New ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For December 9, 2019 Episode Revealed

New ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For December 9, 2019 Episode Revealed

Happy Friday and weekend, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. Yes, it’s true. We have reached the end of another week. Pat yourselves on the back for that. In light of this, we’re about to hit you guys with some brand new spoiler scoops for next week’s opening episode, which is the December 9, 2019 installment.

Update: This episode was delayed/preempted today, December 9, 2019 by NBC in most USA time zones due to more of the Donald Trump impeachment hearings. Find out more about it in this article by Clicking Here.

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Thanks to the NBC folks, we do have another set of 4, new teaser descriptions for the December 9, 2019 episode. So, with no further ado, we’re going to just jump straight into it.

For starters, it sounds like Monday’s, new, week-starting, December 9, 2019 episode will feature some very intense, dramatic, interesting, startling and possible emotional scenes as JJ confronts the hell out of Kristen!

Abigail takes Jennifer back to the scene of her almost deadly balcony push! Chad makes a big confession to Kate. Lani gets a big shocker from Eli and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the JJ and Kristen situation. It turns out that JJ will indeed come face to face with Kristen in this episode, and things will certainly get intense between the two of them. JJ is going to totally confront Kristen in regards to Haley’s death!

NBC’s official description tells us, “JJ confronts Kristen about Haley’s death.” An alternate description reads like this, “A fiery J.J.’s intense confrontation with Kristen nearly burns out of control.”

As we previously reported in past articles, we’re going to see Lani jump right in the middle of this huge argument at some point and try to talk JJ down from going off on Kristen.

The official spoiler teaser for that scenario reads like this, “Lani makes a huge appeal to JJ to spare Kristen.” You guys can expect to see that happen in the December 10, 2019 episode. We expect this arc to deliver a ton of drama for you guys to look forward to. So, definitely get prepared for it.

The second spoiler scoop reveals that Abigail will step up her investigative game in this episode. At some point, she’s going to drag Jennifer back to the scene of where she was pushed off the balcony in an attempt to jog her friggin memory.

NBC’s description tells us, “Abigail brings Jennifer back to the scene of the crime to jog her memory.” An alternate description reads like this, “Abigail becomes a royal pain for Princess Gina when she brings Jennifer back to the balcony in hopes her mother will remember the fall.”

Will Abigail’s radical methods work to help Jennifer remember? That’s a huge question for this particular storyline. We’re not sure if it will, but we do know that Hope will certainly be tempted to kill off Abigail at some point.

Also, the pressure will get so intense for Hope aka Princess Gina that she will eventually start making plans to get the hell out of Salem! Expect all of this to play out by the time the December 13, 2019 episode rolls around.

The 3rd spoiler teaser reveals that Chad will have a very serious-sounding moment with Kate in Monday’s episode. At some point, Chad will confess to Kate that he’s been talking with his father. NBC’s description tells us, “Chad admits to Kate he’s been in contact with his father.”

How will Kate react to this news from Chad? That’s a big question we expect to see get answered in this episode. We do have some additional info for Kate’s character.

We’re officially hearing that Kate’s secret will eventually get revealed in the December 10, 2019 episode. Then later on in the December 12, 2019 episode, we will see Katy totally go off on Sonny after she finds out he kissed Evan! So, look for that intense drama to happen in the very near future.

Lastly, there’s a 4th teaser description. It lets us know that Lani will get a huge shocker thrown in her direction in this episode. At some point, Lani will find out that Eli is now in a relationship with friggin Gabi! NBC’s description tells us,”Lani is stunned to learn Eli’s in a relationship with Gabi.”

Will Lani ever be able to retaliate against Gabi over the crap she’s pulled? That’s the major question for this ongoing storyline. Only time will tell at this point. For now, she’s totally getting away with it. We definitely hope that Gabi gets her just due at some point in the future.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler teasers we could hunt down for Monday’s new December 9, 2019 episode, but certainly expect to see other scenes play out that were not mentioned here.

“Days Of Our Lives” airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12 pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned.

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