Tough As Nails March 24, 2021 Eliminated Merryl Tengesdal From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Tough As Nails March 24, 2021 Eliminated Merryl Tengesdal From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, March 24, 2021, another new episode of Tough As Nails’ current season 2 did indeed hit the airwaves, and another contestant did lose their shot at winning the individual grand prize of $200,000 dollars and a new, Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with host Phil Keoghan letting the others know that Patrick “Freight Train” is fine after having to be hauled off in an ambulance in last week’s episode. Since Patrick broke the Covid bubble they’re in by having to go to the hospital, he could not immediately return for the team competitions. He had to be quarantined again.

After explaining all of that, Phil presented the two teams with their next team competition. Liz was team lead for the Dirty Hands team. Swifty was team lead for the Savage Crew team. One person from the Savage Crew had to sit this challenge out to make the teams even. So, Celi ended up volunteering since she had never done yard work before.

That leads us to what this challenged entailed. The two teams had to beautify a neighborhood by setting up plants, trees, laying sod on the yard, cleaning dirt off the walkway and putting mulch around a tree.

They were given a set of plans that instructed them on what they needed to do. The first team to finish it all up, won. During the challenge, Scott told the private cams, “I hate yard work. I would rather work on anything else other than yard work.”

Sarah pointed out all the mistakes Swifty was making. He actually put a plant that was still in plastic in the ground. They had to redo those. Sarah was astonished by that. Swifty admitted that he was totally out of his element in this challenge.

When it was all said and done, it was the Dirty Hands crew that completed the yard work competition first. This win gave them a 4-3 lead in team competitions.

As we mentioned in previous articles, the team with the most wins at the end of the season will be awarded an extra $60,000 dollars. Dirty Hands also won another $12,000 for this team victory. Afterwards, they dedicated the win to Patrick “Freight Train.” They said they will definitely share the $12,000 dollars with Patrick.

They also showed footage of Patrick calling up his Dirty Hands team after their win. They told him how much they miss him and so on and so forth, and that they won some cash for him.

Next up, was the individual challenge. In it, they had to pick 100 pounds of oranges from orange trees. The 100 pounds of oranges needed to consist of two boxes of large oranges and two boxes of small oranges. Each box needed to weigh approximately 25 pounds each. So, they had to weigh them on a scale to make sure the weight was correct.

During the challenge, they had to use ladders to pick oranges that were located high up in the trees. At one point, Iraida and Sarah revealed that they had trouble with their ladders, especially Iraida. Iraida told the private cams, “Me and the ladder were dancing, but it wasn’t a good dance.” I found that to be totally hilarious.

Anyways,Sarah and Iraida did eventually get the hang of using the ladders. At one point, Merryl described this competition as absolutely exhausting. When it was all said and done, it was Zeus who pulled out the victory by finishing in first place.

Scott came in second place. Liz finished in 3rd place. Swifty took the 4th place spot. Sarah ended up taking the very valuable 5th place to just narrowly avoid finishing in the bottom two.

So, it was Iraida and Merryl that finished dead last. So, they had to compete in an overtime competition to see who got to stay in the individual competitions and who got eliminated.

In the overtime competition, they had to run with a small bucket to scoop up water from a large container. Then they had to run back and pour water into a leaking water tank. The idea was to keep this leaking water tank filled with water as long as they could. The first one to run out of water from their leaking water tank, lost.

Unfortunately, for Merryl ended up getting super tired and her tank ran out of water first. So, Iraida won the overtime competition. That means poor Merryl Tengesdal was eliminated from the individual competitions in this episode.

How do you guys feel about Merryl Tengesdal getting eliminated from the individual competitions in tonight’s March 24, 2021 episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Tough As Nails season 2 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, March 31, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Tough As Nails” TV show report,but definitely stay tuned for more.

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