New ‘All American’ Spoilers For Season 2, November 18, 2019 Episode 6 Revealed

New ‘All American’ Spoilers For Season 2, November 18, 2019 Episode 6 Revealed

Hey, “All American” fans. We hope you guys got a kick out of watching episode 5. Now that it’s officially in the history books, we’ve got a new set of spoiler scoops to deliver for the next, new episode 6.

Thanks to the lovely CW folks, we’ve got quite a few episode 6 teaser descriptions to tell you about. We also have a new preview clip for episode 6. So, let’s jump straight into it.

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For starters, episode 6 is officially titled, “Hard Knock Life.” Episode 6 sounds like it will feature some very interesting, intense, dramatic and possible shocking scenes as a big rematch game takes place!

Jordan comes to a big realization. Olivia and Asher try to figure out their future. Coop gets startled by something she hears and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the big rematch game situation. It turns out that there will be a big exhibition 7-on-7 rematch game between the Beverly Eagles and South Crenshaw.

This rematch game is going to bring along with it some heavy tensions for all the players involved. However, Darnell is going to make it even more intense when he offers up a bet to Spencer that he apparently won’t be able to turn down.

CW’s official description tells us, “An exhibition 7-on-7 rematch of the Beverly Eagles vs. South Crenshaw creates tension for all the players, but especially when Darnell (guest star Chad Coleman) proposes a bet that Spencer (Daniel Ezra) can’t refuse.”

What will this Darnell bet entail? That’s a huge question for this particular storyline. We’re not sure, but we are officially hearing that Darnell, Spencer, Grace and Dillon will eventually go looking for Corey when they find out why he really left. Look for that to happen in episode 7.

The second spoiler for episode 6 reveals that Jordan is going to have another very serious moment in this episode. Apparently, he will realize that he really needs help. So much, in fact, that he will turn to both Billy and Laura for support!

CW’s description tells us, “Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) realizes that he needs help and turns to Billy (Taye Diggs) and Laura (Monet Mazur) for support.”

What will have Jordan in such a panic this time? Whatever it is, we know it will require a therapist of some sort because Billy will take the family to one in episode 7. So, look for that new development to play out very soon.

The 3rd spoiler teaser reveals that Olivia and Asher will be trying to deepen their thinking processes in this episode.

At some point, they will try to figure out what their future means. CW’s description for that scenario reads like this, “Olivia (Samantha Logan) and Asher (Cody Christiansen) are trying to figure out what the future for them means.”

What will Asher and Olivia ultimately discover? That’s a huge question for this particular storyline. We’ll definitely have to wait and see. It certainly sounds like this storyline could feature some possible emotional scenes to look forward to.

Lastly, we’ve got a 4th spoiler teaser. It reveals that Coop will encounter a very shocking moment in this episode.

At some point, Coop will turn to Layla to get some help with one of her songs. Coop will also be looking to set a good impression on Layla’s father. However, Coop will end up hearing something that totally catches her off guard!

CW’s description tells us, “Coop (Bre-Z) turns to Layla (Greta Onieogou) for help with her song and to get in good with Layla’s dad, but Coop isn’t prepared for what she hears.”

What is this shocking thing that that will end up rattling Coop? That’s another big question we hope to see get answered in this episode.

The new preview clip for episode 6 features Billy saying, “I warned you there was too much bad blood to play that game.”

After that, the scene cuts to Asher getting into it with a couple of South Crenshaw players when they call him a white boy and tell him to settle down.

Olivia is seen telling Jordan, “She’s about to have your child.” So, that is what the big fuss Jordan is going to make in this episode.

The clip caps off with Laura telling Billy, “You clearly think I can’t handle the kids. Take the reigns, Billy. They’re all yours.”

It definitely looks like it’ll be another intense one. You guys can view the new preview clip for episode 6 over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Episode 6 will also feature Karimah Westbrook as character Grace James and Jalyn Hall as character Dillon James.

Episode 6 was directed by Kristin Windell, and it was written by J. Stone Alston and Michael Bhim.

The CW’s press release confirmed that episode 6 is indeed scheduled to air this Monday night, November 18, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “All American” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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