CSI Vegas Season 1, December 8, 2021 Episode 10 Is The Finale. Season 2 Not Confirmed Yet

CSI Vegas Season 1, December 8, 2021 Episode 10 Is The Finale. Season 2 Not Confirmed Yet

Hey, “CSI: Vegas” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed the latest episode 10 tonight, especially since it was indeed the finale episode of the show’s current, premiere season 1. That’s right, guys. CSI: Vegas’ first season was only given a 10-episode order by CBS. So, it’s already done and over with.

The question that’s lingering ,right now, is will there be a brand new season 2? Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to answer that question for you guys ,tonight, because CBS has yet to reveal if they’re going to renew it or not.

What we can do is take a look at the ratings and viewership numbers that CSI: Vegas put up for its initial, 10-episode run. It averaged 3.713 million viewers per episode, and a 0.40 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. The most recent episode 9, which aired last Wednesday night, December 1, 2021, drew in 3.954 million live viewers, and a 0.39 ratings score.

The most-viewed episode was episode 8 with 4.196 million LIVE viewers. The least-viewed episode was episode 5 with 3.222 million LIVE viewers.

The highest-rated episode was episode 8 with a 0.49 ratings score. The lowest-rated episode was episode 5 with a 0.33 ratings score.

Judging from that info, it doesn’t appear that CSI: Vegas did terrible, but it also didn’t do great. I would say their performance was somewhere in the middle. If CBS doesn’t have any other shows on the back burner that they think could do better for the particular time slot that CSI: Vegas ran in, they’ll probably go ahead and renew it.

However, there are other factors to consider like how much did the show cost CBS to produce and all of that good business stuff. Only CBS has the inside scoop on all of that. So, we will have to wait to see what they officially say. All we can do is guess for right now.

With that said, the CSI: Vegas numbers are around the same that CBS’ S.W.A.T. show does, and they keep renewing it. So, we’ll just say that if CBS does renew CSI: Vegas for a new season 2, we wouldn’t be surprised at that.

In that same vein, we also wouldn’t be surprised if they canceled it to give another show they think might do better a chance, because we’ve seen shows with higher numbers than CSI: Vegas’ numbers get canceled. All I can say is just cross your fingers for now.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “CSI: Vegas” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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