911 AKA 9-1-1 Spoilers For Season 3, May 4, 2020 Episode 17 Revealed

911 AKA 9-1-1 Spoilers For Season 3, May 4, 2020 Episode 17 Revealed

Hey, “9-1-1” fans. We hope you guys had a blast watching episode 16. Now that it’s officially in the can, it’s time for us to tell you guys what the brand new episode 17 will have in store for you when it arrives next Monday night, May 4, 2020.

We were able to track down a couple of teaser descriptions for episode 17 via FOX’s official episode 17 press release. So, that will certainly be our source we’re working with for this spoiler session. Let’s get into it.

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For starters, the episode 17 press release lets us know that episode 17 is officially titled, “Powerless.”

It sounds like the new episode 17 will feature some more very intense, dramatic, suspenseful and action-filled scenes as the 118 crew races against time to rescue a little girl! Athena’s life gets put in danger again and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the 118 crew’s intense situations. It turns out that the 118 crew will indeed get another call for help. Actually, they will get two calls for help.

The first one will involve a poor little girl that has gotten stuck on a runaway, hot-air balloon! That’s right, guys. This poor little girl will be sailing away to only God knows where if the 118 crew doesn’t get to her in time to rescue her.

So, that’s exactly what they’ll be trying to do in an extreme race against the clock! The 118 team will also have to deal with a city power outage that was caused by a tree-trimmer truck that got friggin hijacked!

FOX’s official description to these new set of 118, 911 calls reads like this, “The 118 races to rescue a little girl in a runaway hot air balloon and help with a city power outage caused by a hijacked tree-trimmer truck.”

Will the 118 crew be able to handle this new set of major problems that have been thrown at them? That is the burning question we’ll be looking to see get answered before the hour is up in next week’s new installment.

Whatever the case, we’re quite sure these storylines will feature a ton of major action, drama and suspense to last a lifetime. So, get ready for it.

The second and last teaser description lets us know that Athena will be up to some very serious stuff in this episode. At some point, we will see Athena take a deeper look into a serial rapist case, and it’s totally going to put her life in extreme danger! Oh, no!

FOX’s description for this dangerous investigation tells us, “Athena’s investigation into the serial rapist case puts her life in jeopardy.” An alternate description reads like this,”ATHENA’S INVESTIGATION PUTS HER LIFE IN JEOPARDY.”

Will Athena get out of this crazy investigation with her life still intact. That is another very important question for this particular plotline. Whatever the case, we certainly think this storyline will offer up another set of major drama and suspense for you guys when next Monday gets here. There is no doubt about it.

Episode 17 will feature a whole slew of guest stars. They are: Tracie Thoms as character Karen Wilson; John Harlan Kim as character Albert; Bryan Safi as character Josh Russo; Ashwin Gore as character Jamal Momed; Scottie Thompson as character Suzanne Barker; Austyn Johnson as character Sophie Barker, Adam Wang as character Nick Cameron; Patrick Robert Smith as character Gabe.

Guest stars continued: Sasha Roiz as character Det. Lou Ransone; Gigi Zumbado as character Officer Diane Stafford; Noah Bean as character Jeffery Hudson; Gabriela Fresquez as character Joan Bailey; Ashley Gallegos as character Michelle Rivera; Sara Young Chandler as character Collen Temple; Melanie Hawkins as character Alexis Ward; Rachael Perrell Fosket as character Zoey Simmons, Gigi Rice as character Tammy Felton.

Guest stars continued: Carlos J Castillo as character Hank; O’Neil Cespedes as character Arthur; Romeo Brown as character Gordon Johnson; La Monde Byrd as character Doctor Hale; Chris Wu as character Officer Williams; Sal Viscuso as character Anton; Amy Waller as character Margot and Dante Brown as character Darius.

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 17 are: Angela Bassett as character Athena Grant; Peter Krause as character Bobby Nash; Jennifer Love Hewitt as character Maddie Kendall; Oliver Stark as character Evan “Buck” Buckley; Kenneth Choi as character Howie “Chimney” Han; Aisha Hinds as character Henrietta “Hen” Wilson.

Season regulars continued: Ryan Guzman as character Eddie Diaz; Rockmond Dunbar as character Michael Grant; Corinne Massiah as character May Grant; Marcanthonee Jon Reis as character Harry Grant and Gavin McHugh as character Christopher Diaz.

FOX’s press release confirmed that the next, new episode 17 of “9-1-1” season 3 is indeed scheduled to air next Monday night, May 4, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “9-1-1” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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