Tough As Nails February 22, 2023 Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Tough As Nails February 22, 2023 Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, February 22, 2023, the big, 2-hour finale episode of Tough As Nails season 4 did indeed hit the air, and we finally found out who won this thing. Tonight’s episode kicked off with the very last team challenge of this season.

Even though the Savage Crew had already won the bonus $60,000 dollar team prize for making it to 5 wins first, they still did this last team challenge that was worth another $12,000 dollars. In this last team challenge, members from each team went head-to-head against a member from the other team for different comps. The different comps included: removing a tire from a rim, rope and weight pull and chopping wood.

The winner of each round collected a stake/point for their team. The first team to collect 5 stakes/points won this team comp and the $12,000 dollars. First up, was Ilima versus Beth in the rope and weight pull competition. Beth got off to a fast start and never let up for the win for her Dirty Hands team to go up 1-0.

Next, Aly went up against Laura in the remove a tire from the rim comp: Laura won for Savage Crew to tie it up 1-1. Jake went up against Sergio in the chopping wood comp, and Jake won it for his Savage Crew team to go up 2-1. Ellery competed against Larron in the chopping wood comp. However this one was worth 2 points instead just one, and Ellery pulled it out for his Dirty Hands team to go up 3-2.

Jorge went up against Mister in the remove tire from rim comp, and Jorge won for his Dirty Hands team to go up 4-2. Synethia competed against Renee in the rope and weight pull comp, and Renee won that one for her Savage crew to bring the score to 4-3. Finally, Aly competed against Laura in the chopping wood challenge, and Aly just edged out Laura to pull out the victory for Dirty Hands, which gave them the 5th win they needed to win this last team competition and claim the $12,000 dollars.

After all that, it was time to finish up these individual competitions to see who the grand prize winner would be. At this point, the final 5 were still in it. So, they had to do a couple more comps to get it down to the final 3. In this individual comp, the final 5 had to assemble and install an hvac system as fast as they could. The last two had to go into the Overtime challenge.

Mister ended up finishing it first for the win and a $9,000 dollar prize. Jorge finished in second place. Larron took that very important 3rd place to just narrowly avoid going into overtime. Ellery and Jake were the last two. So, they had to compete against each other in the Overtime challenge to stay alive in the individual comps.

In the Overtime challenge, Jake and Ellery had to make a table with aluminum legs as fast as they could. The first one to do it, won. Jake started making a serious error in trying to shape his pipe for the legs at one point, but he did eventually get it worked out in spades as he pulled out the win over Ellery to make it to the final 4. Ellery was eliminated at this point.

Next, they did another individual comp to eliminate one more person and get down to the final 3. In this challenge, they did two heats. One of the heats featured Jake versus Jorge and Mister versus Larron. For the challenge, they had to move 10 bags of concrete to the first pallet, 15 bags to the second pallet and 20 bags to the 3rd pallet for the win. The bags of concrete were 60 pounds each. So, this comp was very exhausting.

Jake just edged out Jorge for the win in their heat. So, Jake was through to the finals. Mister just edged out Larron during their heat. So, Mister was through to the finals. That left Jorge and Larron to battle it out in another Overtime challenge to claim the 3rd spot in the finals. Also, it was revealed that Mister had the fastest time with the bags of concrete. So, he won $10,000 dollars!

In the Overtime challenge, Jorge and Larron had to use a jack hammer to break concrete and pull out a stake that was planted in it. They had to do this 3 times for the win. Jorge was the one who was able to get it done the fastest. So, he beat out Larron to claim that last, 3rd spot in the finals. Jorge told Larron,”You kicked a#^s. I have a lot of respect for you.” Larron said, “Thank you. Likewise.”

For the last event of this episode, the final three: Jorge, Mister and Jake did the last, individual competition to decide the winner of this season 4. In it, they had to smash through a wooden wall with an ax. Then, stack up 10 planter boxes to make stairs to allow them to climb to the top of a container.

Once there, they had to unchain 4 tires and then put them on a car. Then, they had to drive that car through another wall made of plastic material. From there, they used a grinder to cut out a door opening in a metal wall so they could bust through it. Once they busted through it, they had to smash a block of ice that contained a saw. Then, they used that saw to cut out some wooden boards to make a latter. They used this latter to climb up another container.

Then, they had to cut away chains to release a large metal pole that acted as bridge for them to cross over to the next phase. During this phase, they had to gather up rope and use it to pull up a cargo net. Then, they used the cargo net to climb up another container which contained the brand new Ford pick up truck and the key fob to open it. Jorge ended up being the first one to make it up this final container and use the key fob to open the truck for the grand prize win!

Afterwards, host Phil Khoegan revealed that this was actually the closest finish they’ve had in the history of the show because Jorge, Jake and Mister were pretty much neck and neck the entire way.

Jorge was presented the $200,000 dollars, the new Ford pick up truck and a Tough As Nails championship belt to close out the show. How do you guys feel about Jorge Zavala winning season 4 of Tough As Nails? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Tough As Nails” TV show report. Season 5 is happening. So, we’ll be back to cover it when it arrives. Stay tuned.

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    So h Was rooting for him from the beggining.appy Jorge won!

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