Tough As Nails February 8, 2023 Eliminated Laura From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Tough As Nails February 8, 2023 Eliminated Laura From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, February 8, 2023, another new episode of Tough As Nails season 4 did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant lost their chance at winning the individual grand prize of $200,000 dollars and new pickup truck at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with another team challenge. In it, they had to build a scaffolding platform that was 2 levels high and hang their team banner from it for the win. Lamar Edwin Hanger from last season 3 showed up to observe the challenge. Sergio was the team lead for the Dirty Hands team during this challenge, and Jake was the team lead for the Savage Crew team.

There were no real huge mistakes made by either team during this challenge, and it really came down to the wire. The Savage Crew team were just a little bit quicker at getting their team flag hung up to claim the win over the Dirty Hands crew.

This win put the Savage Crew team ahead of Dirty Hands for overall team wins 4-3. The first team to get to 5 wins, gets the bonus $60,000 dollars for their team. So, the Savage Crew team only has to win one more challenge to claim it all. Meanwhile, the Dirty Hands team has to win the final 2 team challenges to get that $60,000 dollar grand bonus. For this challenge win, the Savage Crew claimed another $12,000 dollars.

Next up, was the individual challenge. During it, they had to build a scaffolding stand. Measure acoustic tiles to make sure they will fit right. Then, install a lot of acoustic tiles until they were all filled in. Along with all that, they had to clean up their job site for the win. Lamar Edwin Hanger was a judge for this competition to make sure the job was completed right. Each contestant had to get the approval from him in order for the task to be complete.

When it was all done and over with, Jorge emerged as the winner of this challenge by finishing the task first, and he won a cool $7,000 dollars for winning this challenge. Ellery finished in 2nd place. Mister came in 3rd. Jake finished 4th to just narrowly escape having to go into the Overtime challenge.

Laura and Larron were the last two finishers. So, they had to battle each other in the Overtime challenge to save their lives in the individual competitions.

In the Overtime challenge, Laura and Larron had to build a 30 feet high ladder. Then, ring a bell located on the ceiling for the win. This was a tough comp for Laura because she’s afraid of heights. She gave it her best try and overcame her fear to make it competitive, but Larron was just to good and beat her out to save his life in the individual competitions.

Laura was eliminated, but everyone congratulated her on being able to conquer her fears. Laura told the private cams, “Tackling my fear of heights was a rewarding moment. I will keep striving to be better for the team competitions.”

How do you guys feel about Laura Bernotas getting eliminated from the individual competitions in tonight’s February 8, 2023 episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Tough As Nails season 4 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, February 15, 2023 at approximately 9 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Tough As Nails” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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