‘America’s Got Talent’ August 13, 2019 Quarterfinals Live Performances Revealed (Recap)

‘America’s Got Talent’ August 13, 2019 Quarterfinals Live Performances Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “America’s Got Talent” fans. Tonight, August 13, 2019, the first of the LIVE shows did indeed air. This is the quarterfinal round. All the judges: Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell were on hand to give their critiques, but the contestants are now competing for America’s votes.

12 acts performed tonight. Up first was the GForce teen girl group from Canada. After their performance, Howie told them, “I’m filled with girl power.” Gabrielle said, “I’m proud. You rocked it.” Julianne said, “I love your individuality.” Simon said, “You’re fearless, but I didn’t like the song. Bring a better song if you make it to the next round.”

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Comedian Greg Morton was up next. After his routine, Gabrielle told Greg, “You bring everyone back to their childhoods.” Julianne said, “You are activating our imagination. You’re a true artist.”

Simon said, “I was worried if you could own the stage. You proved me wrong. It’s a step up. I hope the audience shows you the money with their votes.”

Next, singer Carmen Carter sang “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. Afterwards,Simon said, “I was hesitant about the song choice at the beginning, but I was on board with it by the end.”

Gabrielle said, “You made us all believers.” Julianne said, “You put your Carmen twist on it.” Howie said, “I didn’t like the song choice.”

The Emerald Belles, teen “high kick” dance team hit the stage next. After their performance, Gabrielle told them, “You guys killed it!” Howie said, “The production elevated your performance. You blew the roof off. Spectacular.”

Julianne said, “I think you stepped it up. You’re better together.” Simon said, “You define what AGT is all about. Hard work and ambition.”

15 year old singer Sophie Peccora arrived on stage next. After her performance, Julianne told Sophie,”You speak truth,” Howie said, “You’re the most important thing on this stage so far.” Gabrielle said, “You’re poignant and important. You are such a rock star.” Simon said, “I love your simplicity. It was an immaculate performance. I’m slightly in awe of you.”

Next, the Messoudi Brothers hit the stage. They are hand balancers. After their performance, Gabrielle told them, “Sexy good job guys.” Julianne said, “I feel anxiety watching you. I love the danger and risk factor.” Simon said, “I want something even more dangerous. A tank full of piranhas.”

The military singing group ,Voices of Service, arrived next. They sang, “Fire” by Gavin DeGraw. Afterwards, Howie told them, “I thank you for your service and talent.” Simon said,”You’re inspirational. I think the public is going to vote you into the later rounds.” Gabrielle said,”Your voices are a blessing for folks who are facing trauma.” Julianne said, “We are one tribe.”

Next, 12 year old soul singer Ansley Burns hit the stage. She sang a country song called, “Swinging.” After her performance, Simon told Ansley, “The internet hated me after I cut you. I admit that I didn’t like the song, but I think you have a great voice and personality. You’re a little fighter.”

Julianne said, “Never stop believing in yourself.” Howie said, “I’m thrilled you’re back. You make the world smile.” Apparently, Ansley was cut during the second round, but was able to return as wild card pick.

Backlight Painter Alex Dowis arrived on stage next. After his performance, Simon told Alex, “It felt too much like being in a science museum. I didn’t feel it emotionally.” Gabrielle said,” It was beautiful. If Banksy and Darwin had a child, it would be you.” Julianne said, “Your depiction of the history of time is magical.”

Next, 12 year old singer Luke Islam showed up to sing, “You Will Be Found” by Evan Hansen. Afterwards, Julianne told Luke, “I’m so proud of you. That voice is undeniable,” Simon said, “you have great confidence and poise. You’ve done yourself really proud,” Howie said, “You’ll be starring on a Broadway stage.”

One of the danger acts Bir Khalsa was up next. They did some blindfolded chainsaw, fruit cutting stuff. One of the guys could have lost his life if anything went wrong!

Afterwards, Simon told them, “It was fantastically crazy and dangerous.” Howie said, “This is everything I love about this show.” Gabrielle said “You knocked it out of the park.”

Lastly, Kodi Lee hit the stage. He’s a singer and pianist. He performed, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Afterwards, Gabrielle told Kodi, “You changed the world. We have to stop putting limits on our children.” Simon said, “You continually amaze me. We are nothing without people like you.”

And that was it for tonight’s first, LIVE performances of the season. Sadly, five of the acts will get eliminated in tomorrow night’s August 14, 2019 results show. It’s scheduled to air at approximately 7 pm central standard time on NBC.

You guys can view highlights of tonight’s August 13, 2019 LIVE performances on the official Youtube channel for “America’s Got Talent” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “America’s Got Talent” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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