‘Survivor’ December 18, 2019 Tommy Sheehan Won It All In The Finale (Recap)

‘Survivor’ December 18, 2019 Tommy Sheehan Won It All In The Finale (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, December 18, 2019, The huge, two-hour finale of Survivor season 39 did indeed air ,and a winner was revealed.

Tonight’s finale episode kicked off with the remaining contestants taken on a boat to the “Island Of The Idols” together to visit Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz.

Rob told them all they will now live in a house that he and Sandra made for the remainder of the game. After that, Rob and Sandra finally left for good, but they did leave them with one more test, which Tommy would soon discover.

The final contestants got to enjoy a big feast of food. Noura told the private cams she wanted to get rid of Dean next.

Next, Tommy was seen finding a Machete clue on a piece of cloth that Rob and Sandra left behind. Then he searched around and found and actual machete knife.He used it to open up a coconut, but it was just pink inside. Tommy said he was color blind. So, he went and got Dean to help him figure out the clue.

Tommy kept searching for other clues. He found one with an H symbol, but he couldn’t figure out where to look next. So, he told Dean about this clue. Dean told the private cams, “Tommy should’ve never told me about the clue.”

Dean eventually figured out that there was a swing shaped like the H symbol, and that eventually led him to find the hidden immunity idol. When Dean found it, he said, “I’m never telling Tommy about it. I’m using this for me”

Next, we saw the first immunity challenge of this episode. In it, they had to use a pole to knock down seven pieces of rope. Then they had to use the rope to build a rope latter. Then they had to climb the rope latter to get on a platform.

Once there, they had to move a bag of balls up another latter apparatus. Next, they untied the balls, and they had to work two of the balls into two holes on a maze table for the win.

Dean ended up winning it to guarantee himself a spot in the final 4. Dean also won a reward, which was lunch that consisted of steak, baked potatoes, salad and more. He got to pick one other person to go with him, and he chose Noura so he could try to work her over.

During their lunch, Noura was impressed with Dean. She told Dean how grateful she was to him for picking her. Noura told the private cams. “Dean is cute and he’s growing on me.”

Meanwhile, Dean told the private cams he just wants to use Noura to get to a final 3. He negotiated with her to take each other to the final 3 if they won the next immunity challenge. Noura said, “We need to get Janet out next,” and they agreed on it.

Janet told Tommy that she’s ready to use her immunity idol. She said, “put all the votes on me, and I will vote out Lauren.” Tommy made it seem like he agreed with her.

However, Tommy told the private cams, “I need to get Janet out.” So, Tommy told Lauren all about Janet’s plan and that Dean has the idol nullifier to stop Janet’s immunity idol. So, both Tommy and Lauren campaigned to Dean for him to use his idol nullifier on Janet.

Dean told Tommy, Lauren is a bigger threat than Janet heading into tribal council. At tribal council, they talked game for a bit, but nothing significant really stood out.

Finally, after they casts their votes, Janet played her immunity idol. Then Jeff revealed that Dean’s idol nullifier was indeed played on Janet! So, Janet’s immunity idol was no good. Poor Janet.

Surely enough, Janet got 3 votes, and Lauren only got 1 vote. So, Janet did indeed get roughed up and voted out with a major, idol nullifier blindside. Ouch!

Next, Tommy tried to make a deal with Noura, telling her he would take her to the final 3. Right after that, we saw the last immunity challenge of this season.

In it, they had to gently spell “Island Of The Idols” by setting lettered block pieces on an apparatus without them dropping. Noura won it to guarantee herself a spot in the final 3.

Afterwards, after much talking, Noura told Lauren and Dean she’s taking Tommy. So, Lauren and Dean had to go head to head against each other in a fire-making challenge to make it to the final 3.

Lauren ran off and cried while Dean practiced making fire. Tommy was seen teaching Lauren how to make fire. However, he also taught Dean how to make fire just to make sure all his bases were covered.

Lauren and Noura got into a big argument because Lauren was fiercely ticked off at Noura for not choosing her to go to the finals.

Apparently, Noura kept saying Lauren was her number one in this game, but she turned around and put her up against Dean to make fire. Lauren couldn’t understand or buy that reasoning.

At tribal council, Noura and Lauren argued some more. Lauren told Noura, “I don’t understand the concept of you saying I’m your number one in this game, and you taking me out. I will never accept that.”

Eventually, Noura revealed that she’s officially picking Dean and Lauren to make fire because she needs somebody to take out Lauren.

During the fire challenge, Dean got off to a quick start. Lauren caught up to Dean for a second, but Dean eventually built his fire up high enough to burn the rope before Lauren.

So,Dean won to make it into the final 3. Afterwards, Lauren admitted that Noura was right for getting rid of her because most of the jury does like her. Lauren said of Noura, “I just wish she wouldn’t have figured it out.”

After all of that, Noura, Tommy and Dean celebrated making it to the final three with more delicious food. Tommy and Noura were seen plotting to destroy Dean’s game with their final speeches at the last tribal council.

At the last tribal council, Tommy tried to pitch that he wanted to make everyone feel that they could work with him like he does his real life students.

Dean said he just tried to stay D-chill. Never go overboard in any aspect of the game and never promise anything he can’t deliver. He also brought up how much better he was at challenges than Tommy was.

He said he was blinged out at final 5 with idols and what not. He brought up how he stole that last hidden immunity idol from Tommy. The jury definitely seemed impressed by that.

And Noura was just all over the place. She said something about wanting to get to know everyone in her own special way, and to play her own game. It was lame whatever it was. No one was ever really considering voting for Noura to win. It really was between Dean and Tommy at this point.

After Tommy, Noura and Dean’s speeches, the votes were finally cast. Then they showed host Jeff Probst read them off in tonight’s LIVE show.

Jeff read them until it was revealed that Tommy had 6 votes to Dean’s 2 votes. At that point, Tommy had enough to win the whole thing! So, Tommy Sheehan is your new winner for Survivor season 39!

Congrats to Tommy. Jeff revealed that Tommy received all the rest of the votes, and Dean only had 2 votes. Of course, no one voted for Noura to win. So, no surprises there.

How do you guys feel about Tommy Sheehan winning Survivor season 39? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The brand new Survivor season 40 was revealed by Jeff Probst to premiere on February 12, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It is titled, “Winners At War.” It’s going to feature a much anticipated all former winners competing for not just $1 million dollars, but a whopping $2 million dollars!

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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