Hell’s Kitchen January 14, 2021 Eliminated Kenneth & Elliot (Recap)

Hell’s Kitchen January 14, 2021 Eliminated Kenneth & Elliot (Recap)

Hey, “Hell’s Kitchen” fans. Tonight, January 14, 2021, another new episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 19 did indeed air, and another two wannabe chefs got sent packing after it was all over.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with a continuation of last week’s episode featuring the contestants waiting for a helicopter to arrive. It did, and it dropped a big crate of shrimp by men kicking it out of the helicopter.

Next, Gordon told them what their next individual challenge is. They had to cook a delicious shrimp dish. The winner was awarded with their dish being put on the night, dinner menu.

Gordon also gave the winner a punishment pass, which gets them out of any punishment if their team loses. It also allows them to select one person from the winning team to take their place in the punishment. Gordon pointed out that it can only be used once. So, they need to be very wise when choosing to use it.

After that, the contestants began the individual challenge. Syann mentioned she wanted to make something with grits, but she couldn’t find any. So, things weren’t looking too good for her at the moment

Declan mentioned he was quite confident. Nikki wanted to create a very ambitious dish. However, later on, she expressed that she was definitely running into trouble.

After their time was up, Gordon had his sous chefs Jason and Christina taste the dishes to see which ones were the best and worst.

After they finished tasting the dishes, Gordon announced that he’s getting rid of the person who cooked the worst dish right now! He said, “I want to trim the fat early this season.” “It’s something I’ve never done before,” he said.

Jason said Elliot and Kenneth had the two worst dishes for the blue team. Christina said Nicole aka Nikki and Jordan had the two worst dishes for the red team.

Gordon tasted all 4 dishes to decide who was going home. Nikki mentioned she didn’t clean her shrimp, and Gordon had a fit saying, “I wouldn’t taste that.”

Gordon said Elliot’s dish was clumpy and actually worst than Nikki’s!

Gordan said Jordan’s presentation looks bleak and not cooked in the middle, but not worst than Elliot’s. So, she was safe.

Gordon got very mad to see a block of Parmesan cheese in Kenneth’s dish, but Kenneth thought it was a potato at first, and he didn’t know how it got in there. Ultimately, Gordon decided to eliminate Kenneth.

Next, Christina said the best dishes were presented by Amber, Lauren and Syann for the red team. Jason said the best dishes for the blue team were presented by Declan, Cody and Josh.

Gordan tasted their dishes, and he decided that Syann had the best dish. So, she won this individual challenge.

From there, the contestants were seen getting new knives before getting ready to make the night dinner.

After that, they showed footage of everyone packing into the Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas for the night dinner. Celebrities Wayne Brady and Lisa Vanderpump showed up.

The red and blue teams started preparing the night dinner. Gordon got ticked off at Nikki for serving raw lobster,and he made her apologize to Lisa Vanderpump for it.

After that, Nikki told the private cams,”I’m having problems understanding Gordon.” Nikki told Gordon, “I can’t keep it together” after he called her out in another fit of rage!

Finally, Gordon dragged Nikki and her red team into a private room. He asked Nikki, “Why are you crying? Are you done?” Nikki said, “No, I can bounce back.”

After that, Nikki went back and made some great scallops. Peter overcooked the duck. That ticked Gordon off. Gordon went off on Mary Lou for cooking steak with no color, but she eventually got her act together before the night was done.

Gordon got angry with Elliot saying, “You’re not doing anything!” Wayne Brady said, “We need to give Elliot a hug, I think.”

At one point, Gordon told Drew, Elliot and Peter to get out after he got ticked off at them for not cooking the meat right. Eventually, Gordon couldn’t stand all the mistakes the blue team was making, and he kicked them all out so he could just cook the meal himself!

Meanwhile, the women/red team got their act together and completed their night meal.

After getting chewed out some more by Gordon, the men argued about who they needed to nominate for elimination from their team.

They ultimately picked Drew and Elliot for elimination. Gordon asked Elliot, “Are you a better chef than Drew? He couldn’t say yes. He actually said no! So, Gordon eliminated Elliot right on the spot saying, “You just made it easy for me.”

So, poor Elliot Sanchez and Kenneth McDuffie got the shaft in tonight’s January 14, 2021 episode.

The next, new episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 19 is scheduled to air next Thursday night, January 21, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Hell’s Kitchen” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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