Pose Season 3, June 6, 2021 Episodes 7 & 8 Are The Finale. Season 4 Is Not Happening

Pose Season 3, June 6, 2021 Episodes 7 & 8 Are The Finale. Season 4 Is Not Happening

Hey, “Pose” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 tonight, especially since they are indeed the very last episodes ,not only for this season, but forever! That’s right, guys. We unfortunately have to tell you that for some reason, FX will not be bringing Pose back for a new season 4. So, this it , guys. We hope you got as much as you could out of this 3-season run.

From the info we’ve gathered about season 3 ending, it appears that the co-creators and producers of Pose actually made the decision to end the show with season 3. According to the folks over at Harpersbazaar.com, co-creator and producer Steven Canals made a statement about season 3 being the last one saying, “It was a very difficult decision for us to make, but this has been an incredible journey and we have told the story we wanted to tell–the way we wanted to tell it.

Although we know you’ll be sad to see the show go, this season will be filled with all of the love,laughter and tears that you have come to expect from the Evangelista family.

I, along with my incredible collaborators, never intended on changing the television landscape. I simply wanted to tell an honest story about family, resilience and love. We love you and we hope that you’ll join us in celebrating this final season.”

According to the folks over at TV Line the other co-creator of Pose Ryan Murphy also made statement this last season 3 saying, “Pose has been one of the creative highlights of my entire career. From the very beginning when Steven Canals and I sat down to hear his vision and ideas for the show, it has been a passion project.

To go from the beginning of my career in the late 90s when it was nearly impossible to get an LGBTQ character on television to Pose, which will go down in history for having the largest LGBTQ cast of all time is a truly full circle moment for me.

This show made history behind and in front of the camera, and its legacy runs deep. I’m so proud of my fellow creators Steven Canals and Brad Falchuk, and also to exec producer/writer/director Janet Mock who made such an indelible mark with her personal and heartfelt work.

Thanks also to Our Lady J for her incredible work as a producer, writer and actress on the show. We got to tell the exact story we wanted as we wanted to tell it, and I’m incredibly honored and grateful. Pose’s story may end in 1996, but its impact will go on forever.”

Pose season 3 averaged 409,000 LIVE viewers per episode and a 0.12 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. The most recent episode 6, which aired last Sunday night, May 30, 2021, drew in 430,000 LIVE viewers and a 0.12 ratings score.

The most-viewed episode was episode 1 with 498,000 LIVE viewers. The least-viewed episode was episode 5 with 360,000 Live viewers.

The highest-rated episodes were episodes 1,2,3,4 and 6. They all tied for first place with a 0.12 ratings score. The lowest-rated episode was episode 5 with a 0.11 ratings score.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Pose” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more news on your other favorite TV shows.

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