Walker Season 1, February 25, 2021 Episode 6 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Walker Season 1, February 25, 2021 Episode 6 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Hey, “Walker” fans. Unfortunately, we had to jump on here, real quick, because we have just been informed that The CW will not be airing the next, new episode 6 of your favorite show Walker’s current, premiere season 1 tonight, February 25, 2021.

This news gets even worse because this same thing is going to happen next Thursday night, March 4, 2021. That’s right, guys. Walker is on a two-week delay right now. The CW has confirmed that they do intend to air the new episode 6 on Thursday night, March 11, 2021 in its usual 7 pm central standard time slot. So, definitely don’t let that very important date and time slip from your memory banks.

The CW will be airing something else in place of the next, new episode 6 of Walker’s current season 1 tonight and next week. We found out what that is. Tonight, they will air a repeat episode of Walker. It will be the very first episode of this season titled, “Pilot.”

The CW’s official description for it reads like this, “Texas Ranger Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki), a widower and father of two with his own moral code, returns home to Austin, TX, after being undercover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home.

As Walker attempts to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son August (Kale Culley) and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter Stella (Violet Brinson), he finds that he needs to navigate clashes with his family – Liam (Keegan Allen), Walker’s ADA brother who stepped in during Walker’s absence, his perceptive mother Abeline (Molly Hagen) and his traditional rancher father Bonham (Mitch Pileggi).

Walker’s former colleague, Larry James (Coby Bell), is now his Ranger Captain. And Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan), one of the first women in Texas Rangers’ history while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death (guest star Genevieve Padalecki).”

Then, next Thursday night, March 4, 2021, The CW will air another repeat episode of Walker. This one will be the second episode of this season titled, “Back in the Saddle.”

The CW’s official description for it reads like this, “Walker (Jared Padalecki) continues to try to reconnect with his family but finds that his kids have developed new routines with Liam (Keegan Allen).

Back at work, Captain James (Coby Bell) tells Walker he needs to get recertified to be a Ranger, but old memories of Emily (guest star Genevieve Padalecki) hinder his progress. Micki (Lindsey Morgan) investigates a suspicious fire.”

If any of you guys are up for checking out these Walker reruns over these next two weeks, you might still want to watch The CW as you normally would during that time. If not, you will definitely want to switch up plans at your earliest convenience.

Spoiler Warning: For those of you who are interested, we were able to dig up some new, official spoiler scoops for the next, new episode 6 of Walker’s current season 1 via The CW’s episode 6 press release. So, we’re going to serve those up to you right now. Let’s go.

For starters, episode 6 is officially titled, “Bar None.” It sounds like episode 6 will feature some very interesting, intense, dramatic and possible emotional scenes.

In the new episode 6, things will get very interesting in regards to Geri as she will just up and decide to sell the bar! This will totally shock the heck out of Walker.

In response , Walker will plead to Geri to reconsider her decision. Walker will throw memories of a lot of good times they’ve had at the bar in his effort to get Geri to change her mind.

Elsewhere, Micki is going to get a totally unannounced visit from her mother, and it will definitely shock the hell out of Micki!

The CW’s official description for episode 6 reads like this, ‘When Geri (guest star Odette Annable) decides to sell the bar, it throws Walker (Jared Padalecki) for a loop.

With so many memories attached to the bar, he asks Geri to reconsider and reminds her of all the good times they’ve had there with Emily (guest star Genevieve Padalecki) and Hoyt (guest star Matt Barr). Meanwhile, Micki (Lindsey Morgan) is shocked when her mother (guest star Alex Meneses) drops in unexpectedly.”

Episode 6 was written by Casey Fisher & Paula Sabbaga, and it was directed by Amyn Kaderal.

Again, The CW confirmed that the next, new episode 6 of Walker’s current season 1 is scheduled to finally air on Thursday night, March 11, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Walker” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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