Tough As Nails March 17, 2021 Eliminated Patrick Hargan From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Tough As Nails March 17, 2021 Eliminated Patrick Hargan From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, March 17, 2021, another new episode of Tough As Nails’ current season 2 did indeed air, and another contestant was indeed eliminated from the individual competitions.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Celi revealing that she’s positive she’ll still win more money with her Savage Crew team after getting eliminated from the individual competitions in last week’s episode.

Next, host Phil Keoghan showed up to give them their next team challenge. In it, they had to paint over a canvas that had car drawings on it to get it ready for some new artwork. Some of them had to use a scissor lift to get up high enough to paint over the car drawings that were located at the top of the wall.

The two teams were given separate sides to paint on. The team that finished up their side first, won. Swifty was crew boss for Team Savage Crew, and Iraidi was crew boss for Team Dirty Hands.

During the team Challenge, the Dirty Hands crew ran into some issues, and they got frustrated. The Savage crew went faster, but they also missed a lot of patches that they had to keep going back and covering up.

Towards the end of this challenge, both of the crew faced the same issue of missing a certain spot that they had to go back and correct. The guys that were up on the scissor lift couldn’t see the color spot because of the glaring son. So, the guys on the ground had to direct them to where the spot was.

This definitely made the competition pretty close, but it was the Savage Crew team that finished first to claim the win. With that win, Savage Crew won $12,000 dollars for their team. They also tied up the number of team wins for this season 3-3.

The team with the most wins at the end of this season, gets to claim $60,000 additional dollars for their team. So, that’s really important.

Next up, was the individual competition. The winner of these at the end of the season, gets to claim $200,000 dollars and a brand new 2021 Ford F-150 pick up truck.

In this individual comp, they were split up into pairs of two to clean windows on a very dirty sky scraper building located in downtown Los Angeles,California. The pair that finished last had to go into overtime.

Scott picked Merryl to be his teammate. He got first pick since he won last week’s individual competition. Liz picked Zeus to be her partner. Iraida picked Patrick “Freight Train” to be her partner. Swifty was paired up with Sarah.

At one point, Scott and Patrick expressed that they are afraid of heights. So, this was not good for them. During the competition, they revealed that those windows were really hard to clean, especially in the scorching,hot sun.

Swifty kept spinning because he would never get his feet planted. However, he eventually did and started to do well.

Patrick really ran into a lot of trouble with this comp. In fact, he ultimately couldn’t complete it saying, “I can’t hold myself.” He started yelling and telling his partner Iraida, “I’m so sorry.” She said it’s ok. The paramedics had to come and take Patrick away in an ambulance. They could not complete the individual competition because of this Patrick situation.

Later, Phil told everyone that Patrick is doing fine, but that he is the one getting eliminated from the individual competitions this round. So, everyone else is safe and still in it. It’s still unclear if Patrick will be healthy enough to continue on in the team competitions. We’ll find that out in next week’s new episode.

How do you guys feel about Patrick “Freight Train” Hargan getting eliminated from the individual competitions in tonight’s March 17, 2021 episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Tough As Nails season 2 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, March 24, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Tough As Nails” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Stefanie Wildhaber says:

    Who won the individual challenge?

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    Freight Train should not have been eliminated. They should have allowed him to recover and then do another challenge next week.

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