The Bachelorette December 14, 2020 Eliminated Riley, Blake, Noah & Bennett (Recap)

The Bachelorette December 14, 2020 Eliminated Riley, Blake, Noah & Bennett (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, December 14, 2020, another new episode of The Bachelorette 2020 edition with Tayshia Adams did indeed hit the airwaves, and it got very real and very emotional as Tayshia had to make some very swift and painful decisions because her season was rushed due to the whole Clare Crawley situation.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with host Chris Harrison returning after being absent in the previous two episodes. Tayshia expressed that she was happy to see Chris again. Then they chatted about what took place while he was away.

In particular, Tayshia mentioned how Bennett just came back after she sent him home. After all of that, they showed Tayshia going to get Blake for their 1 on 1 date. During it, they went to see a crystal guru who had them play with crystals, and she also read their chakras.

At one point, the guru had them stare into each others eyes while holding each other. During that moment, they showed Tayshia telling the private cams, “I don’t think Blake’s my guy. He didn’t seem very confident with me as I looked into his eyes. I need to tell him he’s not the one.”

Later, we saw Tayshia tell Blake, “Hometowns are coming up,and I just don’t think I can get there with you. I’m really sorry.” She cried and apologized as she walked Blake out to the elimination car.

Afterwards, Tayshia went back to talk to the rest of the guys ,and she cried a lot. She told them, “I’m really trying. This is really hard. I sent Blake home earlier because our relationship just wasn’t where I thought it needed to be. This is really hard because I don’t want to hurt anyone. Riley, we need to talk.”

Next, Tayshia was seen telling Riley,”You being vulnerable with me means a lot. Hometowns are coming up, and I don’t want to lead you on.” Riley said, ” Why? What am I missing?”

Tayshia said, “I don’t want you to close yourself off because the guy I’ve seen the last couple of weeks is incredible.” Riley said, “I get it. I’m not going to question it anymore because I know the end result will be the same. My time is up. So, I’m gonna go now. I enjoyed my time here. I don’t regret meeting you.”

After that, Tayshia totally broke down and started crying saying, “I’m so sorry!”

Next, Bennett showed back up to greet the guys who were very stressed out waiting for the cocktail party to begin. Bennett explained to them everything he did to get back. Then he told them ,”We just need to trust Tayshia’s decisions.”

Eventually, Chris Harrison showed up to tell them, “Tayshia already knows what she wants to do. So, there will be no cocktail party. We’re going straight to the rose ceremony.”

Next, we saw the rose ceremony footage. Tayshia gave roses to: Zac, Ivan and Brendan. They joined Ben who already received a rose earlier.

That meant poor Bennett and Noah were roseless and eliminated. Noah took his elimination well telling Tayshia, “I do think you’re amazing. I hope you get what you’re looking for.” Bennett did the same telling Tayshia, “Good luck.” Next, we saw Tayshia hug her final four men and toasted to family.

From there, the second hour of this episode began. It featured the special “Men Tell All” footage with returning rejects: Bennett, Noah, Demar, Ed, Jason, Kenny, Yosef, Riley and Blake.

They took a brief look back at the entire season minus the Clare Crawley parts. Ed talked about how much he couldn’t stand Chasen. Noah and Bennet talked about their beef in the house. Kenny jumped in and expressed his problems with Noah. At one point, Kenny called Noah a little b#$tch! It got super intense.

Bennett tried to apologize to Noah saying, “I’m sorry if I came off as condescending.” Noah said, ” I will accept any genuine apology, but I can’t tell if that apology was genuine or not. I personally think you’re a condescending d-bag. I don’t think we could ever be friends after this.” Bennett said, “That’s fine.”

Next, Chris Harrison brought out crazy Yosef to talk about the horrible way he treated Clare. He was the one who told Clare that she was a disgrace and that he expected more from the oldest Bachelorette. They showed that footage and how ugly it got.

Yosef still had no remorse about how he treated Clare saying, “I have no regrets about how I treated Clare.” The other guys definitely let Yosef know they didn’t agree with how he treated Clare.

Yosef said, “I don’t care what they think. I’m going to be true to myself.” He even said if someone treated his own daughter that way, he wouldn’t have a problem with it if she deserved it or something like that.

It was definitely not a good look for him, and Chris Harrison told him that too. Yosef just didn’t get it though. He was determined to look like the biggest jerk in Bachelor Nation history.

After the Yosef drama, Chris Harrison brought Tayshia out to talk the men. She explained how she got a surprise phone call to take over for Clare,and within 48 hours, she was on the show. She told Noah he had great energy. They talked about when Bennett came back after getting sent home to tell Tayshia, “I love you.”

Bennett told Tayshia, “I was really shocked about getting sent home, and I would love an explanation. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.” Tayshia told him, “We just weren’t at the point that I think we needed to be. Sorry.” Bennett accepted that answer.

Tayshia told Blake, “I really did have feelings for you. I just couldn’t get there in the end.” Blake said, “I understand, and I still have nothing but wonderful things to say about you.”

They showed footage of Tayshia telling Riley he wasn’t the one. Then they talked about it. Riley told Tayshia, “I wish I could’ve opened up to you sooner. I appreciate the experience with you. Thank you for everything.”

Tayshia told Riley, “I appreciate you. You made my experience ten times better as well. You’re going to be an amazing father and husband one day.”

After all of that, the show capped off with some funny bloopers from this season. So, to recap, Riley, Blake, Noah and Bennet got eliminated in this episode.

Zac, Ivan, Ben and Brendan will be doing the hometown dates with Tayshia in tomorrow night’s new December 15, 2020 episode to rush this season along. It all starts at 7 pm central standard time again on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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