Survivor November 10, 2021 Voted Off Tiffany Seely (Recap)

Survivor November 10, 2021 Voted Off Tiffany Seely (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, November 10, 2021, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 41 did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant did get voted off the island.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Xander talking about what just went down at the last tribal council meeting when they sent poor Sydney packing. Xander told the private cams that he pulled off a stunning performance when he tricked Liana into using her steal advantage with his fake idol.

He also mentioned that maybe he shouldn’t put so much trust in Evvie and Tiffany. Evvie was seen trying to do damage control because it was revealed that she had a final 2 with a lot of other people than her original alliance of Tiffany, Shantel and Liana.

DeShawn told the private cams he will refuse to work with the former Yase tribe girls Liana, Evvie and Tiffany. He wants to see them get eliminated 1 by 1.

After all of that conversation footage, host Jeff Probst showed up to reveal that there’s a Reward challenge in this episode. During it, they were split up into two teams of 5 by random draw. Since there were 11 people, one person drew a rock, which caused them to have to sit out of the competition and not be eligible for the reward.

Erika, once again, was that very unlucky person who drew a rock. However, Xander stepped up and gave up his spot in the competition for Erika. So, Xander sat out instead.

The reward challenge consisted of the two teams having to dive in the water to retrieve puzzle pieces. Then they had to use the puzzle pieces to solve a pyramid puzzle. The Blue team of Evvie, Erika, Danny, Ricard and DeShawn won the reward challenge. Their prize was grilled cheese sandwiches and chips.

While the Blue team was off enjoying their meal, Shantel was busy plotting her next target. She told Liana, “I want Evvie to just go.” Shantel started campaigning for Evvie to go to a number of people including Xander. Xander told Shantel and Liana he’s down to get Evvie out after she revealed that she told other people about his idol.

At one point, Shantel got really ticked off at Ricard when he tried to eat a piece of papaya that the losing team was eating. Ricard told the private cams, “I don’t like that I got snapped at for that.” Apparently, Shantel didn’t think Ricard should get even a little piece of papaya after having the grilled cheese sandwich feast.

Next, we saw the immunity challenge footage. This one got complicated too because Jeff told them they had the opportunity to win a big ole bag of rice if they made a certain sacrifice. The sacrifice ended up being that 4 people sat out of the competition. Shantel, Naseer, Xander and Ricard volunteered to sit out, and the rest played for immunity.

During the immunity challenge, they had to balance on their toes on a platform with a block of wood wedged between the top of their head and their body. If they dropped that piece of wood on their head, they were out. The last one standing, won. It came down to a showdown between Heather and Evvie, and Evvie ended up winning immunity, foiling Shantel’s plans to get rid of her at the next tribal council meeting.

During some more conversation footage, Liana said she wants to see Xander play his idol unnecessarily and have Tiffany go home. So, she campaigned for that. Some people agreed to it and talked about splitting the votes between Tiffany and Xander.

DeShawn didn’t like that Shantel wouldn’t listen to his suggestion to vote out Naseer. He confronted Shantel about it. She apologized and said she would consider it, but she told the private cams she’s not feeling the Naseer option. She definitely wanted to flush out Xander’s idol and get out Tiffany.

Shantel told Naseer that Xander is voting him out. Then, Shantel started throwing Heather’s name out there as a possible target. Heather caught wind of it and confronted Shantel about it. Shantel told Heather, “I was just passing along what I heard being said.”

After all of that, we finally got to the tribal council footage. They told Jeff, they didn’t know what is going to happen. Plans change quick. Then, Heather got up and start whispering. She started campaigning for Naseer to get voted out. Shantel picked up on it and started campaigning to vote out Heather.

Finally, they all casts their votes, and Naseer ended up with 1 vote. Tiffany got 5 votes. Heather got 2 votes and Xander got 2 votes. So, with the 5 votes, Tiffany was indeed the one that got the shaft in this episode. She was a good sport about it, and told everyone, “I love you guys. Good luck, guys.”

How do you guys feel about Tiffany Seely getting voted off the island in tonight’s November 10, 2021 episode of Survivor season 41? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode for Survivor season 41 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, November 17,2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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