The Voice Eliminated 12 Contestants Tonight, April 30, 2019. Top 13 Revealed

The Voice Eliminated 12 Contestants Tonight, April 30, 2019. Top 13 Revealed

Hey, “The Voice” fans. Tonight, April 30, 2019 was the big night where the top 24 singers were narrowed down to just a measly 13. The live viewing audience voted overnight after watching the producers cram a whopping 24 performances into a two-hour show! Actually, about an hour and 45 minutes if you count commercials! What? Get out of here!

As you can imagine, everyone was just rushed through their performances. The judges: Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and John Legend never had any time to comment on them due to rigorous time restraints.

Anyways, so here we are tonight. The viewing audience was able to send 8 artists through with their LIVE voting results. Then each of the judges selected a wildcard to make it a top 12 scenario. After that, a Comeback Stage winner went head to head against an eliminated Cross Battles contestant to claim the final 13th spot.

After a few comments from the judges, they didn’t waste anytime getting to the results. It was revealed that Gyth Rigdon was the most streamed artist on Apple music from last night’s performances show.

Next, host Carson Daly got straight down to business by revealing that Gyth Rigdon from Team Blake, Shawn Sounds from Team John Legend and Carter Lloyd Horne from Team Blake were all safe and would be advancing to the top 13 next week! Also, it was revealed that the artists will sing songs that the fans picked out in next week’s performances show.

Team Adam did a group performance at this point. They sang, “Is This Love.” Right after that, Carson revealed that Rod Stokes from Team Kelly and Kim Cherry from Team Blake were safe and made it through to the final 13!

Next, Kelly Clarkson hit the stage to perform a special solo number. She sang, “Broken & Beautiful” from the movie “Ugly Dolls.” Right after that, Carson revealed that Dexter Roberts from Team Blake, Maelyn Jarmon from Team John Legend and Andrew Sevener from Team Blake Shelton all made it through to the top 13 as well via the live viewing audience’s votes!

After that, The Voice brought on a fifth coach, Bebe Rexha. She was there to coach the Comeback Stage contestants. Kanard Thomas won the Comeback digital stage challenge. During his initial run, he wasn’t able to even get any of the judges to turn their chairs. He ended up battling LB Crew from the Cross Battles after Bebe invited LB to return for the Comeback stage challenge.

The live viewing audience got to do a LIVE vote via Twitter to decide who won between those two. Kanard ended up singing, “Call Back My Name.” Afterwards, John said, “That performance was really great. You showed skill, switching between tone and falsetto.”

Next, LB hit the stage to sing, “Electric Feel.” Afterwards, Adam said of LB’s performance,”That was literally a perfect 10. It was the best performance of the entire season.”

Before the votes were tallied, Kanard said, “Making the top 13 would mean everything. I fought my way all the way here.” LB said, “I’m chasing the dream, and I thank America. Making it to the top 13 would mean everything.” BeBe said, “They are both incredible, and they should never give up.”

After that, they revealed that LB won the live viewing audience Twitter vote to advance to the top 13! So, he’s in, and poor Kanard Thomas was out again. LB got to choose a new coach, and he decided to go with Adam Levine. So now,LB is on Team Adam.

After all that, the coaches: Blake, Kelly, Adam and John got to choose someone to save from their remaining artists. Blake chose Oliv Blu. Kelly chose Jej Vinson. John chose Celia Babini and Adam chose Mari.

So, your Top 13 “The Voice” contestants for this season are: LB Krew, Mari, Andrew Sevener, Gyth Rigdon, Carter Lloyd Horne, Dexter Roberts, Oliv Blu, Rod Stokes, Jej Vinson, Maelyn Jarmon, Shawn Sounds and Celia Babini.

All the poor contestants that were eliminated are: Betsy Ade (Team Adam), Kendra Checketts (Team Blake), Domenic Haynes (Team Adam), Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly), Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam), Matthew Johnson (Team Kelly), Abby Kasch (Team Kelly), Jacob Maxwell (Team Legend), Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend), Lisa Ramey (Team Legend), Selkii (Team Blake) and Presley Tennant (Team Kelly).

Next week, The Voice is scheduled to eliminate another 5 contestants! So, it’s definitely on now. How do you guys feel about tonight’s results? Are you happy about them? Are you sad, or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned.

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  1. Lana says:

    I definitely have my favorites. If one of them is not chosen, I might even cry this year. Listenened to some performances from Monday night’s performance up to four times.

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