‘Survivor’ December 11, 2019 Voted Off Elaine Scott, And Dan Spilo Was Kicked Off (Recap)

‘Survivor’ December 11, 2019 Voted Off Elaine Scott, And Dan Spilo Was Kicked Off (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, December 11, 2019, another new episode of your favorite reality show did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant did get sent packing. Plus, another very unexpected twist popped up at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Tommy talking about how appreciative he was that Dean warned him he was a target at the last tribal council meeting. Tommy said, Noura almost screwed up their entire plan at the last tribal council.

Noura tried to plead for forgiveness from Tommy, but Tommy told the private cams, “I’m so agitated by Noura that I want nothing else to do with her.”

Meanwhile, Nora kept complaining about how awful she thought Dean was for ratting her out at the last tribal council.

Elaine, Janet and Tommy went searching for a hidden immunity idol. Janet ended up finding it. The paperwork that was included with the idol told Janet she could use it up until there are only 5 players left in the game.

Dean and Elaine noticed that Janet found the idol because she was talking with Tommy about it right out in the open, reading and staring at the note.

Elaine expressed that she thinks she’s the next target. So, she started campaigning to save her butt. She started working on Lauren by basically telling her she’s on the bottom of the alliance with Tommy, Dean and Dan.

Tommy told Lauren otherwise, but to the private cams, Tommy definitely said they need to get rid of Lauren first in their alliance.

Next, Dean got randomly drawn to go to the “Island Of The Idols” to see Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz. Dean revealed to them that he actually made a fake of the fake Legacy advantage, and asked them if the Legacy advantage was real.

Rob and Sandra told Dean that only host Jeff Probst could tell him that. So, Dean was still left pondering if that Legacy advantage that Jamal gave him was fake. Even worse, Dean revealed that he was still trying to form plans around using the Legacy advantage, and they weren’t very good plans either.

He was talking about possibly getting everyone to vote him out and then using the Legacy advantage! Rob told the private cams it’s never a good idea to try and get people to vote you out under any circumstance. That is truly very wise and sage advice.

Next, Rob revealed the lesson he had for Dean. It was jury management. They gave Dean a big lecture about how he needs to think about how he’s going to get the jury to believe he should win the money if he makes it to the end.

After their lecture, Rob gave Dean his test. It was about just straight up taking a chance. They offered him a chance to risk his next tribal council vote on a flip of a coin.

If the flip said yes, Dean would win the reward of his choice, which was either an extra vote, an idol nullifier or an immunity idol that’s good for the next two tribal councils, which cannot be played for himself.

Dean chose to play for the idol nullifier reward because he knows Janet found an immunity idol. Dean ended up winning the coin toss for the idol nullifier.

After that, Dean told everyone he lost the Boston Rob test and lost his vote at the next tribal council meeting. However in secret, Dean told Tommy, Lauren and Dan that he really won the test and the idol nullifier.

After that footage, Tommy was seen telling the private cams, “I was not aware of how much Dean is really playing this game. He’s usually pretty quiet around camp. He’s got me a little scared now. Maybe he needs to go next.”

Next, they showed the immunity challenge. In it, they had to make it through another obstacle course and solve a Survivor word puzzle for the win. Dean won it. So, he was safe from elimination at this tribal council to go along with his idol nullifier and fake Legacy advantage.

Elaine was pissed because she felt she almost had the win. Then she immediately said she wanted to vote Noura out. Tommy revealed that plan A was to vote out Elaine ,and Noura is the back up.

However, Lauren expressed some doubt in Tommy and Dan. So, she went to talk to Elaine who was pitching for Noura to go.

Lauren definitely started thinking about possibly voting out Noura. Lauren went and told Janet we need to worry about Noura. So, that got Janet to start contemplating voting Noura out instead, heading into tribal council.

At tribal council, Elaine campaigned very hard for Noura to go. Elaine pitched the argument, “It’s better to keep me around because I’m the next target to go. Noura’s a wild card.”

Lauren mentioned that Elaine made some very valid points, and that they have her thinking about her position in the game. Noura said she understood that Elaine needs to do whatever she can to stay in the game at this point. Elaine said, “I’m just stating facts.”

After all of that and the voting, host Jeff Probst revealed that Noura received 2 votes, and Elaine got 4 votes. So, by a vote of 4-2, poor Elaine was finally voted off the island. She handled it well. She gave Jeff a hug and told everyone, “I love ya’ll” with that southern twang of hers.

But that wasn’t it, guys. No, no, no. There was an interesting twist left to be revealed. After the tribal council meeting, Jeff went and told everyone that a decision has been made. Dan is gone, and he won’t be returning, not even for the finale! Whoa! Wait! What?

After that, they showed a message on the screen explaining that Dan was removed from the game due to “a report of another incident that happened off-camera. It didn’t involve another player.”

Judging from that message, it sounds like Dan may have gotten in trouble with someone from production or something. We have no idea since they didn’t say exactly what happened. All we know is Dan is officially gone for good from this season, and he won’t be back for anything!

So, with all that said, Elaine was voted off, and Dan was removed for whatever reason in tonight’s December 11, 2019 episode. How do you guys feel about that? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 39 episode will indeed be the finale episode. It’s scheduled to air next Wednesday night, December 18, 2019, starting at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

It’s going to last for 2 hours. Then in that 3rd hour, we will see the LIVE, in-studio reunion of the entire cast and all of that good stuff.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Susan lund says:

    I Would like to know more details about what happened Thank you

  2. Deborah McNall says:

    I think they should bring Elaine back. Dan’s vote should not count and they should bring her back. The whole power structure is now different.

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