New 20/20 February 10, 2023 Episode Preview Revealed

New 20/20 February 10, 2023 Episode Preview Revealed

Hey, “20/20” fans. We are back in your faces to tell you that the folks over at ABC do indeed have another brand new episode of its hit news show 20/20 all queued up and ready to go for you guys tonight, February 10, 2023. Tonight’s new episode is the 19th installment of 20/20’s current season 45, and we’ve got a very detailed preview of it to go over with you guys.

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The lovely ABC people were nice enough to serve up an official description of tonight’s new episode 19 via their official, episode 19 press release. So, we will definitely let you guys know what it has to say right now. Let’s get to it.

In tonight’s brand new episode 19, the 20/20 news team is going to take a look at a 25-year old case involving a woman named Julie Jensen. On the surface, she seemed to have the perfect life with her husband Mark Kensen and two children in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Apparently, that was not really the case because poor Julie turned up dead right in her bedroom just a few weeks before Christmas of that year! The 20/20 crew will explore whether or not foul play was involved in Julie Jensen’s death. They’re also going to report on the trial that took place for Julie’s death. They say it was quite dramatic.

This episode will also include the usual types of interviews with family members, friends, prosecutors, co-workers and so on and so forth. They’re also going to do a feature on a letter that Julie supplied, which changed the entire investigation.

ABC’s official description for tonight’s new episode 19 of 20/20 season 45 reads like this, “Julie Jensen seemed to have it all ? her loving husband, Mark Jensen, two beautiful children and an idyllic life in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. When she was found dead in her bedroom just weeks before Christmas, her family and friends were devastated. But what was really going on in Julie and Mark’s marriage, and could it have led to her murder?

“Good Morning America Weekend” co-anchor and “World News Tonight Saturday” anchor Whit Johnson reports on the details of the 25-year investigation into this death and the dramatic trial that just concluded last week.

The episode includes interviews with Paul Griffin, Julie’s brother; Bob Jambois and Carli McNeill, prosecutors on the case; Ed Klug, a former coworker of Mark; David Thompson, who was in jail with Mark; and Ruth Vorwald and Kim Noble, friends of Julie. The program also features archival interviews with Ted and Margaret Wojt, who received a letter from Julie that changed the entire investigation.”

Again, ABC will be airing a new episode of 20/20 tonight, February 10, 2023. It’s scheduled to hit the air at approximately 8 pm central standard time. It will also be available the next day on Hulu.

Alright, guys. That is going to do it for this latest, “20/20” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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