New Power Book II Ghost Spoilers For Season 1, December 20, 2020 Episode 8 Revealed

New Power Book II Ghost Spoilers For Season 1, December 20, 2020 Episode 8 Revealed

Hey, “Power Book II: Ghost” fans. We are back in action on this Sunday night to give you some new spoiler scoops now that episode 7 is all wrapped up. In this article, we’re going to chit chat about what’s coming up in the next, new episode 8 of Power Book II: Ghost’ current season 1, which scheduled to arrive next Sunday night, December 20, 2020.

The people over at STARZ are just not very good at putting out official episode press releases in a timely manner. Heck, we’re still waiting on a press release for episode 7, and it’s already aired.

Anyways, what STARZ is good at is releasing new preview clips.They released one for episode 8. So, that is going to be our source for this spoiler session. It would be nice to have an official episode 8 press release to go along with the preview clip, but apparently, that is just too friggin much to ask for. So, here we go.

First thing’s first. STARZ did tell us what the official title of this new episode 8 is. It’s called, “Family First.”

The new episode 8 preview clip starts off showing Tasha on the phone with Tariq again. This time, he has some terrible news for her saying, “Somebody tried to kill me today, ma!” Natasha responds with, “You need to tell me everything that you’ve been up to right now!”

After that, the clip cuts to another scene with Tariq being asked if the authorities should be called in to handle this dangerous situation. Tariq says, “No, it’s not that kind of danger.”

From there, we get a scene featuring Jabari in action. Apparently, he’s talking to someone about his new, untitled novel. Jabari is told of the novel, “I can sell this drug dealing family. I got to know how does it end?”

Next, Jabari is in the spotlight ,once again, with Tariq. In this scene, Jabari is seen telling Tariq, “Look, I still feel like there’s something that you’re hiding.” Tariq says, “You can’t trust anybody. Not with the truth.”

Next, Monet is spotted in action saying,”I’m seeing this whole thing wrong.” Then the clip caps off with a very intense, Cane scene. He’s on the phone telling someone, “When I find you, you’re dead!” So, we’re pretty sure the person on the other end of that phone call wants to make sure they stay a million miles away from Cane in this moment.

I don’t need to tell you guys that this new episode 8 looks like it will feature another round of super intense, dramatic, interesting, possible action-filled and suspenseful scenes, but I’m going to anyways. It’s gonna be wild. You don’t wanna miss it. You guys can view the new episode 8 preview clip for yourselves over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

STARZ confirmed that the next, new episode 8 of Power Book II: Ghost’s current season 1 is indeed scheduled to show up next Sunday night, December 20, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Power Book II: Ghost” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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