Big Brother July 6, 2022 Revealed First Head Of Household & More (Recap)

Big Brother July 6, 2022 Revealed First Head Of Household & More (Recap)

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. Earlier tonight, July 6, 2022, the big premiere of Big Brother’s current season 24 did indeed air with a LIVE move-in of the brand new houseguests. By the time it was over, we found out who the very first HOH (Head Of Household) is for this new season.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the usual, video introductions of the 16, new houseguests. They did it in groups of 4. So, the first group of houseguests we saw were: Kyle, Monte, Paloma and Jasmine. They were the first to enter the house. Once they did, they had to grab a ticket for the BB Fest game that they were going to compete in.

Once they got their tickets, they had to scan them to see which competition they would be competing in. All their tickets put them in the Porta Potties group.

Next, we were introduced to the second group of 4 houseguests, which were: Alyssa, Daniel, Taylor and Michael. They entered the house and also grabbed their tickets for the BB Fest game. Then, they scanned their tickets. Michael’s ticket sent him to the Merch Stand. Alyssa went to the Merch Stand. Taylor went to the Piercing Tent ,and Daniel went to the Merch Stand.

From there, the 3rd group of 4 houseguests were introduced. They were: Nicole, Turner, Joseph and Brittany. They entered the house and grabbed their tickets. Then, they scanned them. Nicole’s ticket sent her to the Porta Potties. Brittany went to the Piercing Tent. Turner went to the Piercing Tent, and Joseph went to the Piercing Tent.

Next, we were shown the last group of 4 houseguests. They were: Terrance, Indy, Joe “Pooch” and Ameerah. They also entered the house and scanned their tickets. Terrance’s ticket sent him to the Piercing Tent. Indy went to the Merch Stand. Joe “Pooch” ended up getting the Backstage Boss. So, he was instructed to head upstairs to go sit in a big gold chair. Ameerah was sent to the Merch Stand.

At this point, host Julie Chen-Moonves revealed that they will compete in a comp against the people they were grouped together with. The winner of this comp advanced to the next round, which was the HOH round. Joe “Pooch” was told he would not have to compete since he got the backstage boss ticket.

The Porta Potties group of people competed first in a comp called, “Potty Talk.” In it, they had to guess which number was said the most times during a series of recorded conversations. Monte ended up winning this comp to move on to the HOH round.

The Piercing Tent group of people competed ,next, in a comp called, “Piercing Panic.” In it, they had to correctly attach 10 pieces of jewelry to their head and faces for the win. The first person to complete it, won. Turner ended up winning it to advance to the HOH round from that group.

The Merch Stand group of people were up next to compete in a comp called, “Hanging Tough.” In it, they had to hang onto a t-shirt while suspended in mid-air. The last person hanging, won. Daniel ended up winning it to claim the final spot in the HOH round.

So, Daniel, Monte and Turner competed for the very first HOH of this season in a comp called, “Drumming For Power.” In it, they had to assemble a drum set. The first one to do it, won, and Daniel was the first one to get it done. So, Daniel is the very first HOH of this season!

However, things didn’t end there. Julie had a twist to reveal for Joe “Pooch.” Since he drew the Backstage Boss ticket, he was safe from eviction this week. However, that safety has some caveats. He can’t compete in any of the competitions this week. He also can’t vote to evict anyone this week.

In addition, Joe had to pick 3 other houseguests to join him in his same position, but it had another huge caveat. The people he chose to join him would not get safety from eviction like him, essentially putting their game in jeopardy. Joe was given short introduction clips of all the houseguests before he had to choose the 3 people to join him.

Then, ultimately, Joe just decided to pick the people who were eliminated first in their comps tonight. Those three people were: Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany.

From there, Julie had one more big announcement. She revealed that America gets to vote to keep one of the 3 houseguests that Joe chose to join him safe from eviction this week. That means you guys get to vote to keep: Paloma, Alyssa or Brittany safe from eviction this week over on CBS’ website by Clicking Here.

And that was the first episode, guys. Tomorrow, we’ll be back on here to tell you who Daniel ends up nominating for eviction this week. So, definitely keep an eye out for that.

The next, new episode of Big Brother season 24 airs this Sunday night, July 10,2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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