911 AKA 9-1-1 Spoilers For Season 3, October 14, 2019 Episode 4 Revealed

911 AKA 9-1-1 Spoilers For Season 3, October 14, 2019 Episode 4 Revealed

Hey, “9-1-1” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed watching tonight’s intense episode 3. Now that it has come and gone, it’s time to see what the 118 crew will be up to in the next,new episode 4 when it arrives next week.

FOX was quite generous with their official storyline teasers for episode 4. So, we will certainly be using those to reveal what’s coming up.

To get this spoiler party started, we do have the official title for episode 4. It is called, “Triggers.” They kept the title nice and short for this one.

Episode 4 sounds like it will feature some very intense, action-filled, super dramatic, emotional and interesting scenes as a bunch of high-rise workers are in major danger! An extreme car accident takes place.

Fighting drama goes down between siblings! Bobby gets startling news! Eddie helps out Christopher. Karen and Hen have a big debate! Maddie decides to go up against a possible wife abuser and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the high-rise workers situation. It turns out that some workers in a high-rise will participate in a fire drill at some point.

Apparently, something will go terribly wrong as first responders will have to race against time in an attempt to rescue these workers! FOX’s official description tells us, “The first responders race to save workers in a high-rise during a fire drill.”

Will these workers get rescued before it’s too late? That’s the burning question for this particular scenario. We’ll definitely have to wait and see. One thing that is for sure is this scene will feature some extreme suspense and drama for you guys to look forward to. So, get prepped for it in episode 4.

Next up, we have spoiler teaser number 2. It reveals that the first responders will also have their hands very full with two other situations. A mother and her sons will get involved in what is described as being a perilous car accident!

Then there’s going to be a couple of siblings that end up fighting over a friggin family heirloom! FOX’s description reads like this,”A mother and her sons are involved in a perilous car accident, and squabbling siblings fight over a family heirloom.”

Will the first responders be able to clear up all of these messes? That’s a big question for these particular plotlines. Only time will tell because FOX didn’t give away that important info. We’re definitely sure you guys will get another round of dramatic moments from these scenarios though. There’s no doubt about that.

The 3rd spoiler scoop reveals that Buck and Bobby will have a pretty big scene in this installment. At some point, Buck is going to spring some news on Bobby that totally throws him in a tailspin! FOX’s description tells us,”Buck delivers surprising news to Bobby.”

What will this shocking news turn out to be? That’s the very important question for this storyline. We’re not sure, but we do know that the team will end up feeling betrayed by Buck in episode 5 because he’s going to file a lawsuit against the city. So, look for Buck’s ongoing storyline to head in that dramatic direction.

A 4th spoiler teaser for episode 4 reveals that Eddie and Christoper will have a pretty close moment. At some point, we’ll see Eddie sit down with Christopher and help him deal with all the trauma he faced during that wicked tsunami incident. FOX’s description for that scenario reads like this, “Eddie helps Christopher cope with the trauma of the tsunami.”

It sounds like this scene will be pretty straight forward. We don’t expect to see any surprising twists or anything like that with this here.

The 5th spoiler scoop reveals that Karen and Hen will have a very serious conversation at some point. This important conversation will feature them debating whether or not they want to have a bigger family. FOX’s description tells us, “Hen and Karen debate expanding their family.”

What will they ultimately decide to do? That’s the big question for their ongoing storyline. Hopefully, that question will get answered possibly in this episode.

Lastly, there is a 6th and final spoiler teaser. It reveals that a possible wife abuser is out on the loose, and Maddie will certainly decide to take some serious action against this despicable human being. FOX’s description tells us, “Maddie decides to take action against a possible wife abuser.”

This definitely sounds like a scene that could offer up some very intense and possible dramatic moments. So, be on the lookout for that in episode 4.

Episode 4 will feature quite a few guest stars. They are: Ronda Rousey as character Lena Bosko; Tracie Thomas as character Karen Wilson; Declan Platt as character Denny Wilson; Bryan Safi as character Josh Russo; Scott Wilder as character Alan; Jordan Belfi as character Chase Mackey; Jonathan Ohye as character Dr. Lin; Paula Jai Parker as character Judith Spivey; Aiden Berryman as character Camden and Jonny Berryman as character Jonny.

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 4 are: Angela Bassett as character Athena Grant; Peter Krause as character Bobby Nash; Jennifer Love Hewitt as character Maddie Kendall; Oliver Stark as character Evan “Buck” Buckley; Kenneth Choi as character Howie “Chimney” Han; Aisha Hinds as character Henrietta “Hen” Wilson; Rockmond Dunbar as character Michael Grant; Ryan Guzman as character Eddie Diaz; Corinne Massiah as character May Grant; Marcanthonee Jon Reis as character Harry Grant; Gavin McHugh as character Christopher Diaz

FOX’s press release confirmed that episode 4 is indeed scheduled to air next Monday night, October 14, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “9-1-1” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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