X-Men:Dark Phoenix Star Sophie Turner Claims Director Bryan Singer Was Unpleasant

X-Men:Dark Phoenix Star Sophie Turner Claims Director Bryan Singer Was Unpleasant

Hey, Marvel fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting X-Men set news for you guys today. This one is in reference to the big, upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix main star Sophie Turner. She’s playing The young Dr. Jean Grey in the flick.

According to the folks over at Indiewire.com, Sophie revealed in a recent Rolling Stone interview that she found her experience of working with director Bryan Singer on the “X-Men: Apocalypse” movie to be unpleasant.

Sophie made her first appearance as the young Dr. Jean Grey in The Apocalypse movie. In her statement about Bryan Singer, Sophie didn’t go into specifics as to what made him unpleasant to work with. Instead, she gave an analogy of sorts. She stated,”There’s a lot of Sansa in me. You go into something and you think it’s going to be a huge dream, and then you figure out, ‘Oh, wait. I have to be very strategic about everything. And Harvey Weinstein is Joffrey or Ramsay. Probably worse than that. A White Walker.’”

So, wow. Luckily for Sophie, Bryan Singer was not rehired to direct this latest X:Men: Dark Phoenix movie. Judging by how Sophie feels about Bryan Singer, she probably wouldn’t have agreed to do it if Bryan was directing. Instead, Simon Kinberg was brought on to direct Dark Phoenix. Hopefully, he did a good job.

The Indiewire article did go on to point out that this isn’t the first negative claims that have been brought up about Bryan Singer.

Rami Malek who stared as Freddie Mercury in the hit movie Bohemian Rhapsody, claimed that Bryan Singer was unpleasant to work with too! In an interview with the press at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Rami stated of Bryan Singer, “In my situation with Bryan, it was not pleasant. Not at all, and that’s about what I can say about it at this point. For anyone who is seeking any solace in all of this, Bryan Singer was fired. Bryan Singer was fired. I don’t think that was something anyone saw coming, but I think that had to happen and it did.”

Wow, he said, not at all. That’s pretty intense. Anyways, the Indiewire aticle went on to point out that Bryan Singer has actually been accused of sexual misconduct by five men in the past! These claims date back as far as 1997. Bryan was sued during the making of the “Apt Pupil” for allegedly filming minors naked without permission.

Also, they revealed that a very intense argument went on between Rami Malek and Bryan Singer on the set of Bohemian Rhapsody. They reportedly got into a heated fight about the creative direction of the movie. Bryan got so freaking pissed off that he threw an unspecified object on the set! Again, they eventually fired Bryan.

How do you guys feel about these very unsavory claims about director Bryan Singer? Do you believe them or what? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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