New FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Spoilers For December 13, 2022 Episode 8 Revealed

New FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Spoilers For December 13, 2022 Episode 8 Revealed

Hey, “FBI: Most Wanted” fans. We hope you guys to tally enjoyed what episode 7 delivered. Now that episode 7 is pretty far in our rearview mirror, we are back in your faces to tell you what to expect from the next, new episode 8 of FBI: Most Wanted’s current season 8 when it finally gets here on Tuesday night, December 13, 2022.

We were able to round up a couple of new, official teaser descriptions for this new episode 8 via CBS’ official episode 8 press release. So, we’re going to jump into those ,right now, and break them down. Let’s go.

First thing’s first. CBS told us that this new episode 8 of FBI: Most Wanted season 4 is officially named/titled, “Appeal.” It sounds like episode 8 will feature some very scandalous, intense, dramatic, action-filled, interesting and possible emotional scenes as a major assassination take place! A woman and her young son are victims of injustice and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the major assassination situation. Yep, it turns out that some more major tragedy will indeed strike in this episode as three prosecutors will lose their lives to a vicious assassination crime right outside of a bar in Arkansas!

This crime will definitely prompt the FBI: Most Wanted team to run a thorough investigation. During it, they will try to figure out if the murders were connected to a certain case or a personal vendetta.

CBS’ official description for this assassination plotline tells us, “When three prosecutors are assassinated outside a bar in their small Arkansas town, the team is called in to determine if this was connected to a case from the local DA’s office or if it’s a personal vendetta.”


The second and last teaser description for this new episode 2 lets us know that we’ll see some poor woman and her young son get victimized by injustice at some point. So, Ray will feel compelled to help them out.

CBS’ description for this injustice storyline reads like this, “Ray feels compelled to help a woman and her young son combat an injustice.”

Episode 8 will feature a whole slew of guest stars. They are: Caroline Harris as character (Cora Love), Ja’Siah Young as character (Trey Love), Anthony Reynolds as character (Howard Roarke), Emily Dorsch as character (Cynthia Roarke), Kevin Dean Williams as character (Skip Hardy), Anne Bowles as character (Gov. Nancy Novak), Paul DeBoy as character (Arthur Hobbs).

Guest stars continued: Andrew Kober as character (Billy), Shelby Flannery as character (Kat Sloan), Anthony Belevtsov as character (Gunnar), Jordan Morgan as character (Eli Dorflinger), Jacqueline Grabois as character (Millie), Liam McKenna as character (Sam Gray), Jerry Dixon as character (Sheriff Long), Brian Smolin as character (Pete Hill), Julian Alexander as character (Johnnie Mow).

Guest stars continued: Chris Gross as character (Scott Thomas), Fidel Vicioso as character (Javier Perez), McKenna Kerrigan as character (Sally Sloane), Kevin Murray as character (Chuck Sloane), Richard Blackwood as character (Trooper Smith), Denver Andre Taylor as character (SIA Ryan Cole), Dylan Kammerer as character (Dan), Alexandra Castro as character (Nurse), Justin Crowley as character (Dale Torres) and Arya Kashyap as character (Paramedic).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 8 are: Dylan McDermott as character (Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott), Alexa Davalos as character (Special Agent Kristin Gaines), Roxy Sternberg as character (Special Agent Sheryll Barnes), Keisha Castle-Hughes as character (Special Agent Hana Gibson) and Edwin Hodge as character (Special Agent Ray Cannon).

Episode 8 was written by Spindrift Beck, and it was directed by Heather Cappiello.

CBS’ press release confirmed that the next, new episode 8 of FBI: Most Wanted’s current season 4 is indeed scheduled to finally arrive on Tuesday night, December 13, 2022 at approximately 9 pm central standard time. It will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest,”FBI: Most Wanted” TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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