The Bachelorette May 27, 2019 Eliminated Cam, Jonathan Joey & Tyler G (Recap)

The Bachelorette May 27, 2019 Eliminated Cam, Jonathan Joey & Tyler G (Recap)

Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. Tonight, May 27, 2019, the third episode of this 2019 edition did indeed air, and it featured some pretty crazy moments. It all started off with our headlining Bachelorette Hannah Brown taking a couple of the guys out on a group date. She ended up taking them to a class about the female anatomy.

During this class, the men got to participate in such exciting things as taking a quiz about what happens to women while they’re preggers. They also got electric shocks in an effort to mimic what it’s like during the baby delivery process. Seriously though, it looked very painful for the guys.

Later on during the group date cocktail party, Jed talked 1 on 1 with Hannah. He told her such charming things like, “I want more time with you, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it” and so on and so forth. Hannah said, “Ok.” Then they kissed.

Mike was up next. He had a very sad and moving story for Hannah. He ended up telling her about how his ex lost their child when she was pregnant, and he said the group date reminded him of it. Hannah was truly moved by it, and she told Mike that she really liked how he opened up about it. Hannah gave Mike a hug, and they kissed.

This entire time, Cam kept interrupting them like every couple of minutes. He was extremely annoying, and he kept saying, “I have something really important to say” as if Mike didn’t have something important to say. Afterwards, Mike definitely complained to the other guys about how rude Cam was.

When Cam finally got his 1 on 1 time with Hannah, he tried to tell Hannah he lost his job to be there, and that he wanted Hannah to see a serious side of him and so on and so forth. Cam was about to tell her a sob story, but Jonathan came in and totally bullied Cam out of his time with Hannah saying, “What goes around comes around.”

At one point, Peter got 1 on 1 time with Hannah. He said something about how he wanted to be Hannah’s arm candy. It made her laugh enough to give him a kiss. However, Mike was the one who ultimately got the early group date rose.

Next, Connor S got a 1 on 1 date with Hannah. However, Connor later got a letter from Hannah, telling him to come to her hotel suite because she was sick. He brought her flowers and a card. They talked in her bed. He told her about a stroke his mother had and some other deep stuff.

Hannah really liked it, and they kissed. Connor ended up leaving little sticky notes for Hannah that describe what he liked about her. Hannah ,of course, found them and loved them. So later, she took him out for a real 1 on 1 date. Hannah gave him an early rose before they even started their date. From there, they hit up a little, private concert and danced together. It seemed like a very lovely time.

At one point, Hannah mentioned to the private cams that Tyler G had to leave. She was upset about it because he liked how their relationship was going. As we mentioned in a previous article, Tyler G was removed by the producers due to some issues he’s had in previous relationships. The producers thought it was serious enough to immediately get rid of him! Whoa!

Next, Hannah took 8 more guys out on a group date. On this date, the guys did a photo shoot with animals. One guy had to do a photo shoot with a freaking snake!

They did a new segment with one of my favorites from Colton’s season Demi Burnett. That’s right,guys. Crazy Demi was back on the scene to spy on the guys to see what they would do if another girl flirted with them.

Apparently, they got the make up artist to flirt with them a little bit. All of the guys passed the test. They really focused in on Luke Parker aka Luke P because he was the one spitting the most intense stuff to Hannah. Fortunately for him, he proved he was really serious.

However, Luke P proved to be a little too serious. He started feeling some type of way about Hannah flirting with the other guys. Yep, he’s one of these ones who forgot what show he was on. It’s like, “Dude, this is the Bachelorette. This is what happens.”

Anyways, Luke started trying to follow Hannah around every chance he got, and it was noticeably annoying to the point where Hannah really just had to say something. Hannah told Luke P in an aggressive manner, “I will talk to you later. It’s fine.”

But it wasn’t fine. It was far from fine. Hannah was seen telling the private cams that Luke P needs to slow his roll. He isn’t guaranteed this. He’s definitely shown red flags, and it’s very unattractive.

Later on at the group cocktail party, Hannah immediately pulled Luke P aside to basically tell him she’s irritated with him ,and that she thinks he’s being too cocky. Hannah point blank told Luke P, “I need you to stop. You’re not being respectful of the other relationships I have going on.”

Afterwards, Luke revealed to the private cams that he just didn’t get the message. He actually said, “I’m just going to act like that conversation never even happened.” I was like, “What? This has got to be staged. He can’t seriously be this dumb.”

Luke P totally did ignore what Hannah said too. He kept interrupting Hannah’s other conversations and getting in confrontations with other guys about wanting to talk to Hannah. He was totally losing it.

Eventually, Hannah told Luke P, “I don’t want to talk to you right now. I will talk to you later. I want to call the shots.” After that, Luke P started telling the other guys that he’s not sure Hannah is the right one for him anymore ,and he’s on the verge of just walking out. It was crazy talk. Ultimately, Peter received the early, group date rose.

Next, host Chris Harrison told the guys they were having a tailgate party instead of a cocktail party. At this point, we saw Cam tell the other guys, “I need to pull Hannah aside first to tell her something really important. It’s so important that it could end up getting me sent home.” Yeah, it was very weird.

Shortly after that, we saw footage of what Cam had to say that was so freaking important. He told Hannah that he was on the verge of having to get his leg amputated at one point in his life. Then he told her about a puppy that needed to be put in another home. He had a sob story about his mother too. He just went on and on. I thought he was going to stop with the leg story. That was bad enough, but then he just kept going on and on.

Afterwards, Mike told Hannah, “Cam told the guys he was going to tell you a sad story to get a pitty rose.” Hannah didn’t like that, and she eventually pulled Cam aside to confront him about it. He admitted to writing letters to the other guys because he thought he was going home or something. It was really weird and Hannah thought so too. She told Cam, “I need to think about this.”

Next, they showed the rose ceremony footage: Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Dylan, Grant, Luke P, Garrett, John Paul Jones, Matteo, Devin, Luke S and Kevin all received roses to joining Mike, Connor S and Peter who received roses earlier.

That meant Cam, Jonathan and Joey were left with no rose and an exit. That also revealed what conclusion Hannah came to about Cam. But really. It’s not like we didn’t know beforehand.

Anyways, how do you guys feel about the eliminations in tonight’s episode 3? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other. Let us know in the comments section.

Episode 4 is scheduled to air next Monday night, June 3, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest The Bachelorette report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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