‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Liam Will Confront Thomas Over Hope Affair Scandal This Week

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Liam Will Confront Thomas Over Hope Affair Scandal This Week

Happy Saturday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far. We’ve got some pretty big news for “Bold And The Beautiful” this week. It turns out that we’re abut to see all hell break loose between Liam and Thomas before this week is over. CBS released both written and video spoilers about this. We’ll be taking a look at all of them in this article.

As most of you know, yesterday’s big, week-ending, May 3,2019 episode ended off with Thomas making a pass at Hope, finally revealing to her that he wants her to leave Liam and run off to be with him and young Douglas forever. Hope, of course, pulled back with a “What in the hell?” look on her face.

We’re going to see that heavy, dramatic action carry over into this new week of May 6 to May 10, 2019. As we mentioned in a previous article , Wyatt is going to find out from Sally that Thomas has been plotting to steal Hope away from Liam. After that, Wyatt isn’t going to waste anytime letting Liam know about it. He will quickly call Liam while he’s in Paris and basically tell Liam, “Thomas is trying to make a play for your woman.”

That will, of course, prompt Liam to catch the quickest flight back to Los Angeles so he can get all up in Thomas’ face and tell him where he can stick it!

CBS’ official description for that who scenario reads like this, “Wyatt calls Liam in Paris and reveals that Thomas is brainwashing Hope against him. Thomas is stunned when Liam returns from Paris and confronts him about his actions. Liam rallies to defend his marriage as Thomas expresses that Hope belongs to him.”

Yes, Thomas has indeed lost his marbles. The preview clip features even more crazy storylines. What we found really intriguing about one of them is that Hope is seen telling Thomas that she wants to be apart of his life too! I’m not sure how the producers edited that clip, but it certainly looks like something she shouldn’t be saying in this particular moment. It’s also the way she says it. It looks like she’s actually into what Thomas is doing!

We’ll break down this whole preview clip for you now, and then give you guys a link to it to see for yourselves. The clip starts off with Thomas telling Hope, “You’re the only one for me.” Hope responds by yelling, “I’m married!” Thomas responds by saying, “For now.”

Next, the clip cuts to a scene featuring Wyatt talking about Thomas. Wyatt says, “Who does he think he is, going after my brother’s wife? Then it shows the kiss Thomas gave Hope again. After that, there’s a scene with Liam on the phone screaming, “What?!” This is obviously when Liam gets the news about shady Thomas.

Next, the clip cuts back to Thomas holding a very expensive-looking ring and saying to Hope, “I hope to put this ring on your finger.” Hope is seen responding with, “I want to be a part of your life too.” What?

After that, Liam is spotted back in town with Hope, and he’s seen shouting at Thomas, “This is my wife! My wife! So, all the manipulating stops now!” Thomas doesn’t look like he’s ready to stop. So, this could get very ugly, guys.

The narrative words for this clip read like this, “A bold move ignites an epic battle.” You guys can view the new preview clip I just talked about over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. So, that is one of the big storylines taking place this week. How do you feel about Liam rushing back to town to confront Thomas? Are you excited to see it or what? Let us know in the comments section either on here, Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, Wyatt is going to be so furious at Sally for not telling him about Thomas’ scandal sooner that it will spark a major argument between the two of them, resulting in Sally rushing to move out of his beach house and pretty much breaking up with him! So, that’s another huge, dramatic storyline that will be playing out this week. Get ready, guys. Get ready.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Bold And The Beautiful” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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    Hope needs to be told her baby is alive that will change everything . Thomas has no rights on her.

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