‘NCIS New Orleans’ Spoilers For Season 6, November 12, 2019 Episode 7 Revealed

‘NCIS New Orleans’ Spoilers For Season 6, November 12, 2019 Episode 7 Revealed

Hey, “NCIS: New Orleans” fans. We are back to let you guys know what’s about to go down in the next, new episode 7 that’s due out next week. Thanks to CBS’ latest press release, we do have a very heavy teaser description for episode 7 to tell you about.

We’ve also got a couple of preview photos for episode 7 to go over. We’ll also give you guys a link to those photos so you can see them for yourselves. So, let’s get this spoiler session started. ‘

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First thing’s first, the title for episode 7 is called, ““Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom.” That is a very fitting title for this episode because things will definitely go boom in it.

It sounds like episode 7 will feature some very dramatic, super intense, dangerous and possible action-filled scenes.

In the new episode 6, a natural gas explosion is going to end up taking place at some movie theater. This will ,no doubt, cause the NCIS: New Orleans team to hop on this case to investigate.

During their investigation, the NCIS team will end up finding out some very serious information that could lead to even more danger. Apparently, what they find is that the gas company has actually been hacked. If that’s the case, more explosions could get set off!

CBS’ official description for episode 7 reads like this, “Following a natural gas explosion at a movie theater, the NCIS team discovers the gas company has been hacked and more explosions could be triggered.”

Will the NCIS: New Orleans team be able to track down this hacking culprit before more explosions are set off? That’s a very important question for this particular storyline.

Whatever the case, it certainly sounds like this episode will feature some possible hardcore action and heavy, dramatic scenes for you guys to look forward to. So, definitely get prepped for this one.

The new preview photos for episode 7 features Patton and Tammy in some pretty serious-looking scenes. Hannah, Sebastian and Loretta are spotted in a big investigation scene together.

That explosion definitely left quite a mess in this scene as you can imagine an explosion would. Agent Pride is spotted in a couple of the photos. He looks pretty serious in them.

You guys can view all the preview photos for episode 7 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

Surprisingly, episode 7 will feature absolutely no guest stars or recurring stars.

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 7 are: Scott Bakula as character (NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride), Lucas Black as character (NCIS Special Agent Christopher Lasalle), Vanessa Ferlito as character (NCIS Special Agent Tammy Gregorio), Necar Zadegan as character (NCIS Special Agent Hannah Khoury), Rob Kerkovich as character (Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund), Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as character (Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plame) and CCH Pounder as character (Jefferson Parish Coroner Doctor Loretta Wade)

Episode 7 was written by Talicia Raggs, and it was directed by Mary Lou Belli. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 7 is indeed scheduled to air next Tuesday night, November 12, 2019 at approximately 9 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “NCIS: New Orleans” TV show report, but definitely stay tune for more.

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