The Bachelorette July 8, 2019 Eliminated No One (Episode 9 Recap)

The Bachelorette July 8, 2019 Eliminated No One (Episode 9 Recap)

Hey, “Bachelorette” fans. Tonight, July 8, 2019, a brand new episode did indeed air. It featured the current Bachelorette headliner Hannah Brown visiting multiple cities because it was Hometowns! That’s right, guys. Hannah finally visited her four, final guys in their hometowns.

The episode kicked off with Hannah going to California before she made her little road trip to visit all the final four guys in their individual hometowns.

Next, we saw Hannah visit Peter Weber first. They ended up going on an exciting plane ride.They appeared to be having a really great time. They were seen kissing on the plane at one point. After all of that, Peter took Hannah to mingle with his family.

We saw footage of Peter talking with his parents about how he feels about Hannah. He told them,”I haven’t told her I love her yet, but we’re getting there.” Hannah was seen telling Peter’s brother Jack, “My feelings are on track to end up with Peter.”

Peter’s mother told Hannah,”I know you’re dating three other guys right now. I’m worried for Peter’s heart.” Hannah said, “I wouldn’t let Peter invest his time into me if I wasn’t serious about him.”

Peter’s poor mother accepted that as best as her sensitive heart could. They didn’t show footage of Hannah talking with Peter’s father. I thought that was odd.

Anyways, next up was Tyler C. Hannah went to visit him in Jupiter, Florida. Hannah jumped into Tyler’s arms to greet him, and they kissed. So, they were definitely off to a very good start.

Tyley C and Hannah ended up taking a boat ride. During it, Tyler showed Hannah various locations that he grew up in and so on and so forth. They also talked about his family for a bit. Then they did some kissing and dancing.

After all of that, we finally saw Hannah meet Tyler’s family. At one point, Hannah talked with Tyler’s brothers. They told Hannah that Tyler has really stepped up as a man since their father got sick. So, they really made Tyler look good in Hannah’s eyes.

Tyler’s Dad told Hannah he was shocked to see that Tyler might actually be in love. From the footage they showed, it looked like Hannah and Tyler’s Dad’s conversation went well overall. Hannah gave Tylers father a hug to cap things off. Hannah and Tyler ended their hometown date by heavily making out in the car.

Next, it was off to Gainesville,Florida so Hannah could visit the dreaded Luke P in his hometown. Luke P ended up taking Hannah to a Sunday school meeting with all of his friends so they could pump him up to look like a good guy.

During the meeting, Luke P started telling everyone how all he used to do was party and chase after sex. Then God reached him and changed him and so on and so forth. You guys know the story. It’s the exact same one he’s been pedaling around since the season started.

Hannah expressed that she was happy to finally meet people who do like Luke P. However, she used that as confirmation that he’s a good guy, but she failed to take into consideration that maybe those people only like him because he wasn’t a complete a hole to them like he was to the guys in the house. Geez, is Hannah really this dense? I’m still trying to figure it out.

Anyways, Hannah eventually met Luke P’s family. And even his parents asked Hannah why is Luke here? Apparently, Hannah had explained that Luke P wasn’t really being himself with her this season, and it was frustrating her. Then the sister said, “Thanks for putting up with him.”

Hannah also explained to them how Luke P would come off arrogant at times. The brother and sister said that’s not how Luke really is at all, and they tried to throw in some good words for him because what the hell else are they gonna do? They’re his freaking family.

There was a point where Luke’s mother was seen telling him, “You need to always be yourself and show Hannah your great heart.” Luke said, “I know that’s what I need to do.”

After all that, Luke was seen apologizing to Hannah, once again, for causing her so much struggle on their journey. He also told her,”I love you,” and they kissed very passionately. So, that went well.

Hannah told the private cams of Luke P, “I’m falling in love with him.” That won’t be the tune she’s singing in the next episode. We’ve seen the footage. It’s gonna be good. That’s all I’m going to say right now.

Next, Hannah hit up Knoxville, TN to visit the music guy Jed Wyatt. To get things started, Jed took Hannah to the studio to make and record a song with her about their journey together. Afterwards,Jed told Hannah, “I love you. I can feel it.” Hannah, of course, liked that. So, they were off to a fantastic start.

From there, Hannah met Jed’s family, and this is where things got a little bumpy. Jed’s father was like, “I can’t believe this is happening.” Apparently, they were all about Jed’s music career and not allowing anything else to interfere with that.

Jed told his father of Hannah,”We just clicked, and I really started to fall in love with her.” Jed’s father seemed to accept it. I mean what else could he do?

Jed’s mother came off as very patronizing with Hannah. You could really tell she was just a couple of ticks away from really pissing Hannah off. During their conversation, Jed’s mother, in a very patronizing sort of way, said,”Jed’s just another guy to you, right?”

Hannah said, “No, he’s not. I told Jed I love him.” Then the mother said, “But you’ve told that to the other guys too, right?” Hannah said, “No , I haven’t.” Then the mother said,”Oh, ok. Well that’s good.” Again, it was all in a very patronizing sort of way. Like she wasn’t believing what Hannah was trying to tell her.

The mother also told Hannah she thinks Jed should be on another path right now with is music career and what not. It was just not a good conversation. And if I didn’t know any better, I would think Jed’s mother might have been a little high too.

Hannah was also seen talking with Jed’s sister. She looked very unhappy during their conversation. She told Hannah, “I’m very protective of Jed.” She also said she didn’t think this is right for Jed or something like that.

So, that was definitely not a very positive experience for Hannah, and it definitely brought Jed down a few notches on Hannah’s totem pole. Hannah expressed that she was concerned she will interfere too much in Jed’s music career after speaking with his not-so-cheerful family. Hannah used the words “alarm bells” at one point. That’s never good, right?

Finally, we got to the rose ceremony section of this episode. Hannah had no problems giving Peter and Tyler C their roses. However, when it got down to Jed and Luke P, she panicked all of a sudden.

She had to go talk with host Chris Harrison for a hot minute before gathering herself to come back. She told Chris, “I don’t know what I wanna do.”

When Hannah finally did come back, it was revealed that she just couldn’t decide right now, and just gave them both roses. So, nobody was eliminated in this episode. Hannah will be taking four guys to the overnight dates.

A very upset Jed told the private cams, “I don’t feel like I got a rose tonight. It came down to me and a complete scumbag (Luke P). To feel like a toss up between him and me now. I honestly don’t know how to feel about all this.”

So again, Jed was feeling real ticked off about how this rose ceremony tuned out, and you best believe we’ll see him address it in the next episode. It’s scheduled to air next Monday night, July 15, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

How do you guys feel about Hannah taking all four of these guys to the overnight dates? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned.

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