New Lovecraft Country Spoilers For Season 1, October 18, 2020 Finale Episode 10 Revealed

New Lovecraft Country Spoilers For Season 1, October 18, 2020 Finale Episode 10 Revealed

Hey, “Lovecraft Country” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed episode 9 tonight. Now that it’s all wrapped up and in the history books, we are back on here to tell you how this first season of Lovecraft Country will conclude in next week’s new, season 1 finale episode 10. That’s right, guys. Episode 10 will indeed be the last episode of this current season 1.

Once again, HBO has not yet released the official press release for episode 10, but they have released the official preview clip for it. So, we’re getting the spoilers for this article from the episode 10 preview clip. Let’s get into it.

For starters, HBO has revealed the official title for episode 10. It’s called, ” Full Circle.” It definitely looks like episode 10 will feature another set of very intense, dramatic, action-filled and suspenseful scenes.

In the new episode 10 preview clip, Hippolyta is seen saying to Atticus, “Magic is not something to be feared, but a gift to pass on.”

Next, the clip cuts to a scene that features Christina saying, “This has never been personal.” Then Montrose says, “The hell it ain’t. You’re trying to kill my son.”

After that, Atticus is seen saying to Montrose, “This book belongs to our family. Together, we’re going to use it to protect our family.”

Next, the clip cuts to a Leti scene where she says, “For every person in the world, it’s gonna change everything.”

Then another Montrose and Atticus scene popped up. Montrose tells Atticus, “It’s too d$%mn risky.” Atticus says, “Look at what we’ve been through to get here. We can’t stop fighting now.”

From there, the clip cuts to Christina saying, “It’s time.” Leti says,”What did you do?” The clip caps off with Atticus saying,” I hope you forgive me for this one last secret.”

Along with those dialogue scenes, the episode 10 preview clip features plenty of intense action, drama and suspense-filled scenes. There are people running and screaming.

At one point, a horrifying-looking creature is featured. Yeah, this finale episode 10 is going to be extremely intense and dramatic to say the least. You guys can view the new episode 10 preview clip for yourselves over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

HBO confirmed that the next, new finale episode 10 of Lovecraft Country’s current, premiere season 1 is indeed scheduled to air next Sunday night, October 18, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Lovecraft Country” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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