The Good Doctor Season 6 February 20, 2023 Episode 14 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

The Good Doctor Season 6 February 20, 2023 Episode 14 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Hey,”The Good Doctor” fans. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news for you in this article. At least not for tonight because the folks over at ABC have, for some unknown reason, chosen not to air a brand new episode of The Good Doctor tonight, February 20, 2023. So, you guys are going to have to wait to see the next, new episode 14 of The Good Doctor’s current season 6 for a while, but not for a super long while, and we’re going to tell you why.

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ABC’s new, official episode 14 press release has let us know that ABC fully intends to air the new episode 14 as early as next Monday night, February 27, 2023 in its usual 9 pm central standard time slot. So, certainly be sure to commit that very important date and time to your memories.

We did take a look at what ABC is going to air instead of a new The Good Doctor episode via the TV guide listings. They’re telling us that ABC has queued up a repeat episode of one of their new shows titled,”The Company You Keep.” They’re re-airing the premiere episode 1 of its first, premiere season 1 titled “Pilot” as in the first, pilot episode.

ABC’s official description for this repeat episode 1 of The Compoany You Keep season 1 reads like this, “A night of passion leads to love between con man Charlie and undercover CIA officer Emma, who are unknowingly on a collision course professionally.”

If any of you guys are down for checking out this new show from ABC, you might still want to hang in there with ABC tonight. If you absolutely refuse to watch anything other than brand new episodes of The Good Doctor, you will certainly want to abandon ABC during that time ,tonight, and just get readys for next week’s new episode.

Spoiler Warning: The ABC people did leave us with an official teaser description for the next, new episode 14 straight from CBS’ official episode 14 press release. It revealed that this new episode 14 is titled, “Hard Heart.”

CBS’ official description for episode 14 reads like this, “When a 3-year-old arrives at the ER, the team immediately recognizes he is having a stroke. However, Dr. Shaun Murphy’s diagnosis of the underlying cause doesn’t solve the problem which has Dr. Park search deeper.

Alright, guys., That is going to wrap it up for this latest, The Good Doctor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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