother season 2 was about to overflow, but this is way more than we imagined. Apparently, it’s because some major salary drama is unfolding on the set!

The very reliable inside source for Big Brother realvegas4sure hit up their Twitter account again today, January 10, 2019 to reveal that CBS is getting extremely upset this batch of Celebrity Big Brother castmembers! These housguests are really letting CBS know how much of pain in the you know what it is to deal with celebrities.

The celebrities are reportedly starting to demand higher pay for doing the show. In some instances, some of them are going as far as to back out of their already signed contracts! This is a real problem because CBS is planning to reveal the cast this Sunday, January 13, 2019!

Realvegas4sure tweeted, “CBS is pissed as the show is now going to cost a lot more than they budgeted. They are facing back outs from even those who SIGNED their deals. Even the ones who shot promos weeks ago are now threatening to bail if not paid more. And the cast reveal is supposed to be Sunday!” You guys can view that tweet on realvegas4sure’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here. You’ll have to follow realvegas4sure and get approved before you can view the tweets because he or she has it set to private.

Realvegas4sure went on to reveal that castmember Tiffany Pollard is requesting the same amount of money Omarosa from season 1 made, which was somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million dollars. Realvegas4sure is saying Omarosa actually made more than that! Realvegas4sure tweeted, “Tiffany Pollard is requesting the same payday that Omarosa got and refusing to shoot a promo today. O made more than $1m which is the number people think. It was higher. This year the lowest paid celebrity is getting $70k. The highest paid celebrity is at $350-$375k.”

What’s even more interesting is that appears to be a confirmation that reality star Tiffany Pollard is in fact apart of the cast. I’m surprised realvegas4sure actually admitted it. They usually keep information like that pretty cryptic.

Later on, realvegas4sure hopped back on to reveal that CBS has come up with a different set of rules for celebs who try to self-evict. Anyone who self evicts will only get paid for the time they spent in the house.

Last year, the celebs were guaranteed a certain amount whether they self-evicted or not. Realvegas4sure tweeted, “Last year for CBBUS1 the HGs were guaranteed their dough for just entering. This year the deals say if self-evict they will only get a formula based on days in house.”

Alright guys. That’s the latest drama that’s happening on the Big Brother set right now. How do you guys feel about it? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

In related news, longtime host Julie Chen just hopped on her official Instagram account a few hours ago to reveal that she’s back on the set of Big Brother and is ready to host Celebrity Big Brother again this year. You guys can view that post on Julie’s official Instagram account by Clicking Here.

Celebrity Big Brother season 2 is still scheduled to debut on Monday night, January 21, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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