MasterChef June 8, 2022 Final Battle Round Results Revealed (Recap)

MasterChef June 8, 2022 Final Battle Round Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, June 8, 2022, another new episode of MasterChef’s current season 12: Back To Win did indeed air, and we got to finally see who made it through this final round of battles to compete in the top 20. Once again, Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich were the three judges the contestants needed to impress.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with returning contestants: Felix from season 3. Olivia from season 6. Fred from season 10 and Bri from season 10. They competed in the first battle round for this episode. They were given 45 minutes to cook up a great dish.

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During this battle round, Felix told Gordon she made a pork belly dish. He told her, “Welcome back and good luck.” Olivia told Gordon that she was making a Pistachio crusted lamb dish. He told her,”Good luck.” Fred told Joe he was making a Tofu mousse dish. Joe said, “That’s risky.” Bri told Aaron about her dish, and he gave her some advice.

At one point, the judges said it looked like Fred might not have enough time, but he appeared to get it all together by the time the 45 minutes was up.

Felix presented the judges with a Pork Belly & Cabbage Dumplings with Chili Oil dish. Joe said, “It looks beautiful.” Gordon said, “It’s delicious. You nailed it, but the dough was a touch too thick.” Joe said, “Your execution was impeccable.”

Bri presented a Pan Seared Seabass with Fennell Puree, Tomato Medley, Pickled Serrano Peppers and Tomato Water dish. Gordon said, “It’s bright and vibrant. The fish is cooked beautifully, but the puree needs to be more smooth.” Joe said, “This is firing on all cylinders.” Aaron said, “The seasoning is next level.”

Fred presented a Dark Chocolate & Tofu Mousse with Kumquat Puree, Black Cacao Ash and Kinako Crumble dish. Joe said, “This dish is flying across the high wire.” Gordon said, “This is exceptional.” Aaron said, “It’s great.” Gordon said, “I never thought Tofu could be that exceptional.”

Olivia presented a Pistachio Crusted Lamb with White Bean & Feta Puree, Fennel Slaw and Port Pomegranate Reduction dish. Joe said, “The technique of the seasoning is off.” Aaron said, “The lambchops are weak.” Gordon said, “It’s a beautiful dish. Good job.”

After all of that, the judges gave Fred and Bri an apron. So, poor Olivia and Felix were eliminated.

The next battle round featured returning contestants: Samantha from season 9. Jamiee from season 5. Keturah from season 10 and Alejandro from season 11.

Samantha told Gordon about her dish. He told her, “Welcome back and good luck.” Jamie told Gordon about her dish. He told her, “Good luck.” Keturah told Gordon she was making a seafood pasta dish. Alejandro told Joe about his dish. Joe gave him some advice about the seasoning.

At one point, Aaron said Keturah’s noodles could be very soggy because they’ve been sitting in water for a while.

After their time was up, Samantha was up first. She presented a Egg Yolk Raviolo with Brown Butter Sage Sauce dish. Joe said, “This is a perfect dish.” Aaron said, “It’s beautiful.” Gordon said, “It’s a very solid dish. Great job.”

Jamiee presented a Pan-Seared Rainbow Trout with Brown Butter Lemon Garlic Sauce, Salt & Vinegar Chips and Tomato Relish dish. Gordon said, “I like it. It’s cooked nicely. It’s perfect. Good job.” Joe said, “It’s super clean.”

Alejandro presented a Coffee-Rub Elk Tenderloin with Bourbon Demi-Glace, Sweet Potato Puree, Wilted Spinach and White Asparagus dish. Gordon said, “The elk is delicious, but it was underseasoned.” Aaron said, “It’s well balanced.” Joe said, “I love every component of this dish. Good Job.”

Keturah presented a Seafood Pasta with Uni, Caviar, Tomato Salad and Pickled Blackberries dish. Gordon said, “I’m confused by the way this dish looks.” Joe said, “It’s not unified.” Aaron said, “The noodles are overcooked.” Gordon said, “This dish is just too confusing. I feel let down with this dish.”

After all of that, the judges gave Samantha and Alejandro an apron. So, poor Jamiee and Keturah were eliminated.

The final battle of this episode featured past contestants: Gabriel from season 8. Shelly from season 6. Malcolm from season 4 and Sheetal from season 1. They were also given 45 minutes to make a dish. During it, Gabriel told Gordon he was making a pork chop dish. Gordon told him, “Welcome back.”

Shelly told Gordon she was making a Jamaican taco dish. Gordon said, “Good luck and welcome back.” Malcolm told Aaron he was making a apple pudding dish. Sheetal told Joe she was making a halibut fish dish. Joe said, “Good luck.”

After their 45 minutes was up, Gabriel was the first one to present. He presented a Port Wine Glazed Pork Chop with Southern Style Greens and Chipotle Corn Puree dish. Gordon said, “The pork chop is cooked text book perfect. It’s spot on. It’s delicious. Great job.” Joe said, “The seasoning is perfect. Bravo.”

Shelly presented a Jerk Chicken Taco with Coconut Rice, Peas, Sweet Plantain and Slaw dish. Aaron said, “That’s a special taco.” Gordon said, “It’s delicious. Well done.”

Malcolm presented a Dried Cranberry & Apple Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce dish. Joe said, “It’s a really nice dish.” Gordon said, “It’s good.”

Sheetal presented a Halibut Corn Tostadas with Avocado Crema and Cabbage Slaw dish. Gordon said, “It’s refreshing, good and delicious.” Aaron said, “This dish has great components for a traditional tostada.”

After all of that, the judges gave Shelly and Gabriel an apron. So, poor Sheetal and Malcolm got eliminated. How do you guys feel about these results? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of MasterChef’s current season 12 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, June 15, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “MasterChef” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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